15 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas: Virtual Edition

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15 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas

The pandemic may technically be behind us, but that doesn’t mean that virtual date nights are a thing of the past. Now more than ever, many of us rely on technology for our day-to-day interactions. Whether it’s for work, hobbies, or even romance, we’re all hopping on video calls constantly—or pretty often. 

Maybe you’ve started a long-distance relationship or travel a lot for work and are needing to refresh your repertoire of virtual date night ideas. 

Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to give you 15 of our favorite ideas for virtual date nights to choose from. 

Best 3 Virtual Date Night Ideas

But, to give you a taste of what’s to come, here are our top 3 virtual date night ideas at a glance: 

  1. Buy each other dinner (sounds weird, I Know)
  2. Teach the other a new skill
  3. Reconnect with some deep conversation

So, if you’re tired of the same old chats with your partner, then it’s time to try out something new. Just because you aren’t physically in the same space doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy each other’s company and have some fun dates. 

15 Best Virtual Date Night Ideas

So, you’ve found yourself geographically far from your partner. Well, that doesn’t mean that date nights should stop. When you’re doing long distance, connecting is more important than ever—you just have to get slightly more creative with how you do so. 

Buy each other dinner

This is our virtual take on the dinner date classic. So, you’ll both be eating at your respective homes. However, the twist is that you’ll choose and order the food for your partner. 

Maybe your partner mentioned a new restaurant that they wanted to try. Well, surprise them with a meal from there. Or maybe you remember your partner craving some fish and chips. Why not stealthily inquire where they get their favorites and then send it over on your next dinner date?

Or, if neither of you is into surprises, tell the other what you’re craving. Or at least narrow it down by cuisine or meals. From there, you can treat your partner to a meal they have been wanting for ages but just didn’t buy for themselves. 

A couple eating dinner while on a videocall together
A couple eating dinner while on a videocall together

Teach the other a new skill

Learning from your partner is a great way to grow both in your relationship and individually. Sometimes this can be tricky, depending on your and your partner’s patience levels. However, it can be a great way to learn more about the other person while also trying something new. 

Ok, so let’s say it’s my turn to teach my partner a skill. I decided he was going to be crocheting. I sent him a nice little package with everything he’ll need, and we set the date for the instruction. 

Now, I’m not expecting him to crochet me my next bikini. Nor am I expecting him to continue the hobby. The hope for this date is that your partner understands you a little better and that you have some fun in the process. Don’t stress if you can’t pick up the skill your partner is teaching you; just do your best and have fun!

Reconnect with some deep conversation

It may seem strange to plan a date for deep conversation topics. However, sometimes these types of conversations get overlooked when falling into a routine with a partner, whether you’re long-distance or not. 

Maybe you have gotten into a cycle of chatting about your day, work, and hobbies—that’s great! But you also need to talk about the harder things. Where do you both see each other in ten years? What’s your philosophy in life? How do you feel about your relationship together?

Having these conversations will deepen and strengthen your relationship. Take the time to do so. If you’re at a loss for topics or they don’t come naturally, then create a deep conversation bowl with topics at each of your respective homes. You can take turns pulling the topics at random and conversing accordingly. 

Have morning coffee

It’s often the little things that we miss most when in a long-distance relationship, whether it’s long-term or for a short period. Personally, there’s something truly special in the simple act of having morning coffee with my person. I love it. 

So, you don’t have to do this every day, but take time to have your morning coffee (or juice, tea, bagel, etc.) with your partner. You’ll be surprised at what that jolt of loving energy first thing in the morning can do for your day. 

A couple having a morning coffee virtually
A couple having a morning coffee virtually

Do some crafts

Okay, you may have noticed already from my previous example, but I love crafts. And I know I’m not the only one. However, I’ve certainly had partners who don’t necessarily find them as thrilling as I do. 

You and your partner don’t have to be avid crafters to have a successful craft date. Crafting is a great way to destress, have fun, and get in touch with your creative side. It can also be practical. 

Are the holidays coming up? Why not try making handmade ornaments or wreaths? Or, have you both been wanting to add some adornments to your homes? Why not try some macramé wall hangings? There are endless possibilities when it comes to crafts. Choose together or take turns choosing, but give it a try! Who knows? You may even find your new favorite hobby. 

Play a game

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in work, chores, exercise, and just our everyday routine. However, play and fun are necessary parts of our well-being. 

Why not get in touch with your inner kid and have a game night with your partner? You could try a new game or choose one of your childhood favorites. 

If you and your partner are both into it, you could even make up your own game! Together, decide the rules and then take it from there. Remember that it’s not really about winning; it’s about letting loose, breaking the routine, and playing together. 

Go on a walk

Take a stroll together, virtually. You can do a video call or just a good old-fashioned voice call while walking around your neighborhood. 

Walking is a great way to get outside and clear your mind. It’s one of my favorite things to do after a long workday. Why not tell your partner about your day while moving your body? 

If you both get into it, you could set walking goals. For example, a 2-mile walk after work “together” once a week Then you can both plan your route accordingly. It may be funny to see who walks faster, depending on when you each finish your walk. 

A girl having a videocall with her boyfriend while walking outside
A girl having a videocall with her boyfriend while walking outside

Cook dinner

Cooking is one of my least favorite things to do. However, when I have someone to cook with, it’s a lot more fun! So, just because you aren’t in the same kitchen doesn’t mean that you can’t both cook something delicious together. 

Choose a new recipe to try, and you can support each other as you go. You’ll be able to chat and relax as you hone your culinary skills. 

Alternatively, you don’t have to cook the same meal. You could cook different meals at the same time. Afterward, you can eat together and compare critiques!

Have a cocktail party

There can be something oh-so-sexy about sharing a drink with your partner. Getting dressed up, ordering something new, and chatting with someone you love. Well, it’s time to bring this vibe to your home! 

Get supplies for a fancy cocktail and try your hand at making it. Be sure to get dressed up as though you’re having a night out at the hippest cocktail bar! You may be surprised at how putting on clothes you feel great in changes the vibe. It’ll feel much different than having a beer in your pajamas. 

Don’t drink?! That’s no problem. Make yourself a mocktail. The idea is the same: look sexy, treat yourself, and have an intimate conversation with your partner. 

Listen to a podcast together

Here’s a date when you don’t even have to talk to each other. Choose a podcast to listen to together! 

You can take turns choosing, or maybe there’s something you’re both interested in and would love to learn more about. Decide together on your mutual podcast journey and go from there. 

After you listen, you can share notes on what you thought! It can be a great way to discuss topics that you might not normally discuss. 

Work out

Are both of you fitness addicts? Or maybe you’re both committed to being more active? Well, just because you’re far from each other doesn’t mean you can’t share the experience. 

You’ve got a couple of options here. You could work out while on a video call. Maybe you both signed up for a yoga program and want to do it together. Great! 

However, you could also work out on your own. Do you both want to try CrossFit? Well, head to your respective local studio and give it a try. OR maybe you both want to train for a marathon. Come up with a plan together! You can hold each other accountable by checking in on each other’s progress. 

It’s not necessarily the type of exercise you intend to do. It’s the support and shared experience that you’ll have with each other. 

A woman doing a videocall with her boyfriend while working out
A woman doing a videocall with her boyfriend while working out

Take a class

This is a fun way to learn a new skill. You could both decide on taking the same class, or you can choose different courses. 

For example, do you both want to write more? Well, you could sign up for the same online short fiction story class. 

Or, maybe you’ve got different interests right now that you want to explore. Sign up for a pottery class as your partner signs up for woodworking, and exchange tales about the experiences! 

If you’re both learning, then you’re growing. Additionally, classes can be truly motivating and rewarding. So, why not share in this joy together, even if it’s not necessarily the same course?

Volunteer “together” 

When you do things for others, you feel better. Subsequently, you’re more positive and happy, and you generally have a better outlook on life. Volunteering or giving back to your community is a great way to connect with others and yourself. 

Why not start your volunteer journey together? Maybe you both want to get involved with similar organizations, or you have completely different volunteer interests. Either way will work!

Choose your respective organizations. Discuss your volunteer goals and set minimum volunteer hours to meet and chat about your experiences, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can grow as individuals together. 

Watch a movie

“Netflix and chill” doesn’t have to be a thing when you’re on the same couch. Choose a movie or series and watch it together virtually. 

You may have been anxiously awaiting all week for your movie night after seeing one that you’re both interested in. Or, you’re dying to get to the next episode in your favorite series. 

These simple things are often taken for granted when you live with your partner. However, you don’t have to lose them just because you’re in a long-distance relationship. You can still share these moments, just with a virtual twist. 

Fall asleep

Ok, don’t just pass out while having a late-night chat with your partner. That wouldn’t be good. But falling asleep together is an oddly intimate moment for couples to share. 

So, after you’ve had that evening chat and done your nighttime routine, say your “sickeningly sweet goodnights” over the phone, but don’t hang up just yet. Let yourselves fall asleep with each other over the phone. 

I know, I know. It sounds kind of weird and cheesy, but give it a try. It’s quite a comforting experience. 

A woman sleeping while having a videocall with her boyfriend
A woman sleeping while having a videocall with her boyfriend

Making long-distance work

Long distance doesn’t have to be the kiss of death for your relationship. It can work. However, it will take slightly more attention and commitment to find your groove. 

But it’s possible to have a healthy, loving long-distance relationship. Just be sure to keep these things in mind! 

Communicate openly about the relationship

Open and honest communication is truly the key to any healthy relationship. Long-distance relationships are certainly no exception to this rule. 

Be sure to check in on how you’re both feeling about the relationship (deep conversation dates!). However, you don’t want to be constantly focusing on the relationship and only having those types of conversations. 

So, set monthly check-ins based on what works for you as a couple. Take these times to talk candidly about what’s working, what’s not, and how to move forward from there. 

Know when you’ll see each other next

It can be difficult to be so far away from your partner. Certainly, you can still connect; however, it’s only natural to miss the physical comfort that your partner provides. 

That’s why it’s ideal to have a set plan as to when you will see each other in person again. Do what works for each of you based on your unique circumstances as a couple. 

Have a plan for the future together

There is no one way to have a relationship. The only thing that truly matters is that you and your partner are on the same page about your relationship. 

Whether you’re both still feeling each other out or you’re completely committed, you’ll want to be certain about each of your relationship expectations. 

Are you fine with doing long distance for the foreseeable future? Or do you need to have a one-, two-, or five-year plan that puts you geographically closer to each other?

Only you and your partner can answer these questions. However, it’s important to have some sort of plan for your future together if you hope this is a long-term relationship.

Have some virtual fun!

Don’t stress about virtual date nights. These nights should be fun! Of course, they will occasionally be a time for deep conversation and connection. But, really, what’s more fun than growing closer to your partner?

Use our list of the best virtual date night ideas to get started. But feel free to get creative from there. You can have any sort of virtual date that you’d like!

So, try our suggestions, make up your own, and go from there. Maybe you’ll make cooking together a weekly ritual. Or perhaps you’ll set one night a week for virtual dates, but changing the actual date experience will change the actual date experience. Perhaps you’ll do both! 

But, just remember to enjoy your partner on these virtual dates—the goal is to share experiences.

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