4 Best Dating Apps for Vegetarians

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4 Best Dating Apps for Vegetarians

Living in the internet world, it’s easy to find everything online. So, why not use one of the many dating apps for vegetarians to find your true vegan match?

The vegetarian dating sites have a healthy community of people looking for compatible partners who understand their vegetarian nature.

With easy options to create your profile, vegetarian dating sites offer multiple search options and solid matchmaking algorithms designed mainly to find a like-minded vegetarian soulmate for you.

Ready to jump the gun and stroll the dating markets to find your perfect vegetarian match? Let’s get started!

Our Top 3 Picks

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1. Veggie Date

Best for finding your true Veggie Date

Veggie Date
Veggie Date

With the Editor’s Choice award by dating.com, VeggieDate is one of the top ten leading dating apps for vegetarians. It is the premier online platform for finding a sincere vegan friend.

Most of the members on Veggie Date are vegans themselves or are here to find a vegan partner. You may also find your companion among the vast variety of vegetarian people. 

Some people are Lacto vegetarians, while some are ovo vegetarians. Some are pescatarians (vegans who also eat fish meat) or semi-vegetarians, who are new to the vegetarian community.

All-in-all, it’s a great place to meet more vegetarian people with the same vegan mindset. You can find your true veggie mate here who gets you. Plus, if someone texts you repeatedly, you know it’s going somewhere.

Price plans

Veggie Date currently offers four subscriptions for users who want to enjoy its premium features.

  • Premium 1-month plan: for $31.59/month. 
  • Premium 3 months plan: for $18.98/month
  • Premium 6 months plan: for $12.12‬/month.
  • Premium 12 months plan: for $7.91/month


  • Strong matchmaking system
  • Easy-to-use dating site
  • Huge members lobby
  • Successful testimonials to build trust
  • Location-based research
  • Multiple filters for better matchmaking
  • Winking instead of Swiping
  • Two-week Free Trial


  • Not suitable for non-vegetarians.

2. Green Singles

Best for vegan singles trying to find a quick, like-minded match!

Green singles
Green singles

Green Singles has been a famous dating website, serving to find quick yet suitable matches for all the vegans out there. If you can’t seem to find your soulmate, Green Singles is the best place to find like-minded people.

Many vegetarians and environmentalists use this dating site to look for their partners. The site helps to connect devoted nature lovers and vegetarian enthusiasts from all over the world.

All you need to do is take the personality judgment questionnaire, and the system will find the right match for you based on your answers. For quick and effective matchmaking, you must know the basic dating etiquette.

Price plans

Green Singles currently offers two premium plans.

  • Basic Plan: 1-month plan for $34.83.
  • Premium Plan: 6 months plan for $104.50.


  • Active member participation in dating and texting.
  • Free and easy messaging service.
  • Designed for all types of vegan singles.
  • Mobile-friendly website interface.
  • Effective questionnaire-based matchmaking
  • Highly intellectual members
  • Dedicated One-on-one Messaging


  • No mobile application available.

3. Veggie Connection

Best for building a solid vegetarian connection

Veggie Connection
Veggie Connection

Awarded as the Top Site to Find a Veggie Mateby the Veg News Magazine, Veggie Connection only provides quality services to the whole wide world.

It serves as a widely-spread dating network meant for building genuine, trustworthy connections. You must know that dating is different from a relationship and you should be clear about what you are looking for.

Created especially for vegetarian people, the dating site has many like-minded date prospects. The website is dedicated to vegan people because of its deep vegan roots. For example, one of the founders, Ken, is a die-hard vegetarian who hasn’t eaten meat for ages.

Price plans

Veggie Connection offers two significant premium plans to buy its services, i.e., Silver Membership and Gold Membership.

Silver Membership Subscription

  • PremiumPlan for one month: $19.00.
  • PremiumPlan for three months: $38.00
  • PremiumPlan for 12 months: $76.00.

Gold Membership Subscription

  • PremiumPlan for one month: $28.50.
  • PremiumPlan for three months: $57.00
  • PremiumPlan for 12 months: $91.83


  • The website is well designed
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • You can report the profile if someone misbehaves
  • Easy messaging options.
  • Regional searches are available
  • Allows you to create a profile video to stand out
  • Solid matchmaking algorithm
  • Multiple search filters to sort out your research
  • Block option for getting rid of scams


  • No dedicated app for mobile

4. Vegetarian Dating Service

Perfect for vegans to find a vegan date!

Vegetarian Dating Service
Vegetarian Dating Service

The Vegetarian Dating Service app was created in 2008 as a dating site for vegetarian people. It has been serving to create sincere matches for almost 25 years since then.

The best feature about this site is that it allows you to connect with all the members in the form of a group chat. If you know how to impress them over text, you can take the conversation to a private room where you can also use a webcam for video chatting.

The website has a large and diverse pool of members, welcoming people from different sexual orientations. If you are straight, gay, or lesbian, you are always invited to join the community. 

Price plans

The current subscription to Vegetarian Dating Services can be bought in three different premium plans.

  • Premium 1-month plan: for $64.42. 
  • Premium 3 months plan: for $99.22
  • Premium 12 months plan: for $208.78


  • Well-established vegan dating website
  • Many dedicated vegan members for serious dating
  • Supports Group chatting and video chatting
  • You can report people for spamming
  • Suitable for people of all sexual orientations
  • Paid Priority Listing appears quickly in search
  • Profile Video for easy introduction
  • Great Matchmaking Algorithm
  • Group-Chat Available
  • Block feature to prevent spam


  • Public profiles without an identity verification option. 

What to look for when choosing the best dating apps for vegetarians—Buying Guide

What to look for when choosing the best dating apps for vegetarians
What to look for when choosing the best dating apps for vegetarians

When looking for the best dating app for vegetarians, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Like the fact that not everyone has the same love for veggies as you. So, you must learn some basic tips for dating a vegetarian.

Also, find a platform that supports a vegetarian diet or has a filter to sort out your search.

Other than that, here are a few more specifics to look for in a dating app for vegetarians:

  • A focused group of members 
  • Search engine algorithms for VEGANS
  • Available chat and language options
  • Subscription Plan Pricing 
  • The Difference in Time Zones and Location

Let’s dive into the details of why these specifics are important.

Focused Group Of Members

If you are a vegan looking to find an online vegan date, you must include that in your research. You will be surprised at the results. There are so many specific websites that support vegetarian people in finding a truly compatible match.

Supported Languages

Being able to speak more than one language is truly a talent. But not everyone is a jack of all trades or, in our case, a master of all languages. People today can barely speak their first language correctly. 

So make sure the dating site you are selecting supports chatting in your mother language. This will make your convos go smoothly. 

Subscription Plan Pricing 

Like everything else, dating sites for vegetarians are not free to use. You might get a short free trial, but just that. 

Then, you will have to buy a website subscription to continue using your profile. So, make sure you check the subscription pricing of a handful of different apps and pick the one that suits your needs at an affordable rate.

The Difference in Time Zones and Location

Since dating websites are online platforms, there is a time and location barrier. People from every corner of the world have access to online dating sites, so you might find people living far away. 

They may have different time zones and reside in different locations. Don’t forget to check these two most essential aspects of anyone’s profile before you swipe them right.

A couple harvesting a corn
A couple harvesting some corn


What Is the Best Dating App for Vegans?

Veggie Date is the best dating app for vegans. It has the biggest pool of members to choose from and multiple chat options to keep the conversation engaging.

Would a Vegan Date a Vegetarian?

Because of their higher compatibility chances, vegans often want to date vegetarians. Just like a doctor better understands another doctor, or a banker communicates better with another banker. 

Similarly, a vegan connects more with vegetarians because they know each other better. 

Is Being a Vegetarian a Red Flag?

Being an alcoholic might be an alarming red flag, but being a vegetarian is not a red flag. If you are a vegetarian, it’s just because you prefer eating veggies. They are a part of your diet, and that’s all. It is not something that defines you. If only, it may mean that you like eating healthy food, which is a good thing.

Can a Vegetarian Marry a Non-Vegetarian?

Four girls talking about if they can date vegan or non-vegan guy

Yes, a vegetarian can marry a non-vegetarian. Non Vegetarian people are not aliens. They have the same human body as the rest of us—the same set of eyes, ears, lips, etc. 

Of course, a vegetarian can marry a non-vegetarian. In fact, vegans can marry whomever they want to, given that they find compatibility, passion, and love in the other person. 


Got all the answers to your questions? These dating apps for vegetarians are a great way to find a compatible vegan soulmate for all the vegetarian singles out there.

You can view all the sites and choose to create your profile on the one app that matches your likes. We recommend trying Veggie Date first because it has the highest number of interactions that turn into serious relationships.

Good luck and happy veggie dating!

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