The 10 Best Casual Dating Sites for People Over 50

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The 10 Best Casual Dating Sites for People Over 50

With the emergence of online dating platforms, there has never been a better opportunity for people over 50 to start dating online. Just look at the number of dating platforms around you today, and you’ll see how they are tailored for people of all ages.

For most of the last century, people aged 50 and older depended on friends and family circles to find a date. The online senior dating industry is thriving today and is geared towards people with different interests and needs.

Senior dating trends are also changing, and some websites have kept pace with them. For instance, not all seniors are looking for a committed relationship; some want the solace of a companion to go out to dinners and events with.

Dating platforms are more elaborate than ever before and are geared to understanding the dating trends of seniors. In this article, we will help you look at the best dating sites for over 50 and also study some of the factors to consider before making a choice.

Our Top 3 Picks

Our top 3 picks for the best dating sites for over 50 are:

  1. eHarmony
  2. Bumble
  3. OkCupid

Top 10 Best Dating Sites for Over 50s

We now cut the chase short and move towards our reviews of the best dating sites for over 50. Stay with us for more on our list:

1. eHarmony

Best for Long-term Relations and Marriage


eHarmony’s dating platform is consistently ranked among the best dating solutions for people aged 50 or above. The application has exciting features and is the go-to option for seniors today.

eHarmony allows people of all ages to explore their boundaries and find a relationship that benefits their needs. Even young people on the dating site display senior-like characteristics by preferring serious relationships over casual dates and flings.

eHarmony comes with a decent compatibility matching system that helps narrow your interests and gives you matches that align with what you expect. So, whether you are single with your dog in Florida or a single adventure sports enthusiast in New York, you are bound to get a match on eHarmony.

The basic membership is good for getting the hang of the site and prepares users for the more comprehensive and advanced paid membership. The paid membership works perfectly in the long run and will help you get a good match. 

The costs are broken down into three tiers: Premium Light: $65.90/mo for 6 months. Premium Plus: $45.90/mo for 12 months. Premium Extra: $35.90/mo for 24 months.


  • Comes with a lengthy survey.
  • Good algorithm.
  • Best for serious relationships.


  • Not good for flings.

2. Bumble

The Best Site for Shy People Over 50s


The process of finding a match on Bumble is relatively easy. Senior citizens can start by downloading the application or logging into the website.

Once you do that, you will be required to fill in a few details regarding yourself and answer a few questions. As soon as you fill out the questionnaire, you can start matching with other senior singles around you.

Bumble comes with a unique policy where only women can send the first message after a connection is made. For ages, women have been subjected to sexual harassment and unnecessary notifications on dating apps, and this feature kind of regulates that behavior.

This can be a downside for men, as connections disappear if a woman doesn’t message you within 24 hours. Bumble is soaring in popularity and is host to several users today. With increasing visitors and more connections, Bumble is well on its way to becoming the leading online dating platform for all ages.

Bumble is mostly free to use and comes with a Boost plan for $17 per month. You can also use another premium setting to get lifetime access to premium features for $225. 


  • Host to a growing audience.
  • Smooth UI.
  • Suitable for singles above 30.
  • Policies that save women from harassment.


  • Men cannot message first.
  • Connections are lost.

3. OkCupid

Best for Seniors with Specific Requirements

OkCupid Dating App
OkCupid Dating App

OkCupid is among the more recent entrants into the dating scene. The dating platform first made an entry into the dating arena in 2004. It has since gathered some 50 million users and has become one of the best platforms for success and popularity.

The senior citizens on OkCupid get to enjoy a first-hand experience of love with a person of their choice and preferences. The sign-up procedure for OkCupid is fun. 

Users are required to answer a series of questions, including, “Would you rather kiss in Paris or a tent?” and, “Would you want to watch a sports game or go to a concert?” These questions help OkCupid match people with similar interests and give senior citizens a chance to be with people who have similar inclinations.

OkCupid offers some basic features for free but charges $25 for the A-List Premium Account. 


  • Supports people from all backgrounds.
  • Suitable for a specific type of dating.
  • Diverse in nature.
  • Good UI.
  • Interactive quizzes.


  • Some basic features are blocked by paywalls.

4. Elite Singles

Best for Professional Singles Over 50

Elite Singles
Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the perfect platform for people who want a serious relationship without the casual aspect of love. Some senior citizens wish for peace in their dating life after 50, which is why Elite Singles offers a gateway for just that.

The site is highly professional, as it accounts for your educational preferences, your location, and your personality type. 

The interface for the website caters to all kinds of senior professionals and provides a safe avenue for building a relationship.

Almost 80 percent of the people present on the dating platform hold more than a Bachelor’s degree. Some people even have doctorate degrees. You can enter your education and preferences to find the perfect match.

The pricing plan for Elite Singles comes in at $59.95 per month. The per month payment can be reduced through payments extended over six to twelve months. But the monthly charge comes down to $31.95 if you pay 12 months in advance.


  • Meant for people looking to go for a long-term relationship.
  • Professional members with elite and advanced degrees.
  • The matches are suggested based on your preferences.


  • It may not be recommended for casual daters.

5. Match

Best for Mature Daters

Match Dating App
Match Dating App

 As a senior citizen looking to date and find true love, you must have heard of The platform is perfect for mature people and comes with a fantastic UI that helps facilitate lovers. is ranked as one of the best dating platforms for people of all ages and lives up to that perception for senior citizens as well.

It is easy to sort out and categorize matches on The process is relatively simple and requires you to just mention your age group, narrow down the search and mention your preferences. makes the search process more accessible by breaking down its audience into different sub-groups.

All sub-groups meet the requirements of a specific niche audience and provide a suitable dating atmosphere for them. The groups on include divorced, senior singles, Christians, single parents, gay couples, and a lot more. also comes with a premium feature that includes access to more people of the preferred gender, better swiping options, and access to better features. 

The monthly account with premium features costs as little as $16 if purchased with the yearly plan. 


  • Cool features.
  • Good for in-betweeners.
  • Best for solid interactions.
  • Good UI.
  • Paid features.


  • Host to mostly young adults.

6. Hinge

Best for Serious Interactions

Hinge Dating App
Hinge Dating App

Hinge is the perfect application to have quality interactions with people over 50. We understand that most seniors over 50 are new to the dating scene. People over 50 aren’t well-versed with the contemporary dating lingo and the ways of starting a new conversation.

Hinge acts as your perfect wingman by helping you initiate a conversation. The application comes with icebreakers and conversation starters, which help you move past the initial nerves and find the person of your choice.

Hinge comes with a useful free account, which includes most of the details that you would prefer in a dating application. The premium account includes some additional offers, which will help improve your dating experience and give you more opportunities to bond with other users. The premium account comes in at $60 for 6 months. 


  • Comes with interactive questions.
  • Easy interface.
  • Proven in connecting users.


  • Limited swipes available.

7. Christian Mingle

Best Online Dating for Christians Over 50

Christian Mingle
Christian Mingle

If your life revolves around Jesus and you are a practicing Christian, then Christian Mingle is the perfect app for you.

Senior citizens are closer to Jesus than other young people and may find their true love in this Christian dating app. The platform is host to a growing community of Christians and is frequented by many people over 50. With over 15 million Christian members, you can still find your true match from Heaven and mingle with them.

The platform comes with a free, basic account. You can switch to a premium account for $50 per month. 


  • Brings together Christian daters.
  • Good, simple interface.
  • Over 15 million Christian users.


  • Targets a specific niche.
  • A bit on the expensive side.

8. SilverSingles

The Best Dating App for Senior Marriages

Silver Singles
Silver Singles

Silver Singles is the perfect space for people over 50 looking for a committed relationship. Silver Singles requires all new members to fill out a detailed questionnaire and be open about their views and personality traits.

Once the questionnaire is answered, the answers are put through an algorithm, and like-minded individuals are paired together. Singles over 50, with shared goals and interests, are paired with one another to kick start their dating life.

SilverSingles comes with a convenient payment plan if you pay upfront for 12 months. The $50 monthly fees are slashed to just $28 per month if you pay for 12 months upfront.


  • Matches users based on a personality test.
  • Perfect for singles over 50.
  • Good UI.


  • Relatively pricey.

9. AFF

Best for Senior Casual Dating

AFF Dating App
AFF Dating App

Casual dating is a thing for people over 50 as well, and AFF is the platform for it. Contrary to popular opinion, not all people over 50 want serious relationships and dating standards. Some people just want to enjoy life and partake in some casual fun with people their age or younger.

AFF is the dating site to go to for people over 50 looking for some casual fun. The single men and women on AFF are into all kinds of kinks and are open to trying new alterations in the traditional dating styles. We are talking about monogamy, bi-relationships, one-night stands, and a lot more.

AFF can be a good way to regroup from the seriousness of dating and relationships throughout your life. People in their 50s have had quite a few serious relationships in their lives, and the devil within them is waiting to be unleashed.

You can get access to the premium account for $20 per month if you pay for a year in advance. Paying for a single month alone will cost you $40. 


  • Good for hookups.
  • No commitment.
  • Comes without detailed forms and submissions.
  • Plenty of cougars and men.


  • Not good for serious commitments.

10. Our Time

Best Mature Site for People Over 50

Our time
Our time

Our Time is well on its way to becoming the most trending dating platform for people over 50. Unlike most of the other names that we have discussed in this list, Our Time isn’t a mass dating website with a category for seniors. 

In fact, Our Time is specifically meant for seniors over 50 and can help them find the perfect relationship.

The easy-to-use interface can help make finding a match easier and can connect you with other 50-plus males and females around you. You can pay six months in advance to use the app for $12 per month.


  • Cheap to use. Not that expensive.
  • Easy to use across different devices.
  • Only for people over 50.
  • The sign-up process is free.


  • Popularity is still growing. Membership rates are in the thousands.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Casual Dating Sites for Over 50–Buying Guide

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Casual Dating Sites for Over 50
What to Look for When Choosing the Best Casual Dating Sites for Over 50

Picking the right senior dating application can be pretty much like buying a new car or a phone. You may come across a lot of options in your routine search, but you will want something trendy that is tested by time and others within your age group.

Senior citizens, especially those above 50, don’t have a high tolerance threshold. Online dating is a relatively new prospect for them, which is why they want quick results.

Fortunately, to the relief of our readers, there are several dating platforms available—some of which you have already read about above. You can choose the perfect dating platform by considering the factors below:

Easy Sign-up Process

The sign-up process matters a lot; why? Because, as we have discussed above, people aged over 50 aren’t the most patient individuals in town.

As a senior citizen, you need to know just how much time you want to put into your profile. Do you want to create an elaborate profile with all the details in it? Or, do you want to start dating immediately, without a moment’s delay? The choice is yours and can eventually determine your choice of the right platform as well.

eHarmony, our best pick, comes with an elaborate sign-up process that includes a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire is useful in finding your interests and eventually relaying them to other prospects and eventually finding you a match.

However, if you want immediate action, then Bumble is a good fit for you. The app requires you to enter a few details and starts finding women around you.

Popularity and Membership Numbers

Dating has evolved from being a game of passion to being a game of numbers. One of the first numbers involved in online dating is the popularity of your dating site. 

You need to see membership numbers, along with percentages of both genders. You won’t like going to a dating platform with 25 percent women and 75 percent men.

If you aren’t one for popularity or huge membership numbers, then you can try niche dating sites. Niche dating sites simplify the dating process and help you find the right someone within the niche you want.

You can either go for huge membership numbers or for a niche dating site that provides active members with the kind of preferences you have.

Old couple looking happy while a book together
Old couple looking happy while a book together

Social Media Integration

People over 50 have had their fair share of embarrassment and relationship problems. The last thing people over 50 want is for their opposite profile to come out as fake. Social media integration can verify that the other person is real and that they have an authentic profile to back it up.

Social media integration can also provide a new way for users to connect. The best part is that once conversations develop on the dating profile app, you can take one step forward and connect with them on social media. Follow them to see their likes and dislikes, and whether they were pretentious or not in their details online.

Safety Features

Safety matters and one absolutely important feature to consider is the perfect dating site for over 50s is the safety features. Romance scams can cost upwards of $80 million to users every year. If you come across a member who just won’t let go, then you need to be able to either block them or report them.

A good dating platform should provide blocking or unfollowing options as default. Users should be stopped from using dating platforms to further their ulterior motives. 

Almost all of the apps and sites we have mentioned in this article are safe. You can still reach out to the customer service team of the app you use to report an unsolicited advance.

Easy Matching System 

The matching system should be fairly simple, without extra complications. The algorithm behind the matching system should connect users without proving to be a hindrance in their interaction.

Elite Singles is one app with an elite matching system for users. The application makes it easy to find a good match, along with the sheer fun of looking at different dating partners.


Next, you should consider the cost of using the platform. Different platforms come with different costs. In the end, it doesn’t matter how smooth or top-notch the system for the dating site is if you get to pay a fortune for using it.

In line with this, it is best to keep the cost of the system in perspective and work forward accordingly.

OkCupid provides a free chat feature to customers for as long as they like. The free chatting feature enables users to experience a connection before they can take their bond to the next step.


In conclusion, it is best to reiterate that the online dating world is vast and more developed than ever before. People of all ages can find a true dating relationship online and can take their dating life to the next step with a person that meets their requirements.

eHarmony is our top pick for the best dating sites for people over 50, as it is consistently ranked among the best dating solutions for people of all ages. 

Like most dating apps, eHarmony comes with exciting features and is considered the go-to option for seniors today.

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