How To Make Your Friend Fall In Love With You

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How To Make Your Friend Fall In Love With You

As much as you can’t force anyone to fall heads over heels in love with you, it’s not too hard to try. Especially if you like someone and they’re your friend. 

Besides, lots of amazing friendships have blossomed into long-lasting relationships and we’ve all heard the phrase: marry your best friend. 

Although complications may arise because you don’t want to lose a friend, we’re here to guide you through the process of safeguarding not just your friendship but also your heart. 

So how do you make your friend fall in love with you?

How to make your friend fall in love with you

Below, we have eleven ways to find out if they feel the same about you before confessing your feelings. 


Communication is the one thing you need to advance from just friends to best friends. 

This person has been your friend since forever, but you need to take it up a notch and communicate with them in a kind of way a friend wouldn’t. 

Get close to know more about them. Remember, you can’t know anything if you stay just friends and if we had to say, people love being friends before getting into a relationship. 

Also, as a friend, you have more access to them than anyone would ever have, so why don’t you use that to your advantage? 

Identify their love language

Types  of Love Language

Although love languages might have been criticized for their lack of flexibility, we’re still a firm believer that what works for one person doesn’t for the other. 

If you like your friend and you want to try to make them feel the same about you, the best bet would be to know what makes them tick. 

And how do you do this? Either observe or ask what their love language is. Believe us when we say you don’t want to keep getting gifts for someone whose love language is quality time. 

While they will appreciate it, you might just be, “one of my friends gave me that.” So find out what they value most with anyone they’re getting into a relationship with. 

Charm them with what you know will get ’em. 


Flirting is dangerous because they either take you seriously or think you’re joking, so know how well they receive it on their own end. 

When you say something funny, stare at them to see if they laugh and if they catch your gaze, throw in a wink.

Get touchy to elicit sexual tension, compliment them in ways you have never done before, even for the littlest things and when in doubt, use eye contact. Try to be funny but don’t overdo it because in the end, it’s not much about you but them. 

Don’t play games

In the early stages of trying to get a friend to notice you, it’s easy to quit or play hoto and cold but don’t play games even if they do or do not feel the same. 

Never make it all about you because everything in life requires effort. 

To be the catch, playing with someone’s emotions isn’t going to get you anywhere. If you feel nothing is working, take it slow. After all, this isn’t a midnight process. 

Make them dig your appearance 

A happy young man styles his hair in front of a mirror.
A happy young man styles his hair in front of a mirror.

You cannot look like a slob and expect anyone to take you seriously. Do you want your friend to like you? Then change something about yourself. 

Ask this person what they think about how you look because attraction is one of the fundamental bases of getting anyone to like you. 

A messy bun and slacks won’t do so much, so get them to see you a little bit differently. And when you walk up to anyone, what do they see? Your face. 

We all judge people based on how they look so dare to be different while staying true to who you really are. 

Be romantic 

The thought of getting flowers makes you smile, doesn’t it? And if you do not like that, how about a box of chocolates?

When it comes to love, romance can’t be tossed to the side so you have to be affectionate. Hold out the door, allow them to take a bite of their food before you do the same. 

It shows you care more about their opinion than the idea of stomaching your food and if this person is your friend, then they must have seen you stuff your mouth with chips. 

So when you do this, they’re taken aback and they begin to wonder why, but before they get any ideas… 

A man presents a flower to her girl friend.
A man presents a flower to her girl friend.

Ask her out on a date

Most people are stuck being friends because they don’t want to make the brazen move of telling her, “I want us to go on a date.”

That will get her thinking about you more than just friends because you set it out without saying how you truly feel.

You might get rejected and that’s all right. They might not want to lose what you two have but it’s your job to prove to them how you feel. 

Remember, no friend jumps at the idea of a date with their best friend. There’s always a lot to consider. 

So what if there’s a bump? Don’t be persistent but be hopeful. 

Text regularly 

Text them in the morning, but we’re not saying good morning with an endearment over and over. First time’s a charm, and once you keep doing it, you’re in for an eye roll. 

Text meaningful messages, make plans via text, talk about something fascinating about your day and just be cool. 

Don’t overdo it though. Give them space so you don’t become too annoying but always make them know that they’re always on your mind. 

Also, when they reply, return the energy because a little slack from you could be a turn-off. 

Be there for them

Two bestfriends having fun in the playground
Two bestfriends having fun in the playground.

If you’re trying to prove to someone to see you as more, you have to be ready to be their shoulder to lean on their bad days. 

Listen when they talk, show concern about their wellness, and if you’re observant enough to know when they don’t want to talk, assure them that you’re always there if they need to talk about anything. 

This would make them feel special and isn’t that what you want? For them to know they hold a special place in your heart? Don’t just say it; show it. 

Make them jealous

Jealousy is a surefire way to know if someone feels the same way about you. So you’ve tried everything, but how about telling them you have a date with someone else just to gauge their reaction? 

If you want to know if they care about your love life, then flirt and meet with new people. But as much as this works, it’s a way to hurt that person so be careful and don’t be a jerk. 

Show Disinterest

Humans are, by nature, attention-seeking individuals. It’s a part of who we are to want what we do not have so at this point, you have to pull back a little. 

Call less and make the texts infrequent. Why? Feelings shouldn’t be one-sided and everyone has a quota to contribute, so let them fight for you. 

Allow them to want and miss you. 

This doesn’t mean you stop what you do but make it less and when they call to ask why you canceled plans or why they haven’t seen you all week, break it to her.

Tell her how you feel

You have tried everything above and now is the time to go for it. Don’t hold back, release what it is you’ve been holding on to for too long. 

Tell them how you feel; you see them for more than being friends. 

It doesn’t have to be grand but do it because you deserve it, and you’ve held onto hope for too long. Be confident and do what you have to do. 

If they feel the same, it’s a win, and if they don’t, we hate to be the breaker of bad news: they simply aren’t meant for you but at least you have your friendship… or not? 

What to do if you want to get out of the friendzone

Being friend-zoned means I don’t care how I look. You hear them say, I see him as an older brother, or I could never date you. 

Granted, you’re stuck in the friend zone, but what do you do to get out? 

  • Be open and confident: Confidence will do a lot if you’re ready to say you aren’t their friend, but not everyone can pull that so… 
  • Get a makeover: This is your chance to improve your life. Change old habits, get out of your comfort zone and incorporate new hobbies. Let them see a new you. 
  • Make them see you for more than just friends: This means telling them you don’t want to hear about the new guy they just met. 
  • Have numerous options: You can’t be a catch if you are always hanging out with this person, so explore. Be limitless. 
  • Get touchy: Place your hand at the small of her back to guide her out of anywhere, and while getting touchy might get awkward at first, it’s guaranteed to make them see you for more. 
  • Don’t patronize yourself: Some people are meant to be friend-zoned forever, so what if you get stuck there? Move on and don’t hold on to a dimmed hope. 
4 steps to get out of the friend zone

How do you make your friend fall in love with you over text? 

  • Show who you are: Are you a fun-loving person? A grump? Show everything about you and don’t just chat. Send memes to make them smile and try your one-liners on them. 
  • Aim for deep and meaningful conversations: The, ‘how was your day’ isn’t going to get you anywhere. Everyone gets bored of shallow conversations, so get deep. 
  • Don’t clutter their personal space: Don’t constantly text and say hello. Give it a break, take a breather and when you come back, it’s all fresh, which is what you want. 
  • Don’t act desperate: Never ask why they never replied. They have a life! Be calm about the process. 
  • Double text if you have to: Although frowned upon by dating experts, we say do what you have to. 

When you text, there’s a transmission of energy and take our advice for it when we say you don’t want a depletion of that energy so keep it going. Do what you think is best for you. 

How do I flirt with my best friend? 

Two friends Flirting in the office
Two friends Flirting in the office.

While we would say, place your hand around their neck, lick your lips while staring at theirs, that could be juvenile.

But be rest assured it’s either going to get you a smile or a playful shove but there are other options: 

  • Go for the classic tease: tell her she looks beautiful. 
  • Take it slow: This is your best friend, not just anyone; keep it subtle.
  • Don’t be too obvious: Never make them wonder what’s up with you. 
  • Use eye contact: When you stare at them, do they stare back? Making intense eye contact with someone is intimate and it says so much about them. 

Also, if you stare and they avert their gaze, it could be they’re uninterested, uncomfortable, or maybe even too shy. 

How do you get your best friend to date you?

  • Don’t date for now: Most people hate the idea of losing a friend if things don’t work out. Discuss that before jumping into dates so if things turn sour, they remain your best friend. Assure them of your plans which is why you need a purpose.
  • Make sure you both feel the same: If you want your best friend to go out with you on a date, then make sure the feelings are mutual. 

How to make your best friend jealous?

A guy is talking to another girl while his best friend is envious of them.
A guy is talking to another girl while his best friend is envious of them.

Your best friend has and will always have your undivided attention, so make him jealous by taking away what they’ve always gotten for free. 

Talk about someone you just met, ignore the calls to show how busy you’ve been and cancel plans you both made. 

How do you know if a guy friend secretly likes you?

  • He remembers the little details about you: Let’s be sincere, we all don’t remember what people tell us, so if he does, he has a thing for you. 
  • He gets you thoughtful gifts: If he gets you a gift then there’s a meaning behind it. 
  • Uses words with you: If he says, I’ll always be there for you? He definitely sees you for more.
  • Wants to meet your family: Family affairs scare everyone, but he’s excited to meet yours and treats them like his?
  • He’s a ball of nerves around you: Have you ever wondered why he would be antsy about meeting you? You’re friends after all, aren’t you?

On another note, if he gets jealous, his friends tease him to confess his feelings, and he stares at you. Bonus points if he’s protective, then make no mistake because he likes you! Secretly. 

Do guys fall for their female friends?

Yes, they do. We’ve all heard a guy and a girl can’t be friends, attraction gets in the way.

Studies have also proven guys fall faster than women and besides, he’s seeing an unfiltered you, so why wouldn’t he fall for an amazing person like you? 


We’re quite a firm believer that every relationship should pass through friendship, so what’s wrong with having a friend fall for you? 

You are only doing what’s best for yourself and also for them. If they see you as a romantic partner in the course of everything, we’re excited to see how much you’ll grow together. 

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