61 Marriage statistics in the US for 2024

Marriage statistics in the US

Marriage is an essential social institution where couples make long-lasting commitments to each other. It has moral obligations, such as companionship, family building, love, commitment, etc.  According to the following statistics, it’s evident that the number of people getting married has fallen in recent decades. Marriage rates have declined over the years and are now … Read more

Dating My Husband While Separated: How to Do it Successfully

Dating My Husband While Separated

Separation in marriage is a close step to divorce. No couple wishes to get there, but sometimes it’s the only option if the marriage isn’t working.  However, few spouses work things out during separation and get back together. One way to do it is to date your spouse during a separation. Did you recently separate … Read more

Dating Someone Separated But Not Divorced – Should You?

Dating Someone Separated But Not Divorced

Is it ok to date someone who is separated but not divorced?  As long as the person you are dating is either separated from their spouse or is in the process of getting a divorce and abiding by all legal agreements, then it’s possible to consider dating someone who is technically still not divorced. However, … Read more

Older woman-younger man marriage: Does the age gap matter?

older woman and younger man marriage

Age is just a number, right? For some couples, absolutely!  An older woman-younger man marriage can work despite the stereotypes around it. Traditionally, women were allowed to marry men their age or much older. But now more than ever, women are exploring relationships with younger men for love, companionship, or even just sexual satisfaction. Reasons … Read more

The Value of Date Nights: Date Ideas to Rekindle a Marriage

date ideas to rekindle marriage

Between grocery lists and bills, sometimes it’s easy to hit a rut with your long-term partner. When routine begins to take over your relationship, it’s normal to want to try to reignite the spark you once shared. The best way to reconnect is through quality one-on-one time together.  If you’re wondering about how to get … Read more