What to Say After Kissing Someone for the First Time

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What to Say After Kissing Someone for the First Time

Not sure what to say after you’ve locked lips with someone for the first time? Well, you’re not alone. While the act of puckering up may be exciting and stress-free, sometimes the moments after a first kiss can be awkward. 

Do you comment on the act? Should you just act as though nothing has happened? What exactly is the protocol for what to say after kissing someone for the first time?

Like many other parts of dating, there are no cut-and-dry rules. 

You’ve had a lovely evening with someone. You’re both feeling the chemistry, or at least willing to see if there is a spark. You go in for that kiss, and then what? 

Well, enjoy the moment. Try not to get too caught up in saying “the right thing” afterward. The kiss will really say it all. 

But, if you’re stressed about blowing a potentially swoon-worthy moment with the commentary, keep some of these tips in mind.

Say nothing

You’ve gone over a thousand different “smooth” post first kiss comments and nothing really seems to fit. No problem! Why do you have to say anything at all?

Don’t risk ruining a sexy kiss by saying something cheesy. Keep it simple and don’t say anything at all. That doesn’t mean that you ignore the whole scenario altogether. It just means you’ll tap into somebody’s language as a response. 


A smile goes a long way. Now, you don’t have to go all-in with an ear-to-ear grin. That may creep out your crush. But a nice little smile after a kiss says plenty. 

A couple enjoying their first kiss
A couple enjoying their first kiss

It also helps you figure out your feelings about the kiss. Let’s face it, not every kiss is going to be a winner. Often, you’ll decide if you’re going to continue with someone based on the chemistry of a kiss. 

A smile helps to digest the moment. It says, “That was nice,” without having to actually say it. 


Not sure what to say after the moment you just exchanged a kiss? Again, opt for body language with a post-pucker embrace. 

This says the moment was nice and you feel comfortable enough to continue the physical contact. An embrace with someone also tends to tell you a lot about the comfort level you have with someone. There are some people with whom your body just naturally molds, and a hug feels as sexy as a kiss. 

On the other hand, an embrace, like a kiss, will give you a good clue as to the chemistry you have with someone. So, if you feel like the kiss was a hit or a dud, a post-lip-locking embrace will help you to finalize the situation. 

Kiss again

You had a fireworks-prompting first kiss. Why delay a second? If the first kiss was so good, don’t hesitate to go in for a second. 

Read your kissing partner’s reception of the kiss as well. Hopefully, they’re feeling the same thing. Use a smile or an embrace to feel out the situation, and if it’s looking good, then go in for a second kiss. 

Personally, if I’ve had a spectacular first kiss with someone, I’m hoping they’ll go in for a second. And, if they don’t, I probably will. Embrace the kissing chemistry and continue the fun. 

A couple's lovely first kiss
A couple’s lovely first kiss

Say something sweet

So you want to say something. Maybe some good old-fashioned body language just won’t cut it for this kiss, and you need to come up with some words for the occasion. 

Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with some short, simple phrases that are sure to work well after a first kiss. 


OK, maybe not exactly words here, but a simple sound is sure to get the pleasant nature of the interaction across. 

If you feel like something needs to be said, but can’t figure out what to say, this is a great option. And let’s face it, sometimes after a great kiss, you just can’t get yourself together enough to form complete sentences. That’s probably a good sign. 

Keep it simple and pleasant with this one. 

That was nice

Nothing earth-shattering here, but it lets your kissing partner know that you enjoyed the exchange. 

This is one of my personal favorites after a great first kiss. You keep it cool, but you let the person know that you enjoyed it and probably want to do it again sometime. 

It also leaves the door open to hearing their thoughts on the matter. 

Your lips are so soft

Now we’re heading into a bit more risque territory. You’re going past the pleasantries and getting into the specifics. 

This is still a classic phrase after a nice first kiss, assuming the person does have soft lips and you enjoyed them kissing yours. 

It’s complimentary and lets the person know that you enjoyed the exchange. It leaves the door open to another kiss as well. 

A lovely couple having their first kiss
A lovely couple having their first kiss

We should do that again sometime

Yeah, like right now. No, just kidding, but this is a good phrase if you are formally ending the night or date with a kiss. 

This is a phrase for a “goodbye for now” kiss. You’ve had a pleasant night, and you’ve decided to end the evening with a kiss. You enjoyed it and want your crush to know that you’d like it to be a regular thing. 

This is a good way to say you’d like another date or to continue seeing this person

Harsh honesty

Unfortunately, not all kisses are going to be winners. Up to now, we’ve gotten into the responses to first kisses that went well. 

But what do you say when you have a total failure of a first kiss with someone? 

Keep it truthful. No need to lead someone on by letting them think they gave you an epic kiss when for you it was the kiss of death for the potential of a relationship. 

That was interesting

“Interesting” is code for “not great.” You keep it diplomatic. 

However, you’re letting your kissing partner know that it wasn’t ideal for you. 

“Interesting” isn’t what you’d hope to hear come out of the mouth of someone you just had an amazing first kiss with. If you tell someone this after the first kiss, they’ll likely get the hint that it wasn’t great. 

You may get a response like “Interesting? How so?” In that case, you’ll have to clarify what you mean. 

Be honest and let the person know that you just aren’t feeling the chemistry. 

That was weird, right?

Straight to the point with this one. If you had a total miss of a first kiss that was so uncomfortable and awkward that you probably both felt it, then this is a fine response. 

Maybe you were friends who decided to try taking it to the next level, or maybe you just simply don’t have chemistry. Either way, while it may sound harsh to say this as a follow-up to a kiss, it’s better to get it all out in the open right away. 

A woman felt a little awkward after their first kiss
A woman felt a little awkward after their first kiss

If there’s nothing there after a kiss, say so. If it was weird and uncomfortable, why not say that, too?

Does it feel like we’re better as just friends?

 If you just aren’t feeling the spark that you think your kissing buddy is, the “just friends” go-to is effective when you want to get things out in the open.

Unfortunately, sometimes just one person in the kissing duo feels the chemistry. In that case, the person who isn’t feeling it should be honest from the start. It’s better to let them know right away than to have them leave the date thinking they’re on the verge of a big love story. 

If you like the person but just know there’s no romantic potential after the first kiss, then let them know. 

Post lip lock: knowing what to say after kissing someone for the first time

There’s no right thing to say after a first kiss. However, there are certain things you could say that would kill the vibe. If you’re stressed about saying the wrong thing, then stick with these simple phrases. Or, keep it even simpler by sticking to body language. 

Try to enjoy the moment of your first kiss without thinking too much about what’s to follow. That way, you can be present. After all, who wants to be kissing someone and worrying about what they’re going to say afterward?

Keep first kisses light with these simple post-lip-locking options. And, most importantly, enjoy the kissing!

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