Romance Dating Meaning (Plus 5 Types of Dating)

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Romance Dating Meaning

Let’s face it, dating isn’t always straightforward. While most people look for connection in their relationships, the kind of connection they search for isn’t always so clear. 

Trying to figure out if you’re just friends, dating casually, dating exclusively, in a relationship, or something else completely can be confusing. The best rule to follow when finding happy and healthy relationships is honesty in what you’re looking for. 

However, understanding the definitions of all these meanings is important as well. We’re going to dive into the meaning of romance dating. And who knows, maybe you’ll get some clarity on the inevitably nuanced relationship that you may be in. 

What is romance?

First, let’s start with defining romance. Romance can be used in several ways to speak about various topics. However, most often, romance is associated with love. 

Romance is usually an exciting and nerve-wracking feeling. You may associate it with butterflies in the stomach. It’s quite closely related to passion and love. 

The term “romance” can also just refer to finding excitement, mystery, and beauty in everyday life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with a loving relationship with another person. But, it is seen as an escape from the norm: a rush of emotions. 

Romance dating meaning

Romance Dating Meaning
Romance Dating Meaning

Now, romance in dating is referring to a spark or chemistry that you may feel with someone. Most of us will look for feelings of romance when dating. It’s exciting and can even sometimes lead to love. 

If you are romantically dating someone, then you are probably having some sort of attraction to each other that is igniting some sparks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a deep love, although it can be. 

Romance dating is more than just hanging out with friends; there will be passion, lust, and those sappy feelings that rom-coms make us feel. 

Is the feeling mutual?

While you can probably recognize the sensation that romance gives us, you may not be sure if the feeling is mutual. 

Are you both on the same page? You’re feeling butterflies, but what is the other person feeling for you?

There will certainly be subtle clues to let you know if you are romantically involved with someone. 

They ask about you

Ok, yes, sure. Good friends should do the same. 

But this is more than just casually hanging out. The person you are romantically seeing wants to know all about you and your background. They’re interested in what makes you tick, what you’ve been through, and how you navigate the world. 

While romantic relationships are full of butterflies and passion, long-lasting romances go deeper than your average small talk. Even though long conversations may not seem like “romance,” they certainly are. What’s more romantic than someone taking the time to get to know you?

There’s a spark

Where there’s romance, there’s usually some sort of spark. There may even be a wildfire of passion, depending on the circumstances. 

This is that inexplicable connection that you often just have with someone—or don’t have with someone. Certainly, love can grow over time. But, in romantic relationships, there’s often that initial, overwhelming feeling of attraction. 

You can usually tell if you have chemistry with someone. If you’re feeling it, but you’re not sure if they are too, play it cool for a while and see where things go. Their feelings will likely be apparent shortly. 

You go on dates

Your dates don’t have to be epic, romantic, candlelit picnics in the middle of a field of roses. However, if you’re romantically involved with someone, you’re both usually taking time out of your hectic daily schedules to see each other. 

You could go on hiking or art-class dates. Or maybe they are just a quiet meal where you can talk. You and your date could even have a wild night out dancing. Likely, there will be various dates that combine these things. 

When dating, you’re both probably looking to connect with someone on a deeper (romantic) level. What you both want from the connection (a relationship or something casual) will vary, and this is a conversation that should be had after some time. 

Types of Dating

Types of Dating
Types of Dating

This is where things get tricky. You may have a romance with various people, but the type of relationship you go on to share will depend on what you both want and need at that moment in your lives. 

So, what exactly are the options when it comes to dating? They’re seemingly endless and constantly evolving. You can probably have any type of relationship you want today, as long as your intentions are clear. More and more people are open to different types of connections. 

Hooking up

Lust, passion, and some serious physical connection could have you in this type of relationship with someone. Hooking up can certainly lead to a relationship or even some romance, but sometimes it is just about the physical connection. 

If you’re just hooking up with someone, one or both of you are not interested in sharing more with the other. Whether it’s a moment in their lives where they need to focus on themselves or they just don’t feel that type of connection with you, hooking up is all about the physical playtime. There’s usually nothing too deep happening here. 

Casual dating

Keeping things casual means there’s no real commitment to the other person. You probably have chemistry and romance, but you’re not willing to truly commit to something serious at this point. 

If you’re casually dating someone, you’re probably casually dating multiple people. It’s a good way to get to know new people in a way that is more than just physical, but less than a committed relationship—just casual. 

Exclusively dating

You like each other, and you want to keep seeing where things go. You both want to stop seeing other people and limit your romance and physical connection to just each other. 

However, you’re not quite in a full-on relationship with each other yet. You’re still feeling out the waters and compatibility levels to see if you want to dive into spending the holidays with your family. 

Committed relationship

Newly engage couple looking happy together
Newly engage couple looking happy together

You’ve felt things out. You’ve got romance, passion, and a deeper, more meaningful connection. You want to rip each other’s clothes off, but then you just hang out and talk for hours.

You’re sharing more of yourselves and your lives. You may even want to start joining those lives more and more, building a life together. 

Non-Monogamous relationship

There’s a new wave of free love that’s been circulating in the dating world. While, of course, non-monogamous relationships have always been a thing, they seem to be gaining more traction as somewhat of a “norm” in this new age of dating. 

A non-monogamous relationship, like any other, will necessitate open and honest communication from both parties. You’ll be committed to each other while also seeing other people. The types of connections you form with others may only be sexual, or they could be deeper. Either way, you and your partner are on the same page about what your non-monogamous relationship looks like. 

Romance is a feeling

There’s no simple way to define the meaning of “romance dating.” You will simply feel a romantic connection with someone or not. However, when dating or having relationships, intentions should be clear. 

Someone may be courting you outlandishly, with roses and fancy dinners, but maybe you just don’t feel that spark. Then you may start seeing someone who shows up with beers and tacos, and the butterflies begin to keep you up at night. 

Romance will look different for everyone. But the feeling, an unsettling and overwhelming excitement, will be the same. Go with your gut and enjoy whatever type of romance you prefer.

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