What is GGG in Dating Apps? Keeping Up With NSFW Slang

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What is GGG in Dating Apps

Have you ever come across a certain term on a dating app or social media page and wondered what it meant?

That was me when I first saw GGG. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking the question, “What is GGG in dating apps? ”

Well, I found out that the abbreviation stands for “good,” “giving,” and “game.” But what exactly does that mean? Good, where and in which game?

Read on to learn the exact meaning in detail. 

What is GGG in Dating Apps?

GGG in dating sites and apps means “good,” “giving,” and “game.” When someone uses this abbreviation, they are describing their sexual behavior and sexual qualities.

Good means they are good in bed

A couple talking about their sexual fantasies
A couple talking about their sexual fantasies

The first “G,” standing for good, is used to imply the person is good in bed. Remember, this abbreviation is often used on adult dating sites or apps.

So the person using this abbreviation thinks their sexual qualities are top-notch. While it may be true, it is what they think of themselves, so there is no assurance that whatever they are saying is true. 

They are just confident enough to talk about their sexual behavior and express how they think of themselves. So it is fair to assume the person using this abbreviation is confident and thinks highly of themselves.

Giving means they consider the other person’s sexual needs in the bedroom

A couple having a good time in the bed
A couple having a good time in the bed

The second G stands for giving, which implies the person using the abbreviation is generous in the bedroom. As such, they keep their sexual partner’s needs in mind during intimacy

So it’s not all about them; they also want to satisfy your needs and meet your wants. It might be assumed that such a person is selfless and caring in the bedroom. At least, that’s what they think of themselves.

Game means this person is “game” to explore more in the bedroom

A girl trying to get intimate with her boyfriend
A girl trying to get intimate with her boyfriend

The last G means game. When someone says they are game (I’m game), they mean they are willing to try something fun or even unusual, provided it’s within reason.

So instead of saying, “I’m game,” they just say “game,” but the meaning is the same. 

It would be fair to assume the person using the abbreviation to describe their sexual qualities is down for anything reasonable in the bedroom. So whether it’s a new position or exploring new sexual interests, they are willing to try. 

Origin of the term GGG used in dating

GGG is reported to have been created by Dan Savage, a popular sex columnist. He used this abbreviation to describe the qualities of a good sexual partner. They should be good in bed, ready to give equal time and pleasure, and game to try sexual interests within reason.

So anyone using this abbreviation is communicating that to the world. That means a match looking for such a sexual partner will be attracted to you and expect you to be what you said you were. 

How GGG is Used in Dating

Origin of the term GGG used in dating
Origin of the term GGG used in dating

Often, this slang is used on dating profiles on adult dating sites and apps. So while describing your personality and qualities on your dating profile, you can add the abbreviation GGG to describe your sexual attributes. 

It is also sometimes used on social media pages and in chats to imply the same. 

If you decide to use it, be sure you mean whatever you are subscribing to.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that GGG in dating not only means “good,” “giving,” and “game,” but also precisely what these words mean and imply.

Feel free to use this dating slang if you are confident in your sexual qualities and have received compliments from previous sexual partners that you are good, you give the same way you expect to receive it, and you are always down to explore.

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