Do Christian dating sites work? Should Christians Date Online?

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Do Christian dating sites work

As a true Christian, dating can be tricky, especially in our current world.

Not so long ago, sex before marriage was taboo, and almost everyone held this tightly.

Today, sex before marriage is the norm. In fact, it comes as a dating package where if you meet someone who wants to wait till marriage, they are considered abnormal. It even goes beyond to imply they have a problem with their sexual drive or dysfunction in their sexual organs.

If you are a true Christian, you know perfectly well that the Bible is against sex before marriage. It’s considered fornication. 

So how do you cruise today’s dating world and find your perfect match? Someone who respects what the Bible says and is willing to wait until marriage before deflowering you?

That’s where Christian dating sites come in; these sites are there to facilitate dating within the boundaries of the Christian religion.

But do they work? 

This article uncovers all the subtleties of Christian dating.

Read on to learn more.

Can a Christian date online?

Why not? Like everyone else, Christians crave companionship and want to explore love. 

We are all busy running errands, maintaining social lives, and trying to make ends meet. There is no time to spend in restaurants waiting to meet new people and hoping they turn out to be your perfect match.

And even when you have a few minutes to spare, which social place do you go to wait on your soulmate? How do you know where you two are supposed to meet?

A woman using a dating app to search for a Christian guy
A woman using a dating app to search for a Christian guy

Online dating solves all these problems. It is ideal for those who want to explore the dating world and hopefully find love. 

Christians are also welcome to try online dating. No law or regulation (according to their religion) prohibits that. 

However, the whole online dating experience should be approached differently for them to remain in line with their religion. 

What I mean is that there may be some aspects of online dating that go against Christianity. For example, acts that involve nudity and naughty flirting. Apart from going against the word, such acts may lead to temptations and committing sins, and as we all know, every Christian is trying their best to stay away from sin.

To avoid all that, Christians are encouraged to date their fellow Christians. It’s easier that way as you all have the same objectives and want to explore dating acceptably.

So yes, Christians can safely practice online dating, provided they don’t deviate from their religion. It’s a matter of discipline and knowing what you want. And when you go to the right sites, you will meet your fellow Christians and have a wonderful dating experience.

Though I must say, not every user on Christian dating sites is a Christian. So as you mingle, be careful and focus on matching with fellow Christians.

Should Christians use online dating sites to find love?

Whether or not to use online dating sites is a personal decision. It’s more of how you feel about it rather than should I use it as a Christian.

There may be Christian online dating sites, but not all uphold Christian beliefs. Let’s be honest, online dating sites are there to make money, so regardless of them being meant for Christians, the issue of money remains a factor.

Again, they may be customized to adhere to Christian beliefs, but what about users joining the sites? There is no identification to prove you are a Christian before joining, so what then? And even if there was, people could still fake and pass every process.

So you see, no one can decide for you. But if you are asking if joining dating sites and using them is against your religion, that is another thing (and we’ve covered it in the previous section). 

Christians can use online dating sites to find love provided, in the process, they don’t forget about their religion and deviate from its teachings. But then, if you feel it’s not a safe option for you or it may lead you astray, you better try another means to explore love.

A woman doing a videocall with a Christian guy she met on a dating app
A woman doing a videocall with a Christian guy she met on a dating app

What the Bible says about dating: Is it against online dating?

The Bible is supposed to guide Christians in all their doings. So what does it say about online dating?

The Bible does not directly talk about online dating. But the knowledge found in it can guide Christian singles on how to go about it.

It talks about marriage, but nothing about where and how you should meet your significant other. According to my understanding, how you meet your partner is not an issue, provided it is not against your religion. 

So yes, online dating can be an option, especially if you use the right channels and hold tight to your beliefs as you do it. 

I would say the word is against it if you let online dating lead you to temptations. And that’s why I said it would be best if Christians used channels that upheld their morals and helped them stick to their religion.

But like I said, the word itself doesn’t talk about online dating (at least according to my understanding), so there is no straight answer to whether or not it’s against it.

Do Christian Dating Sites Work?

They do; I’ve heard beautiful love stories that began on Christian dating sites. But this doesn’t mean they work for everyone.

Some people had terrible experiences, so we can’t rule that out. This question is debatable, and everyone will answer yes or no depending on their experience.

But whether you had a good or bad experience doesn’t answer whether Christian dating sites work. If you had a match despite the outcome, it means the site worked.

I mean, dating sites are platforms where those looking to mingle meet and converse. If you meet someone, then the site has achieved its purpose. Come to think of it, dating sites don’t promise marriage (or unless they do). 

Maybe the best question would be if Christian dating sites are meant for Christians and, if so, do they help Christians find love?

In this case, the answer is yes. Christian dating sites work to help Christians find love and meet fellow Christians. 

However, for the sites to work, you also have to put in the work. Even better, be clear that you are looking for a God-fearing partner because, as I said, not everyone on these sites is a Christian. 

Make use of your profile to describe exactly what you are looking for. And as you do, stick to your wants so you are not tempted to deviate from your ways. 

If you play your part, you might be the next Christian to testify about how you found your significant other on a Christian dating site. 

Born again Christian dating sites that actually work

A Christian couple looking happy together after matching online with each other
A Christian couple looking happy together after matching online with each other

There are numerous Christian dating sites on the market today. However, as I said, the dating industry is a business venture, and investors want to make money.

Therefore, not all dating sites labeled “Christian dating sites” actually work. And by work, I mean helping Christians meet fellow Christians and explore love together.

That’s why I put together this list of Christian dating sites that actually work:

1. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is a popular Christian dating site with numerous members. It attracts new users every day.

This site focuses on helping born-again Christians find a perfect match and build a God-centered relationship. It has personalized features to help achieve this.

2. Crosspaths

 The site allows you to connect based on faith. You answer questions on your level of faith to help meet someone at your level of faith.

3. Christian Connection

Christian Connection is another great Christian dating site. Check out their review section to see what other users are saying about the site before you join. 

There are also testimonies from serious Christians who began their love story on this site. 

4. Catholic Match

If you are a Catholic, then this site is ideal for you. It is endorsed by Catholic leaders, most of whom found their spouses on the site. It focuses on helping those in pursuit of sacramental marriages. 

5. Christian Cupid

Christian Cupid is one of the Cupid family of dating sites, customized specifically for Christian singles. It matches faith-driven individuals looking to find love or friendship. Feel free to give it a try. 

How to have a good online dating experience as a Christian

How to have a good online dating experience as a Christian
How to have a good online dating experience as a Christian

Now that you have a list of Christian dating sites to try out, how do you have the best online dating experience as a Christian? Try these tips:

Be cautious and apply safety measures

I’ll say it as it is. Use common sense when using these dating sites. 

Don’t be naive and assume that everyone is morally upright because it’s a Christian dating site. There are scammers out to rip you off and leave you out in the cold. These people don’t have a glimpse of mercy and are there to take advantage of you. Therefore, don’t:

  • Share any personal information with anyone, no matter how convincing they sound.
  • Send your money to a stranger regardless of their sympathy story.
  • Go out with someone you know little about, and even when you’ve talked for some time, ensure you meet in public places.
  • Judge people based on their profile pictures.

Do your due diligence

Before joining any Christian dating site, research everything about it until you are satisfied. Go on every social media page, google the site, read reviews, and do everything there is to help you understand everything about it.

So, be informed and play everything right, so you are at peace; you did your best.

Only join well-known Christian dating sites

The above list contains the most popular Christian dating sites on the market. However, numerous other options and other new ones are coming up.

Though I must say, not all of them have your best intentions at heart. That’s why when doing your research, focus on well-known Christian dating sites, as there is a lot of information about them on the internet.

This is because their popularity results from being in the market for a long time and having numerous users. If you think about it, popular sites are better compared to new ones as there is no information about them and you aren’t sure about them.

Though I’m not saying popular sites are the safest. Or all new dating sites are a sham. As you conduct your research, keep an open mind and gather as much as possible.

Be clear about what you are looking for in your profile

Dating profiles are meant to share information about users. Use them to comprehensively communicate the standards that you’re looking for. Emphasize your level of faith and that you are looking for a Christian.

Let everyone who looks at your profile get all the relevant information about you and what you are looking for.

A Christian couple having a nice date after meeting online
A Christian couple having a nice date after meeting online

Don’t do online dating in secret

Even in the current world, some people still whisper about online dating. Most because of their religion and the fear of being judged. Some religious people believe that trying online dating is not trusting God for a partner.

Such people force other Christians to date in silence. The problem is, when you hide it, you are agreeing with their stereotypes and implying you are doing something wrong.

Besides, doing it in secret can lead to temptations because, as I said, not everyone on these sites is a Christian, and others are just there to lead you astray. 

I suggest informing some of your religious friends about it so they can share their thoughts and help you on your online dating journey. 

Don’t entertain anyone outside your faith

It would be sad if online dating drove you away from your faith. To keep on track, only date your fellow Christians, specifically those in your faith. 

This way, you don’t deviate from your beliefs. In fact, you strengthen your faith as you encourage each other.

Use the knowledge and values acquired from your faith to guide you in your online dating

You’ve been taught what to look for in a partner, so use the instilled knowledge to filter a match from the pool of users. Let your values guide you, so you choose someone that matches your ideal self.

The advantages of using Christian online dating sites as a Christian

Using Christian dating sites offers several advantages. Some include:

  • An opportunity to find someone in your faith and spend the rest of your life together.
  • You can also find a friend who shares the same beliefs.
  • A chance to experience online dating without deviating from your faith.
  • The sites are easy to navigate and offer customized features to help you have a wonderful experience.
  • Using Christian dating sites gives you a variety of options to choose from without wasting your time looking for a match in social places or waiting for one to drop from the sky.

Concluding words

The purpose of Christian dating sites is to help Christians enjoy online dating and find someone to love.

Christian dating sites work like any other dating site, except they are made specifically for Christian singles. However, not all users are Christians, so be careful as you use them to find love. 

Another thing, because they are designed just like other dating sites, the same challenges apply, particularly the issue of scammers. So, prioritize your safety to avoid being scammed. Allow yourself to have some fun, but remember to stick to your faith.

All the best!

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