Why Casual Dating is Good and How You Can Enjoy It

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Why Casual Dating is Good and How You Can Enjoy It

Have you tried casual dating?

Dating doesn’t necessarily mean looking for a spouse or a serious commitment. Some people date for fun, to enjoy the company and the thrill of it.

That’s where casual dating comes in. For those not ready to settle down or commit to someone, casual dating may be a good option.

You enjoy the benefits of dating without commitment or exclusivity. You can even practice with several people at the same time. 

However, for it to work, you also need to date someone who wants a casual relationship. This way, you are clear from the word go, and there are no catching feelings. 

This post answers the question, “Why is casual dating good for you?” 

But before that, let’s dissect the term “casual dating.” 

Understanding Casual Dating 

Casual dating means going on dates and enjoying each other’s company without the intention of a long-term commitment or any commitment at all.

People in a casual relationship may choose to be intimate or not. This makes me think that casual dating can be anything you want it to be. The takeaway point is that there are no promises or objectives of something serious.

You can go on dates, spend time together, visit places and do everything you would do while in a relationship. The goal is to have fun, nothing more. 

Casual Dating: Why it is Good for You

Casual Dating Why it is Good for You
Casual Dating Why it is Good for You

Today’s world allows you to experiment with dating. People are embracing different versions of dating and making life spicy, which is a good thing considering the stress and pressure of life in general.

Are you thinking about casual dating? You probably want to try and join a million others who are doing it. Feel free; actually, you may be surprised with the number of benefits that come with it. 

Let’s discuss some of them and see why it might be a good option for you.

1. You enjoy the benefits of dating without being in a relationship

As I said, the parties to a casual relationship get to define it. You choose what to do, and you discuss expectations and everything about the relationship. 

Often, people treat it like a committed relationship but without the commitment. This means there is intimacy, quality time, and almost everything else that is supposed to be in a relationship. 

This way, you enjoy the benefits of dating without committing. You can go on dates, spend time together, have casual sex, and expand your social network.

2. It’s part of figuring out what you really want

If you are a monogamist, you probably don’t buy the idea of casual dating. But if you keep an open mind, you will see that it helps people figure out what works for them. 

Casual dating is like experimenting with dating. It’s part of figuring out what you want in a relationship, what works for you, and what doesn’t. 

Actually, most people try it, hoping it gives an idea of the actual dating experience. And it does; some even end up committing to a relationship because they were lucky to get what they were looking for while experimenting.

3. You don’t have to deal with the fear of suffering heartbreak 

Your relationship may be perfect, but there is always the insecurity of heartbreak in case things go sideways. Since there is no commitment in casual dating, there is nothing like heartbreak. 

All of you know you are just having fun, so no attachments. This means you walk away and proceed to another relationship even when things don’t work out. There are no expectations, so fewer or zero disappointments. 

A couple just having fun in their casual camping date
A couple just having fun in their casual camping date

4. There are no responsibilities

In contrast to relationships where you have a million and one responsibilities, you don’t have any responsibilities in casual dating. You are not a girlfriend or boyfriend, so there is nothing like being supportive of your partner.

The thought of the responsibilities of being a partner scares some people away from relationships. If you are one of those people, then casual dating is your ideal solution. You can have all the fun in the world without worrying about neglecting your responsibilities. 

5. You make the rules 

If we are being honest, relationships have so many unsaid rules. If you think about it, you can’t just do anything. You owe your partner an explanation and must consult them when making decisions, even when the decision is personal. 

You might feel like you don’t have to consult, but trust me, if you do things your way, the other person will feel excluded.

There are no standard rules for casual dating, so you make yours. You just have to agree with the parties involved, and you are good to go. 

Even better, these rules are not rigid; you can change them anytime you like to favor what you have and make it thrilling.

6. There is less or zero emotional baggage

Since there are no attachments, nobody is entitled to emotional support. Yes, you might offer it, but it’s not a must. This way, you don’t have to deal with anyone’s baggage. You meet, have fun, and walk away. If you like it, you pursue it further, but nothing more.

7. You can date multiple people at once

You are open to dating other people, and so is the other person. That’s why it’s casual: because you are not tied to anyone. This is great if you want to settle down in the future because you meet different people, learn to socialize and figure out what you want in a partner.

8. You have total independence and flexibility

There is no obligation to sync your life with the other person’s life. Hence, independence and flexibility in your actions and everything in general.

How to Enjoy Casual Dating 

How to Enjoy Casual Dating
How to Enjoy Casual Dating

Casual dating should be exciting; that’s the point of it. Here are some tips to make it enjoyable:

  • Keep an open mind: Don’t limit yourself to a certain group of people. Embrace the idea that anyone can make your life interesting in a good way. Be ready to meet and socialize with any potential match and flow with the vibe.

  • Be honest with yourself: only practice casual dating when you want it and are ready for it. Don’t go into it because your friends are doing it or because it’s the newest trend in town. You won’t have fun. There is nothing wrong if it’s not your thing, so be honest with yourself and follow your heart.

  • Know what you want: Do you want companionship, or are you looking for something more? Maybe intimacy? When you know what you truly want, you will have a better experience. Besides, you will find someone who wants the same things and has an exciting experience together.

  • Communicate with the other person: Just because you are keeping it casual doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. Let the other person know what you are looking for and allow them to tell you their desires as well. This way, you are both on the same page and strive to improve the experience for everyone. 

  • Allow yourself to have fun: Though casual dating is meant to be fun, not everyone gets to enjoy it. Mostly because they got into it with expectations and pains from previous relationships or experiences; note, getting into it to heal your wounds is a bad idea. It won’t, you need to take time and heal your wounds, then allow yourself to have fun for it to be successful. 

The Bottom Line: Is Casual Dating Worth it?

Anything that makes you happy is worth it. There is no manual for dating. We are all figuring it out, so if you figured that’s your way of having fun, why not?

Dating is not all about commitments and finding someone to spend your life with. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. You meet people, give them your all, and they disappoint you. Even worse, you are not happy with your relationship. So you end up walking away with multiple wounds.

Casual dating allows you to know someone in a chilled way. We are having fun but have no commitments. Better still, we can see other people and enjoy each other’s company. 

Sometime back, this was all a fantasy. People wished they could do it without the stereotypes and the judgemental eyes. Today, you get to enjoy yourself with the person you like without necessarily carrying all the baggage that comes with serious relationships.

I’m not saying serious commitments are bad. Some of those who engage in casual dating end up committing to a person they thought they were just having fun with. All I’m saying is that the best way to enjoy your dating experience is by keeping an open mind to every possibility and doing what makes you happy.

If it’s commitments, well and good. If it’s casual dating, go for it. If you look at it, casual dating allows you to try dating and see if you are compatible or ready for it. There are no promises to the person you are experimenting with, but there are options if you find exclusive dating good for you.

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