What Do You Call a Relationship Without Dating?

What Do You Call a Relationship Without Dating

There’s no denying that the dating game isn’t as simple as it once was.  From figuring out the difference between hanging out and hooking up to understanding the meaning behind “no strings attached” and “platonic” relationships, it can all get pretty overwhelming. One such relationship type is the “no label dating,” which officially went mainstream … Read more

When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship?

When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship

A common question we often encounter from couples in a long-distance relationship is, “When do I call it quits?” If you are on the fence about your partner and wondering whether it’s time to let go of your long-distance relationship, you aren’t alone.  While revolutionizing technology has certainly made long-distance relationships easier, it does come … Read more

8 Year Age Gap Couples – Does It Work?

8 year age gap couples

Let’s talk about some social quirks. You may have wondered how come your next-door neighbour couple seems to rhyme along quite well despite their 8-year-old age gap? Or you may be in a similar tongue twister where you are dating someone 8 years older or younger than you. One thing I know about dating is … Read more

What Dating App Is Best for Relationships?

What Dating App Is Best for Relationships?

Dating apps were introduced as the holy grail of finding love for introverts. Then they became the best thing for finding romance for busy adults. Now, dating apps have replaced meeting people in bars.  Unfortunately, they have also become as ineffective as a bar hangout at finding a stable relationship. But all hope is not … Read more

Dating vs Official Relationship – Difference Explained

Dating vs. Official Relationship

It can be somewhat amusing to see people struggling to define the parameters of their relationship.  Are you dating? Are you in an official relationship? When it comes to the two, where do you draw the line? Both of you need to understand the difference between dating and an official relationship. Having a child or … Read more

How to Say Sorry to your Boyfriend in a Text?

How To Say Sorry To Your Boyfriend In A Text

Sometimes we do something stupid and hurt the person we care about. We may not mean to, but we do. And sometimes, we just need to apologize. There are many reasons why we need to apologize. Maybe we accidentally broke someone’s heart. Or perhaps we made a mistake and said something hurtful. So what should … Read more