What Is My Love Language? Express Your Love Better

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What Is My Love Language

Ever wondered what the best ways that people express and receive love in a relationship are? Well, Gary Chapman’s concept of love language says it all. 

Love language is not a dialect used to impress your partners. Instead, it’s actually the connection, intimacy, and commitment bestowed upon a beloved by you that makes them feel both appreciated and loved.

If you want to know more about the sacred language of love, keep reading ahead to learn everything you might want to know about the five languages of love and what your language might be!

What Are the Five Love Languages?

The five love languages are five different means that lovers might use to express love to one another: exchanging wholesome gifts, spending time, purely intended physical touch, acts of service, and words of affirmation. 

Not everyone is the same, and so is the sense of affection. So, each person prefers a different love language for expressing their love.

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For instance, perhaps your special one may get over the moon if you utter a couple of simple words like “I love you,” whereas, for most, this won’t be the best way.

Many partners feel the most love when they are cherished through intimate physical touch like holding hands and kisses. 

Nevertheless, both love languages are effective ways on their own depending on the type of couple you are: simple yet affectionate or utterly infatuated in a lovey-dovey manner. 

No matter what’s your type, here’s a brief about each of the Gary Chapman’s five general love languages every romantic relationship needs: 


Gives are often deemed as the reflection of relationships where they are given and received to either establish or re-confirm healthy ties with others. But why give gifts for only the purposes mentioned above? 

Gary Chapman describes gifts as visual symbols of love that help us communicate our appreciation and feelings for someone we love the most. 

A girl looking happy while receiving a gift from her boyfriend
A girl looking happy while receiving a gift from her boyfriend

Though one can consider arranging something mind-blowing like Katty Perry’s extraordinary Space trip gift to Russell Brand, gifts don’t look precious only when they are something big and extravagant. 

Even an ordinary item can penetrate to the core of your honey’s heart. You must ensure that the gift beautifully reflects your relationship and the feelings that have kept the fire in you alive! 

Spending Quality Time Together 

After gifts, spending a good time cherishing and understanding one another is probably the most straightforward love language one can adopt to bring joy to their lives.

Partners will definitely adore the effort being put in and how willingly you are sparing some time from your hefty schedule. After all, time has become even more precious than money these days. 

Whether you decide on a romantic date night or walk hand in hand to the nearest hill station for stargazing, eye contact, active listening, and real presence will always keep your special one happy. 

Physical Touch

Physical intimacy has been the key to fostering a strong bond and closeness between two people. As a love language too, physical touch stands as a solid binder to help a pair understand each other and iron out their differences.

A couple looking happy while hugging each other
A couple looking happy while hugging each other

Some adoring physical signs of expressing love that can also help you emotionally connect with your partner include cuddling, holding hands, kissing, and making love in bed. 

Words of Affirmation 

Many of you might remember Frank Sinatra’s classic song, Tell her, where the jazz icon sang the awe-inspiring words that go as, “A simple ‘I love you’ means more than money.” That’s exactly the love language your relationship needs. Simple yet heart-touching.

If words of affirmation are your love language, your partner will appreciate acknowledgments of love, whether they are just random verbal “I love you’s” throughout the day or sorry texts for little mistakes. 

Words of affirmation can also be used as impressive texts for your girl while you are at work and don’t necessarily have to be sorry texts only. 

Acts of Service

While sharing meaningful words with your partner can be reaffirming in a relationship, going beyond that will get you to the end game. The last love language that can be your ideal one is valuing even the little that your better half does for you. 

It can be showing gratitude for things like making you a cup of tea, picking up your pressed suit from the corner, preparing soup when you are sick, or anything that makes your life easier. 

How Can I Improve My Love Language?

How Can I Improve My Love Language
How Can I Improve My Love Language?

There can be a bunch of ways to get better, but the key is spilling your heart out. No matter what love language you choose, go beyond your actions to show that you genuinely admire your partner’s existence. Trust us, such little acts can make all the difference. 

Think of unique ideas that your loved one might not have foreseen coming. However, don’t forget that whatever you do should ideally align with the standards of your relationship and reflect the true love that’s there and may not look artificial.

How Do You Know If Your Love Language Is Physically Touched?

There can be more than a few signs telling you that your love language is physical touch. For instance, you love being touchy with the person you love. That means lots of cuddling and kissing and just being around one another randomly.

So is the case the other way around? It means you, too, like receiving random cuddles and kisses now and then. You find it very meaningful and sweet, and it makes you feel special. 

Even your stress levels drop dramatically when your partner puts a hand around your shoulders. That’s when it gets clear that your love language is physically touched! 


Employing love languages is a valuable method to promote meaningful communication between two hearts where each can fully express oneself. However, it should still not be deemed the only solution to a happy love life. 

As emphasized before, each lover on earth has their own cute way of expressing emotions. Though Love languages are a fantastic way to start a couple’s journey toward pure devotion, don’t just stop there. 

Your love demands so much more, and you should definitely fulfill that! 

Nevertheless, if you still want to know more about love languages, you can read what the ideologist himself says in his book: The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.

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