Dating Without Expectations: How to Enjoy the Process

Dating Without Expectations

Do you ever feel like going into dating with too many expectations is a recipe for disappointment and heartache? Maybe you’ve experienced first-hand the pressure that can come with wanting a relationship to work out so badly that it clouds your judgment or makes you put too much effort too soon. If any of this … Read more

10 Safe Casual Dating Websites You Can Trust!

10 Safe Casual Dating Websites

Dating in is…well, complicated because it involves a wide range of factors and emotions. No wonder there are different concepts to describe the dating space, including situationships, friends with benefits, hooking ups, and the greatest of them all: casual dating. Now, casual dating has always been a thing. But we can all agree that it … Read more

15 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas: Virtual Edition

15 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas

The pandemic may technically be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that virtual date nights are a thing of the past. Now more than ever, many of us rely on technology for our day-to-day interactions. Whether it’s for work, hobbies, or even romance, we’re all hopping on video calls constantly—or pretty often.  Maybe you’ve started … Read more

How to Do Speed Dating – Do These 6 Things

How to Do Speed Dating - Do These 6 Things

As a single looking for a partner, you can meet a potential match at a speed dating event and proceed to a serious relationship.  Some of the most beautiful love stories out there began with speed dating, and you too can be the next person in line. However, to have a successful experience, you should … Read more

Meeting Someone After a Breakup: A Guide on How to Do it

Meeting Someone After a Breakup

First of all, congratulations on getting past this painful and confusing situation. I assume you’ve already worked through the heartbreaking situation and are ready to meet someone new.  Breaking up with someone can be tough, but getting back out there and meeting new people can be equally daunting. It’s like jumping into a pool after … Read more

15 Tips When Dating Someone New To Get Things Heated Up!

15 Valuable Tips When Dating Someone New

Dating someone new can be exciting. Talk about the butterflies fluttering in your stomach, texts that make you smile, engaging dates you probably want to span on for decades, and you two blustering with so much energy that you cannot wait to see them again.  However, since it’s not expected that the bubble lasts forever, … Read more