Ghosting’s Evil Twin: What Is Mosting?

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What Is Mosting

Ghosting, haunting, and zombie-ing make it feel like we are living our dating lives within a horror film set. But, truly, the scariest of these terrifying dating terms is mosting. 

Mosting is similar to ghosting but worse. It’s the meanest version of ghosting imaginable. 

Not sure what I mean? 

Okay, let’s get into the specifics and figure out exactly what mosting is.

What is mosting?

We all know what ghosting is. (If you don’t, here’s an article on ghosting.)

Anyway, let me just briefly explain what “ghosting” is: it is when you hit it off with someone and then they disappear from your life without so much as a text message explanation. 

Just poof! They’re gone. 

Mosting is the amped-up version of ghosting. Usually, when someone is mosting, they come on strong from the start. 

You might even get over excited and start thinking you’ve found your soulmate or true love. They really turn on the charm. 

As soon as they make you feel like you’re the most special creature to grace this planet, they disappear. 

Mosting is a traumatic experience that leaves you with a heightened sense of heartbreak that ghosting usually doesn’t.

Why do people get mosted?

Sad girl leaning on wooden window
Sad girl leaning on wooden window.

There’s no exact science behind the trend, so the reasons for its happening are still unknown. 

However, just like with ghosting, the fault is on the person doing the mosting. 

Some people may “most” to win over someone quickly. They may be saying things they think you want to hear to gain trust and build a deeper, seemingly more meaningful bond. Maybe they truly are infatuated (superficially) and then it just fades. 

Whatever the reason, it’s a terrible thing to have to happen to you. 

If you find it happening to you often, then you probably have a type. Just like there are serial ghosters, there are bound to be serial “mosters”. 

Whether they knowingly put on the charm or are just one of those people who’s in love with being in love, they have probably done it more than once. 

Think twice when someone comes on strong quickly. Over time, genuine deep bonds and meaningful relationships grow. They aren’t formed within minutes of making a match on a dating app. 

What to look out for

You’re now on high alert for hauntings, ghosts, and zombies. But how to keep an eye out for the dreaded mosting?

You’re in luck. It’s quite simple to spot this quickly. 

Extreme affection early on

Text message from a guy

You haven’t even met, and this guy is calling you baby, sweetheart, and all other things that lead you to believe he’s interested in something more. 

Beware of what this guy is about to do. Maybe that’s just his way of speaking, or maybe you’re about to be “mosted.”

If someone is coming on strong, without really knowing you, then they’re likely just looking for some quick, yet superficial attention, whether emotional or physical. Often, we’re looking for the same thing, but we probably want it to last. 

Listen to your gut, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Try not to get caught up in the idea rather than the reality. 

“The one” talk

This person is calling you “the one” or their “soulmate” without knowing much about you at all. They may even throw out some “love” talk. 

Don’t be fooled by those trigger words. Maybe you believe in “the one” or soulmates, maybe you don’t, but either way, it makes you feel special, wanted, and seen. 

Try to resist the urge to plunge headfirst into the waters of fake love. If you’re looking for deep and lasting love, it’s not going to be found in sweet words and Hollywood ideas. 

Basically, they come on strong

Woman paying close attention to the man while on a first date
Woman paying close attention to the man while on a first date.

And I mean, very strong. Hopefully, you have a charm detector, but sometimes someone gives you the right words at the right time and it’s easy to get carried away. 

When you start dating someone, be wary if they seem too charming or too loving too early on. Is it just superficial? Probably. And it’s likely not to last. 

The worst-case scenario is a mosting situation where they vanish without a word after an extravagant profession of love.

If you’re looking for more from your relationships, then be careful with a sweet talker. They’ve done this before, and it most likely won’t last long. Don’t let their loving words throw you for a loop. 

Worse than ghosting

Would you agree? Ghosting is terrible, but mosting is the worst possible version of it. Mosting is likely to leave you heartbroken, whereas ghosting may just leave you confused. 

Now that you know what mosting is, be on high alert for it in your dating life. 

If you think someone is coming on too strong early on, then hit the breaks on your end. If they truly are interested, they’ll adjust to your pace. If they’re mosting, then they’ll likely move on to the next person. 

The majority of people aren’t out there most of the time, but it does happen. Remember that if mosting happens in your dating life, it’s not about you, it’s about them. 

Take the time to recover and try to avoid it happening in the future by looking out for the signs. 

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