Relation Vs Relationship: Are They Same? What’s The Difference In English Usage?

Relation Vs Relationship

Are you confused about the difference between the wording “relation and relationship”? It’s an important distinction to understand – after all, one could mean a distant connection, while the other implies a much closer connection. In this day and age of friendship, dating, romance, marriage, and so on, terms get thrown around without much thought. … Read more

Polyamorous vs Open Relationships: Understanding the Key Differences

Polyamorous vs Open Relationships

Exploring the differences between polyamorous and open relationships can feel like trying to navigate a labyrinth. Relationships of any kind require trust, respect, understanding, compromise, communication, and commitment – but when it comes to these two types of relationship models, what are the defining features? When it comes to navigating love and dating in today’s … Read more

What Is My Love Language? Express Your Love Better

What Is My Love Language

Ever wondered what the best ways that people express and receive love in a relationship are? Well, Gary Chapman’s concept of love language says it all.  Love language is not a dialect used to impress your partners. Instead, it’s actually the connection, intimacy, and commitment bestowed upon a beloved by you that makes them feel … Read more

Relationship vs Friendship – Just Friends or Something More?

Relationship vs. Friendship - Just Friends or Something More

The types of relationships we have aren’t always cut and dry. Lines get blurred, and you may not know exactly what type of situation you’re actually in (especially when it comes to open relationships, dating exclusively, casual dating, etc.).  However, when it comes to the difference between relationships and friendships, things are usually clear unless … Read more

A Casual Long-Distance Relationship: Can You Have One?

A Casual Long-Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship takes work. I’ve been in one, and sometimes I would miss him too much and hop on the next bus to his destination.  Of course, my actions would have consequences like missing classes (I was in uni at the time) or even CATs (continuous assessment tests). And though I would … Read more