When A Guy Texts You Everyday, What Does That Mean?

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when a guy texts you everyday what does that mean

It either means he likes you, is luring you to bed, or wants something from you.

One thing is for sure…he has some kind of interest in you. Texts from a guy are not as straightforward as in-person chats. You can’t read his body language, tone, or emotions.

If you are asking why would this guy be texting me every day, then this article will give you the answer you need.

Is It Normal For A Guy To Text You Everyday?

Guys text less than females. Research by Pew suggests that 79% of girls spend time texting compared to 66% of boys.

The latest survey by Morning Consult seems to agree. While most women prefer texting, men like to talk as they consider it more functional.

The percentage of people who like to communicate with others
The percentage of people who like to communicate with others is seen in this graph. (Image credit: Statista  CC BY-ND 3.0)

How to Interpret His Texts If He’s Been Sending Them Daily

Keeping this in mind, a man will not text you every day out of the blues. Either he wants something from you, which would be your company as a friend, or he wants a romantic relationship. 

So how do you know if he likes you as a friend or wants to be in a romantic relationship with you?

Well, here’s how:

Tip 1: Check His Texting Habits

How often does he text? He might be texting daily, but he texts twice a day. If he is texting less, you may be another of his female friends, and he’s just keeping in touch to know how you are doing.

On the contrary, a guy who wants you as a girlfriend will spend more time texting you. He probably texts every time he has a chance to, and trust me; this is not just twice a day. It’s at least six times a day.

This means every time he has a break if he works in an office setup. So it could be more if he has a flexible schedule.

Another clue is the length of his texts. Does he send short or long messages? Something like:

  • Good Morning
  • How was your day?
  • How are you? 

Sounds plain and requires a short answer too. Which means you will have a short or even no conversation. Most of my male friends send me such texts just to check in, nothing more. On the other hand, texts like:

  • Good morning, how was your night? Any cute dreams?
  • Hey, I had a busy, tiring day. I hope yours was better. Tell me everything about it.
  • How are you? Hope you are having an amazing time.
Check His Texting Habits
On his way home from work, the man texts the girl.

Have a personal touch. The texts ask the same thing as the above but call for a long answer that spikes long conversations. This implies he wants to talk to you and enjoys the conversation.

And if so, then you are not just some random girl. He is not asking for the sake of it but is interested in the details.

Besides, he most likely will text you first almost always. Which means he is thinking about you more than a friend. 

He will also let you know when he will be off-grid, especially if texting becomes part of your communication. My current boyfriend would send something like;

‘I’m having a busy day…my meeting will end around five, but I will keep in touch as soon as possible.’

This was before we started dating and the message would convince me at least he cares, so he ensures he doesn’t just ghost me and leave me wondering. 

If your conversations end on their own, without a goodbye, he probably doesn’t like you enough to let you know he is busy. And again, we all know the tension that comes from unanswered texts, so why would you put me through such mental torture if you like me?

Another thing is how he texts in general. It may be daily but not consistent. Today, you text until midnight, and for the next two days, he only texts twice a day. 

A friend (male) said:

“I’m willing to adjust to any form of communication that seems to work for a girl I like romantically so long as it’s not interfering with my work schedule. At first, I text at my pace to let her know I’m thinking about her but if she responds well to texting often, then I make sure I match her texting. So unless something is up, which I let her know, I remain consistent.”

And when I asked about his texting to a friend, he said mostly he sends a reference to something they have in common, and he wouldn’t keep the conversation going for long. 

Tip 2: Analyze The Contents of His Texts

Analyze The Contents of His Texts
A string of text messages from a guy.

What do you talk about when you are texting? Does he express his opinions and ask more personal questions about you?

You might talk about your interests if you are just friends. But if he wants a romantic relationship with you or wants to sleep with you, he will send flirty texts.

In addition, he may call you cute pet names like pretty or gorgeous in his texts. He will also be interested in your personality, which means he will ask your opinions on some things, interests, and more personal stuff.

You might also get cute random jokes to cheer you up if he is trying to impress you. He may even talk about what you would be doing if you were together. No man sends such texts if you are just friends.

Another important detail is if his texts point to a goal of meeting you in person. Does he hint at dates or hangouts together with his other friends? Hangouts with friends probably mean he likes you as a friend, but a date is something to be excited about, especially if you like him too.

Also, watch out for what he says to pick up the difference. For example, a guy said he was watching football with his friends while we were texting, so I said, “I will let you go, enjoy the game!” and his response was, “I don’t mind your texts, they are a welcomed distraction.”

Guys don’t say such things to just friends. It’s a compliment for someone special. And yes, I felt special, so he won (even if he didn’t mean it).

What Does It Mean If A Guy Texts You Everyday?

Meaning 1: He likes you 

A guy will only text you every day if he likes you. It may be as a friend, or he is in love with you. Otherwise, he would be texting another girl he likes.

As discussed, his texts will point you to his intentions and maybe feelings, whether they are friendly or romantic.

If it’s a romantic interest

He will try so hard to impress you. And to make sure he is doing it right, he will first learn about your interests in detail and use them to make an impression.

I will give an example from a personal experience. A guy found out I loved puppies and love cooking, so whenever he came across a video of a puppy doing something funny or a recipe for my favorite meals (which he also learned from me), he would always send them. 

And of course, I would be impressed. The ‘guy’ is now my boyfriend, so it turns out he was into me. I’m not saying this is always the case, but why would someone try so hard if you are just some random chic?

He also pays attention to your texting pattern. When are you most likely to text back and not just reply but start a conversation. Which means he pays attention when you are free to talk.

Again, he knows what and when it’s important to text you. For example, if you almost always send good morning texts, then it implies you consider them important, so he will make sure to text you first thing in the morning.

A woman reads text from a guy
A woman reads text from a guy.

If you are just friends

He probably will send links to something you both have an interest in. For example, an article or a video that relates to your mutual interests. 

Besides, friendly texts are mostly plain no matter how strong your friendship chemistry is. Platonic friends might text daily, but their conversations are always plain; they don’t suggest anything more.

He might even talk about girls he’s into if he likes you as a friend. Something he would never do if he were into you.

A guy who is into you remembers tiny details about you. He is fully interested and you are important, plus he thinks about you most of the time.

Meaning 2: He wants sex

It may also mean he wants to sleep with you. Though he will text daily, his texting will be more flirty, such as making flirty comments about your body or implying sexual activities if you were there in person.

Most sex opportunists move too fast. That is, text as your boyfriend way too early, make weird comments about marriage and talk about you being in his future when he barely knows you.

He basically fantasy paints a perfect picture, makes empty promises, and pushes the right buttons to get you all excited. Be very careful as such people say exactly what you want to hear to play with your psychology.

He may even say he can do absolutely anything for you and sometimes even do it! 

So you think he really must love you, especially since he went out of his way to prove it. But ask yourself, what if he did it to trap you into falling for him, so he finally lures you in bed?

This is not just a what-if; it happens. His ‘going out of his way’ makes you feel obliged to give in. That’s how most opportunists are. 

Meaning 3: He wants something from you

Maybe you are connected to something he wants, like a job opportunity or a friend he likes.

Since he can’t ask right away, he feels obliged to build a connection first. So he texts daily, hoping it results in ‘friendship’ where he can ask for a favor.

His texts will be plain and somehow friendly. I say somehow because they won’t text exactly like someone who wants true friendship.

If he wants a connection to your friend, the texts will be more about her and if it’s about a job, it will be based on that. He won’t be invested in your personality as a genuine friend would but rather a cover-up to appear like he cares.

However, he might seem interested in your personality at first. But this will not last long enough, mainly because whatever he is chasing might escape him if he takes too long. If it’s your single friend, she might be snatched by another man and if it’s a job position, it might be filled by someone else.

So watch out if his texting changes a few days after the frequent texts. And by changing, I mean moving from talking about you to whatever he wants from you. 

He may also just want your company. Maybe he’s lonely and texting is an outlet to help him deal with loneliness. Men rarely open up, so you won’t know exactly what’s going on, but his texts will become more frequent with nothing specific—just general staff.

It may also mean he is keeping you engaged as an option. Maybe he has a girlfriend, but things seem shaky, so he texts you daily as a backup in case things don’t go well. Selfish right? 

He may also be single but doesn’t like you enough or even at all, but he keeps you as his’ insurance policy’ since he’s afraid to end up alone. His texting will be a little off and not genuine enough so that he won’t dig deep into your personality. 

How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You Through Text?

A man texting on the phone
A man texting on the phone.

Use the discussed tips, check his texting habits and analyze the contents of his texts. However, the obvious signs include:

  1. He texts you first
  2. He tries to impress you
  3. He talks to you more
  4. He responds almost immediately
  5. He compliments you 

Would He Text Everyday If He Wasn’t Interested?

Yes, to either lure you to bed or get something from you. 

But if you think about it, he is interested in something. Whether it’s a friendship, sex, dating your friend, or getting a job, he can’t just be paying attention to you for no reason. 

I told a friend to text a girl I knew liked him, but his response was, “No, why would I waste my time? Time is money.”

So according to him, he would never text a girl he has zero interest in even if she liked him unless to get something from her, which at the moment he didn’t want anything from her. 

Texting Everyday, Are We Just Friends?

You may be. Platonic friendship is real and though it sometimes leads to a romantic relationship, it is genuine.

He may text because your friendship chemistry is strong or wants to be friends with you. In most cases, his texting won’t suggest anything more than friendship, just interest in your normal life and opinions. 

You will only know for sure by analyzing his texts. And if you are still not sure, do your research or talk to friends and hear what they have to say. 

What Does It Mean If He Texts Everyday But Doesn’t Call?

A man texting joyfully on his phone
A man texting joyfully on his phone.

A friend asked me this question, so I will tell you exactly what I told her. In general, men are outcome-driven and mostly call for a specific reason.

Contrary to women who enjoy small, cute talks on the phone, most men don’t. As she asked this, we were in a coffee shop, so I asked her to look around and tell me if she noticed men on the phone.

We noticed three and two seemed to be in a serious conversation, not one we hoped for. We couldn’t figure out the other one as he was pretty far, but the body language indicated he was arguing with the other person.

According to my friend, not calling is a red flag no matter how many texts he sends. She argued that it’s easier to cheat while texting than on calls. So a man who prefers texting but avoids calls may be hiding something. Maybe he has a girlfriend or is even married.

I must admit, she had a point. But this doesn’t mean exactly that. The fact that he is texting more means something, and you may be surprised by the number of guys who battle anxiety and hence prefer to communicate passively in case of rejection.

So instead of focusing more on him not calling, focus on the texts and look for clues; he may be into you. Don’t let his preference for communication over text blind you to something good. 

Texting may be the only way he can show interest without compromising his state of mind or feeling scared. Just keep in mind that if he doesn’t like you, he could always choose not to text at all.

Wrapping Up

Guys text everyday if they like you, want to sleep with you, or are after something from you. The only way to be sure is by paying attention to the texting. And if you are running out of patience, test the waters by responding to the clues. Good luck!

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