Casual Fling Meaning: Plus Everything You Need To Know

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Casual Fling Meaning and Everything Theres To Know

Sick of going to all the parties alone? A casual fling can be your plus one without involving any relationship drama.

Stepping into a relationship looks so exciting at first. But the drama that comes soon after is not worth it.

This is exactly why most people prefer having a casual fling!

It’s the best way to get rid of your loneliness for good. You get to enjoy the company of someone you like without being emotionally invested. 

Are you looking to find casual fling meaning? Here’s what you should know about it.

What Is a Casual Fling?

A casual fling is the simplest type of dating to exist—the kind of relationship where you and your partner are free birds. 

Casual Fling means a casual relationship where neither you nor your partner has any claim over each other. Yet both of you get to enjoy each other’s company

A “casual fling” is when an undeniable strong attraction exists between two people, just like having a hot, burning crush on someone. Except, you act on your impulses and start spending time together. 

You may date, text, go out as a couple, send each other gifts, or even have sex. Whatever makes you feel good is on the table to take until it becomes something serious or too emotional for you.

6 Signs You Are in a Casual Fling

6 Signs You Are in a Casual Fling
6 Signs You Are in a Casual Fling

Are you clueless about your relationship? If you don’t know whether it’s something serious or just a casual fling that you and your partner have, check out these signs. 

Here are six major signs to look for in a casual fling. 

You refer to them as friends.

How you address your partner is a minor but relatively important detail. It tells a lot about your relationship.

If you and your partner refer to each other as friends, you are definitely in a casual fling. To call them a friend means you keep them in a friend zone, nothing too intimate.

You don’t share passwords.

The most important things nowadays are passwords. With so many online dating apps and chat rooms, you can talk to a new person on each site. 

A casual fling doesn’t necessarily involve sharing social media (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tinder) passwords or even your phone’s.

You don’t get jealous.

Jealousy is a sign of possessiveness, and possessiveness is a significant turnoff when it comes to a casual fling. You don’t get jealous of other people in a casual relationship.

When you have a casual fling, you keep things casual and understand that you have no control over your partner.

You can go out with others.

A casual fling doesn’t involve any relationship commitments. Both of you are free to go out with other people as well. You can go on as many dates as you want.

Casual flings are based on some ground rules that do not restrict the partners together, nor bind them into a fixated relationship.

You avoid talking about personal details.

Two people dating casually
Two people dating casually

When you are enjoying a casual fling, you don’t have to share all your details. You keep your privacy and respect each other’s boundaries. 

You don’t have to tell your partner all the tidbits of your day. You can keep certain things confidential that you don’t want anybody else to know.

You don’t meet their families.

Keeping things casual is the primary goal. A casual fling means saying “NO” to family meetups because they are certainly not casual. Meeting your partner’s parents is a huge step that is far from casual.

Meeting your partner’s friends or colleagues might be okay, but you don’t meet their families.

How Long Do Casual Flings Last?

Casual flings can last for a week or several months, as long as you want them to last. It’s all about consistency and keeping things strictly casual.

If you and your partner have set up solid ground rules for a casual fling that you both strictly follow, you’re in for a long haul.

Knowing where you stand and what you want out of the relationship helps a lot. If you feel like one of you might be getting serious, it’s better to stop things while you still can, without being too harsh.

Can a Fling Become a Relationship?

Yes, a casual fling can easily become a serious relationship. A very thin bridge exists between a casual fling and a serious relationship that can be easily crossed. 

You might want to look for some basic signs that your casual fling is turning into a serious relationship.

If both of you want something more and want to connect more sincerely, then maybe it’s better to move farther from just a casual fling. Plus, casual flings are just the right way to get things started.

As per our beloved titanic hero, Leonardo DiCaprio:

“I’ve never been Romeo who meets a girl and falls for her immediately. It’s been a much slower process for me each time I’ve gone into a relationship.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

Two people having fun in their casual date outside
Two people having fun in their casual date outside

5 Ground Rules For A Successful Fling

If you are thinking about trying your luck at casual fling relationships, here are five ground rules for a successful fling that set it apart from other dating rules.

Always Share the Bills

First things first, you should settle the bill payments. It’s unfair for one partner to always be the bank of the couple and pay up all the bills. Casual flings don’t work out that way!

Whether it’s the utility bills or the food bills, there should be a straightforward rule to share all the bill payments equally.

Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

Respecting each other’s boundaries is a major part of a casual fling that may decide the fate of your relationship. If you respect your partner and their choice of actions, you are better suited for a long-term casual fling.

If there’s something that your partner wants to keep private, you must not ask about it again and again.

No Emotional Burdens

Being emotionally attached to your partner is not something you do if you have a casual fling. Casual flings are free from emotional burdens, and that’s exactly why most people love them.

You can enjoy a peaceful, casual relationship without worrying about the emotional baggage.

Don’t Be Too Possessive

Possessiveness symbolizes getting too attached to someone or feeling like your partner only belongs to you. It’s good to make a straight rule that says being possessive is not allowed.

For a majority of people, possessiveness is a hard pass because they like having free will. People enjoy the fact that they can do as they please. Even if they don’t want to date many people at once, they still like having the choice to do so.

No Future Expectations

Another major rule related to casual flings says NO to future expectations. Casual flings are strictly meant to be fun and casual, nothing serious. 

There are no limitations or durations to casual fling relationships. You can end it whenever you want without worrying about the future.

How Often Do You Text in a Casual Relationship?

A guys reading a text message from his girlfriend
A guy reading a text message from his girlfriend

Once you set all the ground rules of your casual fling, you can also set text limitations if you like. Usually, a short text conversation daily is okay for a casual fling relationship.

Texting keeps the conversation going. Continuous texting can help couples stay connected even when they are apart. 

A single text about your partner’s whereabouts is good unless it becomes a habit. The moment you start sending a long series of messages every hour, you are labeled as being “too clingy,” which is not suited for a casual fling.


Got everything you need? Remember that when you are in a casual fling, you are basically in a no-strings-attached relationship. It is simple and fun without involving the usual relationship drama. 

Enjoy an easygoing, casual fling with your partner, and don’t forget to set some basic ground rules to make it work.

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