Online Dating Advice For Ladies: 12 Priceless Tips for Women

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Online Dating Advice For Ladies

Are you tired of getting ghosted? Are you sick of the whole “be yourself” thing not working for you?

We know what it’s like to spend all your time trying to be the perfect version of yourself, only to be rejected again and again. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re just not getting any attention from guys, even though you’re putting so much effort into looking good.

In fact, we’ve been there. And we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

Keep reading to learn how to get noticed by men without changing who YOU are!

12 Amazing Online Dating Tips for Women

According to the Pew Research Center, 55% of women believe dating is getting harder. 

Are you a woman who’s ready to start dating again? If so, you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of your online dating experience.

You first need to know that there are many great men in cyberspace, and they’re all looking for love! The second thing you need to know is that online dating is a skill. Anyone can learn it. 

Here are 12 amazing online dating tips for women:

Get Honest About Your Expectations

Before you sign up for an online dating site or app, ask yourself what you’re looking for in a partner. 

Are you looking for someone who shares similar interests? Or do you want someone with more money than you? 

If you aren’t realistic about what you want in a partner, it’ll be harder to find him or her online.

Fill Your Profile Completely

A woman filling up her profile in a dating app
A woman filling up her profile in a dating app

According to the NCA research, profiles are beneficial for users to find and attract their dates easily. 

Ensure your profile is filled out entirely before sending any messages into the world.

It’s hard enough to put yourself out there on social media; don’t waste time being coy when filling out all your details correctly right off the bat.

You’ll feel more confident and under less pressure when people message or like your photo because they’ll see that everything’s been filled out correctly and accurately.

Set Up An Interesting Photo Album

A simple way to win people over is to show them your best side, literally. Men are visual creatures, so use your profile photos to showcase your best features. 

This will help men get a better sense of who you are and understand your personality.

Be Yourself

In his interview with Now Magazine, Chace Crawford said that he used to have multiple dating accounts that nobody knew about, so we can say that he did not create his account. 

It’s tempting to try and create a persona that is more interesting or appealing than who you are but don’t do it.

If someone isn’t interested after getting to know the real you, they aren’t worth your time anyway. 

That doesn’t mean you should let your inner crazy out in your profile pictures, but don’t pretend to be someone else.

 Be Confident in Yourself, Not Cocky.

“Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that.” 

— Julie Delpy.

Confidence is key when it comes to dating. You want a man who makes you feel good about yourself and wants to be with you because of who you are, not what you look like or how much money you make. 

If a guy isn’t interested in getting to know the real you, he’s probably not worth your time anyway.

Pick an Online Dating Site That Works for You

A woman picking an online dating app
A woman picking an online dating app

First, decide which dating app you want to use to find relationship. There are many different types of sites, so take time to explore them before making your choice. 

Some dating services allow people to sign up for free but charge fees when they want access to certain features or services. 

Others charge monthly fees for unlimited access to their databases of members. If possible, sign up for multiple sites to have options during your search for love and see which dating app works for you.

Be Careful

Dating online can be a great way to meet people, but it can also be a minefield. That’s why it’s essential to use caution when meeting people you don’t know in person.

Never Talk About Past Relationships

The last thing a guy wants to hear is how his potential date used to have “the perfect boyfriend.” 

If you’re feeling nostalgic, keep your thoughts to yourself.

Take the Time to Get to Know Someone Before Meeting Them

It can be tempting to meet someone new on a dating app as soon as possible, but it’s always better to take the time to get to know them first through messaging before meeting in person. 

This will help ensure that your first impression is good and that you have time to make plans with them before meeting up, so there isn’t any awkwardness if things don’t work out between you two!

Be Open-Minded

If someone doesn’t look exactly like the profile pictures they’ve posted (or even close), don’t be discouraged immediately. Give them a chance.

The same goes for personality. If they sound different than what they put down on their profile, don’t judge too quickly either.

Keep It Short and Sweet

You don’t have to write an essay to get someone’s attention, just introduce yourself and get the conversation started!

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What is Proper Online Dating Etiquette?

What is Proper Online Dating Etiquette
What is Proper Online Dating Etiquette

There are a lot of etiquette rules that go into online dating, but it’s not all about what you say. You have to think about how you will present yourself as well.

Here are some proper online dating etiquettes:

Don’t Leave Them Hanging 

If you agree to meet someone in person, don’t flake out or cancel at the last minute. 

If a legitimate reason prevents you from meeting up as planned (i.e., your car breaks down or you have an emergency), let them know as soon as possible so they can make other plans.

Send a Brief Message

When you find someone attractive on a dating site or app, send them a brief message introducing yourself. 

Don’t be too pushy or aggressive; simply state your name and ask if they’d like to chat further. If they’re interested too, then great.

If not, no problem; at least now you know where they stand and can move on with your search.

Don’t Be a Creep

Just because you can see someone’s entire life online doesn’t mean you should be stalking them. Remember that behind that profile picture is a real person with feelings and emotions like you do.

Be prompt 

If you’re contacting someone for the first time, make sure you do it promptly. 

If you don’t respond to a message within 48 hours, chances are they’ve moved on.

Be Honest

Be honest and straightforward about your intentions from the start. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just because you think it will help get them to respond.

How Should a Woman Approach a Man Online?

The first thing to remember is that it’s best not to be too aggressive. Don’t message a guy you don’t know and say, “Hey, I’m interested in you.” It’s a turn-off for many men. You can be more subtle by saying, “I think you’re adorable, and I’d like to get to know you better.”

You can also try sending him a link to something funny or interesting on the internet or post some information about yourself that shows that you’re smart or have good taste (like an article or photo). 

That way, he’ll take notice of your profile, maybe even comment on it, and then be more likely to message back if he finds out he likes what he sees. Don’t give up if he doesn’t respond immediately (or after several attempts). 

He may have just been busy and will get back to you when he has time again.

What Are the Red Flags in Online Dating?

What Are the Red Flags in Online Dating
What Are the Red Flags in Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet people but can be tricky. Here are some red flags to watch out for when using online dating sites:

  • Someone who asks for money or gifts right away. You should never send money to someone you don’t know or haven’t met. This could be a scammer trying to get your money or a fraudster who will use the cash to leave town and disappear.
  • They don’t show their faces in pictures. If they only have one photo or a few photos with their faces covered, it’s not worth contacting them.
  • Someone who asks for personal information immediately, such as your address or phone number, without being invited first. A legitimate online dater will want to know more about you before sharing personal information of his own.
  • Someone who tries to make plans for an immediate face-to-face meeting before getting to know each other through email (or at least exchanging photos). 

What Is the 3 Date Rule?

The “3 date rule” is a guideline for knowing if you should sleep with a guy on the first or second date.

The 3rd date is when all your cards are on the table, and you have a good idea of whether he’s worth sleeping with. We’re not sure where this originated from, but we’ve heard from many sources that it’s a good rule of thumb.

It’s not hard to see why it makes sense for guys: what if you sleep with your date and he turns out to be a jerk? Or worse, what if he turns out to be abusive?

On the other hand, it’s also vital that women don’t get too caught up in this rule because some men might be so eager for sex that they’ll put pressure on women to have sexual contact before they’re ready.


The online dating world is a jungle, and you’re the hunter. It’s up to you to find your prey and make the first move, but don’t get too eager. You’ll have to be patient if you want to catch your man.

However, it’s also essential that you don’t overthink things. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just send him a message and see what happens. If he doesn’t respond, move on and try someone else (or maybe even go back to that guy later).

Remember: there is plenty of fish in the sea, but only one of them is right for you. Don’t settle for anything less than what you really want!

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