Dating 6 Months And There Is No “I Love You”

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Dating 6 Months And There Is No

We all want our relationships to lead somewhere. I agree that this might not be all the time; sometimes we just plunge ourselves into relationships just for the sake of it, out of peer pressure, or even just for the fun of it.

But sometimes you know it deep inside yourself when you want that relationship that you are pursuing to lead somewhere. 

You date, date, and date, hoping that he might take the relationship seriously. They have never told you that they love you.

You love them, but you seem to feel that there is no reciprocity from their side. I’m going to break down a couple of truths about dating someone for 6 months without hearing the phrase “I love you.”

You’ve Been Dating for 6 Months, There’s No “I Love You”

There is some clear writing on the wall!

Showing affection to your partner is the essence of any relationship. If you’ve been dating for six months and your partner has never told you that they love you, that is an ominous sign that they don’t take the relationship seriously.

8 Signs That Show Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

8 Signs That Show Your Relationship is Going Nowhere
8 Signs That Show Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

6 Months In And You Both Act Like You Are Single

If you are in a relationship, then act like you are in a relationship. If you are single, then feel free to be single. Ever known of someone that you know is in a dating relationship with someone but would never post them on social media, or be seen intimately with them? It’s an open guess where that relationship is heading.

If you are dating someone and they seem to show this kind of behavior, here is my advice: Run, your relationship is going nowhere.

You don’t need your dating partner to directly tell you how they feel about the relationship. 

Their actions speak just as loudly as anything can. Are they all over possessive of you, and will not shy away from introducing you to their friends and even in public situations? If so, then they take your relationship seriously.

If not, don’t give yourself false hopes. Accept the harsh reality and move on.

All Their Friends Are Bachelors

Ever heard the phrase “birds of the same feather flock together”? This might not be a pretty good comparison of that, but it’s pretty close. 

I know some of my married friends who face very harsh criticism from their wives when they go out mingling with their bachelor friends.

We all know that our friends have a huge impact on our behavior and life choices. If all his friends are bachelors, chances are that it will rub him off. He will be less likely to take the big leap into your relationship and be committed.

They Don’t Create Time for You

What is the essence of a relationship if you don’t create time for it? I am sorry, but if you enter into a relationship, then make time for it. 

If their constant excuse is that they are always busy, then that implies that they do not take the relationship seriously.

A guy looking at his phone and not his girlfriend
A guy looking at his phone and not his girlfriend

This point especially rings true for people with careers. I agree that we all want to spend time to make sure that our careers are successful. But here is the other point: you can still juggle your career and your relationship.

You have to do a balancing act. Just make sure that you create time for both. Our careers need our time, but so do our relationships.

6 Months In And You Haven’t Had The Talk

What do you mean by “you haven’t had ‘the talk’?” Yes, I mean exactly that. You haven’t had the talk to discuss the status of your relationship. 

You are both in the relationship, but you are just going with the flow.

In my opinion, 6 months is quite a long time before you should have the necessary conversation about where your relationship is headed. It is always important to have that all-important conversation to get to know how your partner views the relationship.

Otherwise, your dating partner will assume that it’s all casual and so will treat the relationship as such.

You Share Nothing In Common Except Sex

Unfortunately, this rings true for many relationships. You hooked up just for fun. You have regular sexual intimacy, but deep down you know that they are not the right person for you.

You share nothing in common except for sex. Sex can be a good bonding factor when your relationship is in its early stages. 

However, later on, you need something else to keep your bond together.

If this rings especially true for your relationship, then you should have your alarm bells ringing. Maybe it’s time to reassess your relationship.

There Are No Plans For The Future

We all have to plan for our future. So does this apply to our relationships as well? Have you talked with your dating partner about what plans they have for the future of your relationship?

It’s 6 months down the road and they’ve never expressed that they love you or have ever sat down and stated what plans they have for the future of your relationship.

Don’t wait and get surprised later on! Sit them down and have that “babe, what plans do you have for this relationship?” conversation. You will know pretty quickly where your relationship is headed to.

A couple not getting along with each other
A couple not getting along with each other

They Told You That They Are Not The Marrying Type

Many are times when people don’t take this relationship seriously when they’ve been told so. You ignore it thinking that you can change them later on throughout the relationship. It’s time to take these words at face value!

Don’t plunge yourself with both feet into a relationship with a partner that has told you they have no plans to get hitched if you plan so yourself. 

You’re Still Shopping Around for Other Potential Partners

Deep down inside, you know that he is not the one. However, you are just keeping him around as a backup plan. 

In my opinion, this is just an act that is out of desperation and will only lead to more desperation. This is not to mention how cruel it is to your dating partner.

If you know the person that you are dating is not for you, then why should you keep them around as a “just in case” option? End the relationship to save others the heartache.

The Effects of Not Saying I Love You

Relationships are built by expressing our feelings to one another. Sorry shy folks, unless you express your feelings to the other person bluntly, then your relationship is not heading anywhere or even you won’t be able to have one!

You must express your feelings to your significant other in your relationship. This keeps your relationship steady and also welcomes reciprocity from them as well.

A relationship that is devoid of verbal affection will inevitably lead to a relationship that is void of physical affection as well. 

Things You Should Know About Your Partner After 6 Months

Things You Should Know About Your Partner After 6 Months
Things You Should Know About Your Partner After 6 Months

You don’t need to be with a person for their entire lifetime to figure out who they are. You should have figured out your partner pretty quickly, even 6 months into the relationship. Here are a couple of things that you should know about your partner 6 months into the relationship.

How do they define success? By interacting with them, you should be able to figure that out pretty soon. 

What are they passionate about? 6 months is enough time to figure out what your partner’s passions are. Either by you asking him or by observing what he loves doing.

What drives your partner mad? A few squabbles in your relationship will answer that for you. You will instinctively know their red line and know when not to cross it.

What makes them laugh and cry? If you are the reason for the former, then your relationship is headed down a positive track.


“I love you,” are the three words we all want to hear in our relationships. They show that our partner cares enough to be with us. They show affection and show that at least maybe the relationship is headed somewhere.

But what about if you’ve dated them for more than 6 months and they’ve never told you so? 

Then it’s time to reassess your relationship based on the 8 signs that I have mentioned above and decide whether staying any longer in the relationship is the right course of action for you.

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