Do dating apps work for guys?

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Do dating apps work for guys?

Very often, you might be at a point where your goal was to find someone, but instead of finding your better half, all you’re getting from using dating apps is frustration.

Let’s get real: that happens to almost everyone until they figure out what to do to make it work for them.

So, how does online dating apps work for guys? That depends on how you use it. I know it all seems complicated, but with a few tips that have proven true, you could be on your first date soon enough.

Now if that’s something that interests you, then do dating apps work for guys?

Do dating apps work for guys?

If you’re on the verge of deleting those apps from your phone, then there are a few things to consider before doing so.

Are you making these online dating mistakes?

Little to no effort on dating profiles

A bland profile isn’t going to get you anywhere, and neither is that random group picture of you and your friends.

Check your bio. Does it sound interesting to you? Imagine yourself as a woman; would you swipe right on this person?

If you won’t, then that’s a sign that something is definitely wrong, and if you can, there could also be another problem.

Looks are everything

Does this mean an average guy has no chance on dating apps? Maybe. But remember that as much as looks define how attractive you are, they also say a lot about you.

The thing is, though not everyone is shallow, women do love a good-looking guy, and chances are, you aren’t putting enough effort when it comes to your picture.

A guy taking a selfie for a dating app
A guy taking a selfie for a dating app

Lack of creativity with texting

So you matched with someone and you said, “Hello, beautiful!”

Don’t you think that’s a waste of that person’s time because you aren’t cutting right to the chase and she probably has a lot more texts from different guys, so what makes you special?

Put yourself in her position. How would you reply to a text from a stranger that says, hello! 

You would probably reply with an answer that dampens the energy of the whole conversation. And like most people would say, conversations are like two-way streets, and congrats on ruining yours without a reply from the receiver.

The statistics are against you

On dating apps, men make up 52.4% of the profiles, compared to women, who make up the remaining 47.6%. 

And let’s not get started on what most people are looking for on dating apps, which further splits the percentage of finding a potential partner.

But hope is not lost, and that’s why I have ways to make it work for you.

How to make dating apps work?

Go through each of these points to have a memorable time on dating apps!

Choose your best picture

Scroll through your gallery and make sure you’re choosing what looks good to you. Don’t pick a picture you took five years ago. That’s a long time ago, and it’s not reflective of who you are now.

If you don’t have a picture, now would be the time to take one. Smile to look more attractive and avoid shirtless pictures of yourself, because while you might think it’s a turn-on, this study shows the complete opposite. 

And once you choose a picture of yourself that stands out, you’re on your way to winning at online dating.

Work on your bio

Ask yourself what your hobbies are; if being outdoors, hiking and all that stuff is your thing, don’t hesitate to have it there.

Are you an introvert or an introvert? Do you love animals? Do you own a pet? Are there things you strongly believe in? Ask yourself questions because these are conversation starters if you get matched with someone.

Keep it interesting and if you’re a funny guy, then don’t hold back but be honest about what you have in your bio because it says so much about you.

Be honest with yourself

What’s your purpose for using a dating app? To hook up with someone or to get into a relationship?

You’ve got to ask yourself that and, if possible, include it in your bio because you will find like-minded individuals just like yourself.

The reason for doing this is to be clear on where you stand before things get serious with anyone, so you don’t end up in a complicated situation.

And isn’t it great if you find that person who’s on the same page as you? 

A guy updating his bio on a dating app
A guy updating his bio on a dating app

Exude confidence in everything

Confidence is sexy, and there’s something beautiful about a guy who’s laidback and cool about the whole situation.

There are ways to be at your best when it comes to this:

First, if you get a match, don’t jump into having a conversation with that person right away. Check their bio for common interests to strike up a good conversation.

Secondly, be thoughtful with whatever it is you send, and don’t copy and paste what has worked for other people or you in the past.

Lastly, be genuine and have fun with the process. 

One more thing to remember: never send gross unsolicited pictures of yourself; it could get you blocked, and that isn’t confidence; it shows you’re a half-decent man.

Set low expectations

You’ve probably heard about those who found the one on dating apps, but if that’s what you keep chasing, you might never find one.

Ditch every expectation you might have because it may or may not work out and you don’t want to end up feeling disappointed.

Take things out of the app if there’s a potential

Plan a date night with that special someone to know where this is going.

What are your plans for this relationship? Now is the time to let them know about it. Get to know them more; discover details about them that you haven’t found out about before.

And if you get what you’ve always been hoping for, then delete those apps and be consistent with whoever it is you’re going out with.

The reason you’re doing this is to avoid arguments and distractions, so invest your time in this person if they’re worth it.

Why is online dating so hard for guys?

Online dating is hard for guys for the following reasons:

  1. You have high expectations: Not only do you have an expectation of what you want in a woman but also a time frame of when you want things working out for you on a dating app. If you’re in this category, then it’s going to be tough on you.

    So take things easy on yourself and set low expectations.
  1. You’re using the wrong dating apps: Everyone knows Tinder is mostly for hookups, so you don’t use apps like that expecting a potential partner. The chances are really low, which is why you have to explore different choices before settling on one.

  2. Your looks: This determines if you’re getting a match or not, and most times, guys attach a less flattering picture of themselves on the profile.

    To make online dating interesting for you, you need to put in more effort with your pictures.

Why are dating apps toxic?

Why are dating apps toxic?
Why are dating apps toxic?

Dating apps are toxic because, for one, your picture is a factor in determining whether you’re worth going out with. Nobody cares about who you truly are outside of your looks, and that leaves room for rejection.

Another reason is that while dating apps provide validation for the female gender, feelings of frustration could arise in you as a guy, thus leading to low self-esteem and doubts as to whether you’re enough. Especially if you aren’t getting any matches.

But whenever it comes to dating apps affecting your mental health, don’t hesitate to take a break and prioritize yourself more.

What dating app is best for guys?

  1. eHarmony: This is best for people looking for a serious relationship. So if that’s what you want, you might want to give it a try.

  2. Elite Singles: EliteSingles boasts a highly educated population of 85%. This is the dating app for you if you want to meet successful working professionals.

  3. Hinge: With Hinge, there’s no pressure to get into a relationship; just get to know each other, and they will hardly match you with someone you wouldn’t like.

  4. ChristianMingle: For faith-based relationships. If you are a Christian and you want someone to like you, then this is for you!

  5. Bumble: Although you might find some people from Tinder, this dating app is unique as women make the first move so you don’t have to think of what to text as a guy.

    Also, matches expire after 24 hours, so you just have to send that person a message without thinking too hard.

    There’s also a Bff feature, just for platonic friends, which means Bumble is more than just a dating app.
  1. Tinder: This list would be incomplete without this. If you’re looking for friends with benefits, then here’s the right app for that. 

    Don’t get me wrong, that’s not all Tinder has to offer. You could also find someone who wants to be in a relationship with you.

What to do when online dating doesn’t work

If you’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work out, then take a step back from dating apps and meet people outdoors to have fun-filled, face-to-face conversations with them.

Remember, never allow dating apps to affect your mental health, and sometimes, if it doesn’t work out, it just wasn’t meant for you.


Online dating is tough for everyone out there, but you could also make time spent on dating apps worthwhile.

The most important thing is that dating doesn’t have to be complicated, so have fun with it and always put yourself first.

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