Decoding Emojis Guys Use to Flirt

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Decoding Emojis Guys Use to Flirt

Did you know you could find out what’s happening in a guy’s mind simply by his choice of emojis? Yes, it’s true.

Unlike the good old days when we communicated via texts instead of emoticons, the way we communicate our emotions has changed drastically in the last few years. 

And while it has certainly made our lives easier, it still leaves a lot to the imagination. Is he flirting with me? Does he like me? Is he looking for something serious? 

Well, the good news is that we have decided to make your life easier. In this article, we will discuss the top 23 emojis guys use to flirt and how you can read between the lines.

Why We Love Emojis

With text-based conversations that do not involve the gestures or postures of a person, emojis become the absolute necessity to keep things light and hearty. 

The word emoji comes from Japanese, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with the word “emotion.”  

Its literal meaning is ‘pictograph.’  

So, why do we love these small pictorial icons so much?  Because they show the human side of text-based conversations. 

You can gauge a person’s mood with the emojis they use, steer the conversation according to the vibe and keep the energy going with these cute little icons. 

Choosing emojis while typing in keyboard
Choosing emojis while typing in keyboard.

Imagine being in a long-distance relationship where you can’t facetime much. What comes to the rescue? Of course! Emojis. 

From kisses to poop and from animals to flags, there are 3,633 emojis released by the Unicode Standard till September 2021.

So, how many of them are popular with guys who want to get flirtatious with a girl? Well, way less than 3,633, but all of them have a story to tell, so let’s get to know them:

Top 23 Emojis Guys Use to Flirt

Starting with the most obvious ones, we will move towards the less obvious emojis that guys use when they feel that the girl on the other end is more than a friend:

1. The Heart Emoji ❤

Mobile phone with heart balloons coming out of the screen
Mobile phone with heart balloons coming out of the screen.

If he sends you a heart emoji, he indirectly tells you that he is into you. He doesn’t see the bond only as a School-friends bond, but as a deeper one. 

Although he may not confess it yet, the red heart emoji says it. 

He doesn’t need to send the heart in a direct conversation, but if he sends it in response to something you said, like “I had a great day shopping today.”

He assures you that he loves your activity and wants you to continue doing what makes you happy. 

Isn’t that a great way to tell someone that they are deeply connected and that they care a lot? 

2. The Kissy Face With a Heart 😘

Is there a better way than kisses to show your love for someone? None. 

Kisses don’t always have a sexual connotation to them, but they show deep-rooted love or a feeling of warmth. 

However, when a guy sends you the ‘winky-kissy face while throwing a kiss’ emoji, he has feelings for you that he is otherwise unable to confess. 

When he does so, send back a heart to keep the conversation going. You can also send a kissy face to tell him that the feelings are mutual. 

3. Smiling Face With Three Hearts Emoji 🥰

Smiling face with 3 hearts emoji surrounded by other emojis.
Smiling face with 3 hearts emoji surrounded by other emojis.

When a guy sends you this emoji, he feels loved around you. Your conversation keeps him hooked, and he shares a deeper bond than just being friends with you. 

The smiling face tells you that he enjoys your company, and your warmth makes him feel loved and cozy. 

4. Kissing Lips Emoji 💋

While the kissy-face shows a warm kiss, the kissing lips show the pure sexual connotation of the emoji. 

If a guy sends you a kissing lips emoji, he is asking you straight for a love bond that involves passionate sex too. 

So, if you’re already into the guy, it’s a good omen. 

5. Two Hearts Emoji 💕

Although this emoji looks like an otherwise innocent one, it is not. When a guy who hasn’t confessed his feelings for you sends you two hearts, he implicitly tells you that he sees you as his partner. 

So, get ready for a dating offer soon because he has something up his sleeve that he will reveal in a few days of ‘friendship.’  

6. Love Heart Eyes 😍

Smiling emoji with heart eyes on multicolored geometric texture
Smiling emoji with heart eyes on multicolored geometric texture.

Love heart eyes show passion and interest. If your guy sent you this emoji, it means he loved what you said earlier. 

Although he may send it to you during a chat about sports cars too, when he does that for something you said, know that he loved it. 

It signals that he is into the conversation and wants more of it, so keep going, girl. 

7. Starstruck Face 🤩

The love heart eyes and star-struck face carry the same meanings. This one shows a bit more awe. 

If you receive a star-struck smiley, your guy is impressed with whatever you said earlier. 

If he sends you without something valuable in the conversation before, he tells you that he finds you gorgeous. 

Either way, it is a good sign.

Now some of the most obvious emojis that you don’t need any hints to understand:

8. The Eggplant Emoji 🍆

If a guy sends you an eggplant emoji, he is cutting the chase and directly telling you that he wants to get laid. 

That’s not the end of flirting, though. You need to make up your mind about what you want to do next. 

9. The Peach Emoji 🍑

Just like the eggplant emoji, the peach emoji is for a booty call.

 If a guy sends you a peach emoji, he is looking forward to a hot sex session soon. 

10. The Bride Emoji 👰

Although the most obvious, the Bride emoji tells a woman that the guy sees him as a part of his future. 

He wants to continue the relationship for the ages to come, and this emoji means more than mere flirtation to him.

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Now it’s a turn for the not-so-obvious emojis that have hidden meanings:

11. The Smirk Face 😏

The smirking face is a playful way of being sarcastic yet cool at the same time. 

The guy may be teasing you with this emoji, but deep down, he is telling you that he is loving the conversation and doesn’t want it to end soon. 

12. Smile with Blushing Cheeks 😊

When he sends you this blushed smile, he tries to be coy yet thankful for you to stay with him. 

He may not ask you out directly, but he is signaling with this emoji that he feels comfortable and is looking forward to chatting more. 

13. Smile With Sweat Emoji 😅

Although this emoji doesn’t have direct flirty implications, it shows the nervousness one feels when they’re into someone. 

So, if your guy is sending you this emoji in the conversation, he feels shy, yet he is feeling good talking to you. 

The big smile of this emoji overcomes the shyness eventually, and things work most of the time. 

14. The Wink 😉

Focused photo of a yellow emoji
Focused photo of a yellow emoji.

Wink shows playful emotions and mischief. If you’re receiving a wink from the guy, he likes the vibe of the conversation and is enjoying the textual exchange. 

To keep things light, you can answer with a smirk after a light-hearted comment to make him chase you. 

15. The Teary Eyes Emoji 🥺

When your guy is sending you the ‘puppy dog eyes’ emoji, he is being cute with you. He is asking for something that you may not allow, so he is pleading with tears in his eyes. 

That’s an indirect way of telling you that he can ask for things from you, and he expects you to fulfill his childish demands. 

Who does it? When someone is head over heels for someone, only then does he make those cute faces. So, get the cue, girl! 

16. The Halo Emoji 😇

You know, the true meaning of this emoji is something spiritual and pure. Then why does a guy use it in a flirtatious conversation? 

Because he wants to nullify his suggestive and mischievous text with an angelic smiling face. 

He is flirting with you if he is sending you a suggestive text with a halo emoji.

17. The Don’t See Evil Emoji 🙈

When your guy sends you the monkey covering his eyes emoji, it means he is blushing over something. 

It can sometimes mean a playful way of urging you to do something you wouldn’t normally do. 

So, in this connotation, the pleading face and the “don’t see bad emoji” are almost equivalent. 

Whenever a guy uses them, he flirts with you by being cute yet subtle. 

18. The Wacky Face 😜

Hand holding yellow straws with emoji stickers
Hand holding yellow straws with emoji stickers.

A wacky face usually shows mischief. However, when a boy uses it in a conversation with a girl, it may have deeper sexual mischief attached to it. Here, he is asking and alluring you for more. 

He is being provocative in a funny way, so let him be. 

19. The Relieved Smile Emoji 😌

Not entirely flirtatious, but this emoji tells you that the guy feels relaxed in your company or that whatever you told him made him relieved. 

This emoji comes naturally to people you’re comfortable sharing your deeper problems with, so when a guy sends it, he sees himself deeply connected with you. 

20. The Yum Face 😋

The yum face usually denotes a tasty dish, but guys use it with girls when they want to have something more. 

This emoji is an inviting one where he is indirectly telling you that he wants to savor you (not in a creepy way, though)

21. The Hugging Face 🤗

The hugging face shows a face with two hands moving in an embracing movement. If a guy sends you this emoji, he wants to hug you. 

While you may think that it’s an innocent emoji, he is indirectly asking you to meet him and hug him. 

22. The Upside Down Smile 🙃

When guys are so comfortable with you that they can’t stop goofing around with you or choose to be witty, they use the upside-down smiley. 

The guys’ way of telling you is that they can open up to you without being judged, and they love it. 

23. The Cheesy Grin 😁

Yellow painted Egg with smiley emoji
Yellow painted Egg with smiley emoji.

The cheesy grin shows the naughty side of the guy, and if he is using it with you, he is opening up to you slowly. 

The cheesy grin and relieved smile both have almost the same hidden meanings—I can talk to you without disguising myself as another human, so girl, keep it coming. 

What Emojis Do Guys Like Girls to Use?

According to the dating app Clover’s survey, men are most likely to respond to emojis like two hearts 💕, the ok sign 👌, the weary face 😫, kiss mark💋, see no evil monkey🙈 emoji, and a few others. 

On the other hand, they were turned off by emojis like ring 💍, Vulcan salute🖖 crying face😭 and a pile of poop💩. 

So girls! Pick your digital gestures carefully. 

What Emojis Do Guys Send When They Like You?

Guys will send you kisses, hearts, grins of all types, mischievous wacky faces, and pleading ‘teary eyes’ emoji. 

They will smirk at you or wink at you when they want to convey a subliminal message, and they will ask for sex with an aubergine emoji. 

However, girls hate the aubergine emoji. So guys, please take notes. 

The Bottomline

Emojis are a sweet way of expressing yourself during text-based conversations. Similarly, when a guy wants to flirt digitally, he drops clues such as kisses, smiles, winks, etc. 

You can find the hidden meanings of various emojis that we have uncovered in the article. 

Just keep looking for the right guy who knows how to properly use these emojis. 

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