Wingman Dating: Meaning, Qualities, & Tips

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Wingman Dating Meaning, Qualities, & Tips

When you’re asked to be someone’s wingman, you can give one of two answers: yes or no. But if you’re likely to reply with a counter question like, “What’s a wingman?” then this article is for you.

Not only does it cover the meaning of “wingman” in dating, but it also explains how you can be good at it.

In this post, you will learn all you need to know about being a wingman or wingwoman. You will also find out if a wingman is the same as a third wheel. But first, let’s address the main term.

Wingman Dating Meaning

Wingman, in dating, refers to the person who helps you find your date. A wingman is a spontaneous matchmaker who might strike up a conversation with a girl and introduce you or might convince the girl to go out with you.

A wingman is male and usually accompanies a male friend who is looking for a partner. When introverted girls want to approach men, they might ask one of their friends to play the wingman.

What Is A Wingman?

Having established that a wingman is a person who helps someone secure a date, let’s look at the tangible things that make one a wingman. These are factors that separate a wingman from a mere supportive friend.

A Wingman Is Better At Talking To The Opposite Sex

Social skills are crucial to making a great wingman. If someone isn’t awkward and can easily open a dialogue with strangers, he can be a decent wingman. Starting a conversation on the right foot is crucial to getting IRL dates, and a wingman who is worse at talking to girls than the subject might have the opposite effect.

There is a wingmanning strategy where the wingman plays socially awkward and annoying, and the main guy comes to save the day, but it is a cliche that doesn’t work anymore.

A Wingman Is Upfront About His Intentions

Nowadays, the best type of wingman is the one who uses no trickery. By simply breaking the ice and connecting two individuals on good terms, the wingman does his job. Since he is not tied to the outcome, he can afford to be upfront about his intentions.

A wingman should not imply that he is available or interested. Otherwise, he is using his role as a wingman as a social shield to get a date for himself.

A Wingman Makes His Friend Look Good

A good wingman makes his friend look better than himself. It doesn’t matter how “smooth” or socially gifted a wingman is. He should not show off his abilities to the point where his friend starts looking unimpressive. Once he has broken the ice, he should leave the scene, or he might be considered as an option.

Wingman Vs. Wingwoman: Which One Is Better?

Wingman Vs. Wingwoman Which One Is Better
Wingman Vs. Wingwoman: Which One Is Better?

Since wingmen can unintentionally make their friends look bad, some people believe that they shouldn’t have a wingman at all. From negative experiences like the girl choosing the wingman to betrayal and cheating anecdotes, many things might turn people against the idea of having a wingman. Perhaps that’s the reason wingwomen are becoming popular.

A wingwoman is better at securing dates with introverts in routine settings like the library, coffee shop, etc., while a wingman is better at helping a friend connect with a girl at the bar or in a nightclub.

A wingwoman can be pretty helpful in more matchmaking-adjacent situations, while a wingman can open dialogue, talk you up with confidence, and prevent unnecessary interruptions. There are instances when a woman’s female friends might get jealous or over-possessive and attempt to intervene. A good wingman can engage them to avoid the awkwardness of having a third wheel.

How To Be A Good Wingman?

If you’ve been invited to be a friend’s wingman, you already know the assignment. In this section, we will go over the specific tips and tricks that will help you pull it off. Here are the secrets to being a good wingman.

Have An Open Attitude And Body Language

When you’re the wingman, you have to have very open body language. You need to come off as generally friendly. The concept of a wingman is creepy under scrutiny. But a good friend who happens to introduce a guy to the girl he likes is far more palatable. So don’t target your charm toward one person. Be open to everyone, regardless of gender.

Show, Don’t Tell That Your Friend Is Great

Another important thing is to imply that your friend is a great guy instead of talking him up with words. Words are cheap, and if you try too hard, you might lay it on too thick to be believable. If you genuinely believe that your buddy is a great guy, your body language will reflect that. It isn’t your job to close the deal, so you don’t have to try too hard.

Give A Conversation Topic

A wingman is an ice breaking companion. And the best way to break the ice after introducing someone to your friend is to mention something conversation-worthy about your friend. This, along with a timely exit, can make you an incredible wingman. But if you don’t leave the scene, you might end up being the third wheel.

A wingman helping his friend on a date
A wingman helping his friend on a date

Wingman Vs Third Wheel

A wingman is a person who introduces his friend to potential partners, while a third wheel is someone who hangs out with their friend while he is with his girlfriend. A wingman can help you get a date, while a third wheel might accompany you on said date uninvited.

To avoid third-wheeling, you should start engaging the girl’s friends after she starts vibing with your friend. That way, the girl and your friend will have enough time to hit it off if it’s on the cards.

If you’re confused about when it’s time to leave the scene, err on the side of leaving earlier. The quicker you leave, the more time your friend has to shine. And if your friend needs you to supervise the whole interaction, then things might not work out.


A wingman can help rejection-proof the approach aspect of dating. His role is to introduce his friend to girls and talk him up so they are interested in him. The more transparent and confident a wingman is, the better the results will be in the long run.

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