Relationship vs Friendship – Just Friends or Something More?

Relationship vs. Friendship - Just Friends or Something More

The types of relationships we have aren’t always cut and dry. Lines get blurred, and you may not know exactly what type of situation you’re actually in (especially when it comes to open relationships, dating exclusively, casual dating, etc.).  However, when it comes to the difference between relationships and friendships, things are usually clear unless … Read more

56 Loneliness Statistics in America for 2024

Loneliness Statistics in America

Loneliness can be defined as the mental or emotional discomfort you may experience due to a lack of social interactions.  Loneliness is rising steadily in the US, creating a loneliness epidemic. We have created a collection of the most relevant loneliness statistics in the US, including what age group suffers the most from loneliness, the … Read more

How To Make Your Friend Fall In Love With You

How To Make Your Friend Fall In Love With You

As much as you can’t force anyone to fall heads over heels in love with you, it’s not too hard to try. Especially if you like someone and they’re your friend.  Besides, lots of amazing friendships have blossomed into long-lasting relationships and we’ve all heard the phrase: marry your best friend.  Although complications may arise … Read more