What Does SUP Mean in Dating? Keep Up With Dating Slang

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What Does SUP Mean in Dating?

Dating today is different from dating fifteen years ago. People still go to the movies, but how we meet our dates now may have seemed impossible years ago.

Thanks to advancements in technology, dating has a solid online constituent. Beautiful love stories have been traced to social media messaging services and dating apps that brought lovers together.

But if someone who last dated fifteen years ago tried modern dating today, it would seem like technical jargon.  

I mean, what do they say when someone asks, “SUP?” They don’t know the meaning, let alone how to answer.

If you’re new to modern dating slang or you’ve been there but want to know the exact meaning of “SUP” in modern dating, you’re in the right place.

Read on to learn what it means, how to answer, and other words relating to this slang.   

Dating and Texting

A girl inviting her boy for a date via text
A girl inviting her boy for a date via text

Texting has become a crucial aspect of dating. And with online dating on the rise, it’s almost impossible to navigate modern dating without texting.

This might seem absurd to our grandparents, but today, you can know almost everything about a person before meeting them. That is the power of texting. 

That’s how long-distance relationships survive. So, though you can now video call, texting is still an integral part of communication. 

I, for example, texted my partner for the entire night when we had to be in a long-distance relationship. And though it was not the same as being physically intimate with him, it somehow kept me sane. 

When you want to know so much about the other person in a short time, it saves time to use acronyms and short forms. That’s how terms like “SUP” came to be. 

However, such slangs only help if you’re all familiar with them. When you both understand the terms, you know how to answer and communicate clearly.

But if one person is in the dark, there will be miscommunication, and you’ll spend more time explaining.

In the spirit of keeping up with modern dating slang, let’s understand the meaning of “SUP” and how to respond if someone texts you this. 

What Does SUP Mean in Dating?

As previously stated, texting is essential in today’s dating. People engage and learn more about each other through messaging services, whether in a dating app or on social media.

SUP is a common term in texting; let’s find out what it means.

Meaning of SUP in Texting

SUP is short for the expression “What’s up?” When someone sends you a text with the three letters “SUP,” they are asking you, “What’s up?”

This expression is widely used to mean “What’s new?” It can also be used to mean “What are you doing?” or “How’s it going?”

When someone says “SUP,” they want to know what you are up to, how you are doing, or what you are doing.

A girl texting her boyfriend, asking him "What's up"
A girl texting her boyfriend, asking him “What’s up”

“What’s up” is casual, which means “SUP” is more casual. As such, you shouldn’t use it in an official conversation or with someone you want to make a formal impression on.

It’s preferable to use this slang with someone you’re already acquainted with. So though it’s modern dating slang, I recommend using it with someone you’ve already conversed with.

If it’s a stranger, you’re better off typing the whole expression, “What’s up?” or asking directly how they are doing or what they are doing. 

Meaning of SUP as an Activity

I thought it wise to mention that “SUP” is short for “Stand-Up Paddle boarding.” It’s an interesting outdoor water activity where riders stand on large boards while using paddles to navigate through the water. 

It relates to dating in that it’s an activity that couples can engage in together. 

What Should I Answer for SUP?

Often, people use “SUP” to start a conversation, which makes sense because they want to know what you are doing and if you have time for a conversation.

Even when used as a question, they want to know how you are and what you have been up to.

-Therefore, the answer would be anything revolving around what or how you are doing. 

For example, you can answer, “Nothing much, you?” or simply, “nothing.” Of course, you can also say “alright” to imply you’re doing fine.

It’s common courtesy to ask how the other person is doing too when they “SUP” you. That is why the majority of people prefer to respond with “nothing much, you?” or “Alright, you?”

If you prefer typing more than “alright,” you can just say, “Pretty good. What about you?”

In short, there is no fixed answer to give. So, as long as you understand they’re asking what or how you’re doing, you can give any answer that pertains to that. 

I should also note that sometimes “SUP” is used as a generic greeting to mean “hello.” In such a case, you can respond as you would with any greeting.

However, even if you respond with the initial meaning of “what’s up,” you’ll still have answered as expected. It makes more sense to answer this way than to reply with a “hello” too.

So long as you understand what it means, there is no right or wrong answer. 

Example of SUP in a conversation:

Sherry: Hey! Sup?

Tee: Nothing much, you? 

Other Words Closely Related to SUP and their Meaning

Other Words Closely Related to SUP and their Meaning
Other Words Closely Related to SUP and their Meaning

As already mentioned, “SUP” can be a greeting to mean “how are you doing?”

In such a case, other related slang includes:

HAY means “how are you?”

HIG means “how’s it going”

Wup means “what’s up” or sometimes “W^” which means the same thing, what’s up.

slang used as a response to the term “SUP.” They include:

NMJC means “not much, just chilling.”

NM means “nothing much” or “not much.”


I feel like keeping up with slang in texting is an everyday task. I also don’t know a lot of slang, and I find myself rushing to google some meanings when texting with friends.

So you are not alone; we learn these things as we come across them. Think about it: now you know what “SUP” means and how to respond. You even know some related slang and its meanings, so if you come across them, you’ll know how to respond.  

As you engage with more people in online dating, you learn other specific terms relating to dating, not just texting. You soon find yourself using them as well!

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