Is Speed Dating Still A Thing?

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Is Speed Dating Still A Thing?

While speed dating has been around for decades, it’s becoming increasingly popular again. There are now hundreds of thousands of people participating in speed dating events every month as it’s an easy and fun way to meet new people with very little commitment. 

Although it’s not always effective, in fact, most people who go on speed dates end up feeling disappointed with the experience. However, you can do a few things to make sure your next speed date goes smoothly.

This article will explain exactly what speed dating is, how it works, and why it’s worth trying. Then I’ll walk you through my top tips for ensuring your next speed date is a success.

What is speed dating?

Speed dating in a cafe
Speed dating in a café.

Speed dating is a deliberate social bonding process engineered to ascertain the level of compatibility between new singles to determine whether they belong together or have a meaningful connection romantically. 

It involves going out on a series of experimental dates, including singles events and singles nights.

Does speed dating still happen?

Yes, speed dating does still happen today. In fact, it’s become increasingly popular over the years. People from all walks of life participate in these events, including both singles and couples.

The goal of speed dating is to meet someone who shares similar interests and values. It’s a fun way to meet new people in a casual environment.

There are many different types of speed dates, ranging from casual to formal. Some are held in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or other public places. Others are hosted by professional matchmakers. 

Speed dating events are usually free, but you might pay a fee if you want to attend a private event.

What is the success rate of speed dating?

The success rate of speed dating depends on the number of attendees. If you only have 10 people attending, you might expect to meet only 2 or 3 people. Another factor is the quality of the attendees. If you invite only attractive people, you’ll probably attract a higher percentage of successful matches.

While speed dating can be a great way to meet new people, it’s important to remember that it’s just one part of the equation. Meeting new people is only half the battle. The other half is making sure that you actually enjoy spending time with those you meet. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet anyone after a speed dating event. Just keep going out and trying new things.

Is speed dating better than online dating?

Speed dating vs online dating
Speed dating vs online dating.

Online dating has become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, many people still prefer to meet potential partners through traditional methods like speed dating. Speed dating allows singles to meet others in a short amount of time, while online dating gives people the opportunity to connect with someone who lives nearby.

While both options offer benefits, each has its own pros and cons. Speed dating tends to attract a younger crowd, while online dating attracts a wider range of ages. Speed dating is typically less expensive than online dating, but it doesn’t allow people to choose their matches. Online dating gives people the option to select their matches based on preferences, looks, interests, and other factors.

Ultimately, the choice between these two options depends on personal preference. People who enjoy meeting new people tend to prefer speed dating, while those who value privacy and security would likely prefer online dating. Either way, you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to meet new people!

Is speed dating worth it?

Speed dating has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s a fun way to meet new people and expand your circle of friends. 

However, many people wonder if speed dating is really worth it. The answer depends on who you ask. Some people say yes, while others say no.

Some people believe that speed dating is just another form of online dating. Others feel that it’s a great way to meet new people in person. Still, others say that it’s a great opportunity to practice flirting skills. Whatever your opinion, there’s no denying that speed dating is here to stay. So, whether you decide to try it or not, you might as well learn everything you can about it.

a guy looks happy with the girl on a speed dating event
A guy looks happy with the girl on a speed dating event.

One thing that most people agree on is that speed dating is a great way to meet people. It’s easy to talk to someone you haven’t met yet, and it’s a great way for people to practice their flirting skills. In addition, it’s a great way of meeting new people without having to spend too much money.

However, there are downsides to speed dating. For example, it’s hard to tell if someone likes you until you actually speak to them. This means that you could spend a lot of time talking to people who aren’t interested in you. Also, some people don’t enjoy being put on display. Finally, it’s difficult to gauge how attractive you are based on photos alone.

Overall, speed dating is a great option for those who want to meet new people. However, it’s best to approach it with caution. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing before going out on any dates.

What is a singles event?

A singles event with a cocktail party-type atmosphere is also sometimes referred to as a mixer.

It is an organized step-by-step program that enables newly introduced pairs to familiarize themselves with each other while having a good time in the process.

How long has speed dating existed?

Speed dating has been around for quite some time. It dates back to the late ’90s when the earliest documented example of speed dating was by Aryeh (Alan) and Rena Hirsch of Los Angeles in early 1996.

Further studies also confirm that (in 1998, a Los Angeles rabbi and his students came up with a new way for single people to meet each other). 

According to these accounts, speed dating has been in existence since then and has become a significant aspect of dating.

How long should speed dates last?

Two hearts and a stop watch, speed dating concept
Two hearts and a stop watch, a speed dating concept.

Most speed dates usually don’t have a prolonged time frame.

It is a concise dating experience that generally lasts from 3 to 8 minutes, although some go as long as 10 minutes. 

The central objective of speed dating is to briefly see if there is any romantic connection in a setting that usually lasts 1-2 hours, in which you’ll have dates with between 10-20 people in that hour.

Who invented speed dating?

Speed dating was originally brought about by Jewish Rabbi, Yaacov Deyo. 

At the time when Yaacov Deyo created speed dating, he included a reputation-management feedback form similar to eBay’s. 

It was his way of separating compliant dating prospects from insensitive and ill-mannered daters.

How does speed dating work?

Speed dating takes a concisely direct approach compared to the normal ways of dating. 

During a speed date, a group of singles gather at a cafe or similar venue. Armed with a nametag with a nickname, a scorecard, and their sparkling personality, they are paired up and their first date begins.

How to speed date

How speed dating works

Like every other endeavor, speed dating has its do’s and don’ts. There are specific steps and things one must do and follow to come away from the experience positively. 

Prepare your mind positively

Having a positive mindset, attitude, and perception towards speed dating, goes an incredibly long way. 

It is okay to have certain expectations. However, keep in mind that you may or may not find someone you like. You can always go on other speed dates to better your chances of finding a prospective partner.

Select your preferred speed dating event

The last thing you want to do when preparing for your first or subsequent speed date is choosing the wrong speed dating event to participate in. 

You need to thoroughly weigh your options. At this stage of the preparation process, take into account the things you like and dislike. 

Choose the right speed dating event

Narrow down your speed dating event options. Make sure to choose an event you can freely accustom yourself to.

This typically involves choosing the event that is appropriate for you.

Select the right group of people to mingle with

This is by far, one of the most important factors to consider when planning for your speed date. 

Take a general view of the entire environment, and pick your dating partner according to your taste and standard.

Choose an appropriate dress code

A man in a semi formal suit  attended a speed dating event
A man in a semi formal suit attended a speed dating event.

Appearance is everything. Hence, you need to rise to the occasion by wearing your best collection of dresses to complement the occasion.

Remember to wear an outfit that speaks for your style and personality.

Select your discussable topic points

Note down all the fun, interesting, appealing, and admirably stimulating topic points you may want to share or discuss with your partner. 

Ask the right questions

Never lose sight of the reason why you’re out on a speed date in the first place. This is your chance to add value and meaning to your effort. 

Ask as many relevant questions as you can, depending on the time you have at your disposal. 

Jot down your likes and dislikes

Observe and identify what you most appreciate and what you dislike the most about your speed dating partner.

You must take some time to seriously consider what you want in a romantic interest so you can accurately qualify or disqualify potential matches.

The speed dating process

Meeting someone you like romantically on a speed date is fairly uneasy. As a result of this, it is always prudent to know how to go about the rules of speed dating and what to do in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Be time-sensitive

The early bird catches the worm. This proverbial saying accurately says it all. 

Arriving early for your speed dating experience gives you time to register, meet people, and get settled before the speed dating begins.

Exchange pleasantries with fellow speed dating partners

Prepare your introductions and conversation pointers accordingly. You may not get a better window of opportunity to do this before the actual speed dating begins.

Make sure you make use of all available time because speed dating will go very quickly.

Establish chemistry through body language

Smiling young woman having fun in a speed dating
Smiling young woman having fun in a speed dating

Find common ground with your speed dating partner by using smooth communication methods.

Applying subtle body language techniques like eye-to-eye contact and smiles is important in making a good first impression. 

Set the conversational ball rolling

Make a conscious effort to start your speed date on a good note by nailing your dialogue.

Keep your conversations simple, open-ended, and above all, direct. 

Always give your honest opinion

Be candid and straightforward with the answers you give your speed dating partner. 

Before you begin a conversation, be aware that the only way to attract people who are genuinely interested in you is to present your authentic self to your dates.

Compliment your speed dating partner 

Give your speed dating partner the needed words of praise and accolades when they tell you something worth remarking on. 

In doing so, you form a connection in a short amount of time, and you also allow your partner to share with you their intimate secrets. 

Conclude your speed date on a positive note

How you end your speed date is just as crucial as how you begin it.  

Make sure you adhere to all the rules of the speed dating process with the utmost degree of sensitivity and extend your best regards to your speed dating partner. 

What is the purpose of speed dating?

Speed dating helps encourage eligible singles to meet large numbers of new potential partners in a brief period of time. 

Can you go on speed dates alone?

A man in a speed dating event looking very happy
A man in a speed dating event looking very happy.

Of course. Going on speed dates alone is a great first step to mastering your courage and overcoming your emotional fears. 

In fact, it empowers you and gives you the stepping stone you need to be forced out of your comfort zone, thereby freeing you from socialization phobias. 

Is speed dating always a successful process?

There are no guarantees of you having a perfect speed dating experience. However, going through the process doubles your odds of finding your perfect partner.

And remember, if it works for other people, it can definitely work for you. 

What are the benefits of speed dating?

Speed dating enhances your chances of finding a partner, sharpens your romantic life, equips you with the fundamental elements of dating someone new, and prepares you for any potential possibility there is to dating.

What are the drawbacks of speed dating?

Speed dating lasts around 4-5 minutes, which is too short a time to properly know someone you want to date, or at least try dating.    

There are no guarantees you will find someone who would like to go on a proper date with you, which in itself is very depressing

Speed dating may not be the ideal approach to finding your soul mate, but it does aid in simplifying the process involved in what instead is a broadly rigorous cycle. 


In conclusion, yes, people still speed date. And if you’re looking for a new friend, a fun activity, or even a potential relationship, then speed dating might be right for you. 

They’re also a lot of fun because you meet lots of new people and have a chance to see if any sparks fly between you and another person. Who knows, you might find your next partner.

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