Dating a Persian Man: Everything You Need to Know

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dating a persian man

A relationship is based on differences and experiences. However, dating someone from a completely different culture comes with its own set of challenges and expectations.

Persian men have long been admired in the west for their brooding looks and exotic appearance. The wavy hair and thick beard are often reminiscent of traditional heroes of days gone by.

If you are also one to entertain the notion of dating a Persian man, then you are at the right place. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about dating Persian men.

What Is It Like Dating a Persian Guy?

As it is the case with most forms of interracial dating, you must get to know your Persian guy and his culture before you start to date him.

Persian Men Will Support You

couple giving high give standing near pile of boxes
Couple giving high give standing near pile of boxes.

Your Persian boyfriend will support you through thick and thin. Imagine a handsome hunk standing by your side through the travesties of life, giving you a shoulder to cry on and muscle to power through life – that’s your Persian man.

We have Britney Spear’s example from showbiz to vouch for the support and authenticity of Persian men. Britney ran into Sam Asghari during the video shoot for her album, Slumber Party

The actress started dating Asghari in 2017 and went through a tough period with court cases and battles over her assets.

Sam Asghari stood by Britney during all this time before the couple finally tied the knot this year in 2022. The 5 years Sam stood by Britney during her thick and thin are testimony to the support you can expect from an Iranian – plus, he’s hot.

Persian Men Love Persian Food

Persian men love their local cuisine. If you are starting to date a Persian man and are all about meeting his appetite, then you should learn a thing or two about Persian food. 

Gharmeh Sabzi, or hot stew, is a serious preference for Persians, and they can go gaga over it.

Persian Men Love Their Moms

Persian men tend to have a special relationship with their mothers. A Persian man values his mother for her role in his life and wants her to be around to help him succeed.

If your Persian boyfriend’s mother doesn’t approve of you, they will have a hard time finding a middle ground between you and her.

They Are Fun to Be Around

Persian men are really fun to be around. They can tell jokes to keep you entertained. They are also great orators and have a deep voice, which lends a lot of tickles to their stand-up routines.

They are fond of narrating their experiences, and you will surely end up laughing in most instances because of the quality of the narration.

They Love Tea

Tea is a hot favorite in almost all of Asia, but Persian men tend to be great lovers of the hot beverage. 

If you can get the perfect mix of sugar and tea in the morning, they will love you for giving you a much-needed boost.

A Man is reading a book while drinking tea
A Man is reading a book while drinking tea.

Reasons to Date a Persian Man

If you are still confused about dating a Persian man, then we have some reasons to tilt you towards the right side:

Persian Men Can Spoil You

A Persian man will spoil you in love. Persian men can do anything in love, and they don’t think twice before taking you out for an expensive dinner date or gifting you beautiful jewelry. 

Persian men don’t mince their emotions and are passionate lovers. You can expect raw, unfiltered love from their side. 

Persian Men Are Possessive

Persian men are also protective and possessive in the right sense of the word. They will protect you from danger and be available when required.

They can easily get jealous, but the jealousy stems more from care than mistrust. They will ask you where you’re going and will ask to drop you off. Take them up on their offers to get the best of their love.

Persian Men Always Pay

Persian culture is closely based on the Islamic way of living, where men are supposedly in charge of bills and finances.

Persian men will always pay in the restaurant based on their upbringing and cultural values. They won’t ask you to chip in and might even get offended if you ask to pay.

They Have a Great Fashion Sense

Persian men have inherited a few things from their Middle Eastern ancestors, and a good fashion sense is one of them. They know how to dress well and can decently carry themselves.

Handsome Persian man walking in the woods

They’re Hot

And, finally—drum roll, please—your Persian date will be hot and handsome. Persian men have traditional bodies and hair growth patterns.

The chances are that your Persian date will have a head full of wavy hair, a rugged beard, and some muscles to boast about.

 And, who doesn’t like those dreamy eyes of green and blue shade?

What Do You Call Your Persian boyfriend?

Persian is a beautiful language, and once you learn it in detail, you will be surprised at how many names you can give to your Persian boyfriend. 

Also, the name Farsi touch will add some love and grow the connection.

You can call them Azizam, which means my dear, Asalam, which means honey, Nafasam, which means my breath, or Khoshgelam, which means my beautiful.

Persian is known as the love language and has deep literature on romance and love. You can use these names to spark your relationship with your Persian man.

Are Iranians Allowed to Date?

Iran had a conservative regime change under Ayatullah Khomeini and has had a swift change towards the shariah way of life. However, Persian men outside Iran are quite open to the dating culture. However, they might be a bit more serious about marriage and family than some of our people from the west.

Advice/Tips on Dating a Persian Man?

Dating a Persian can be challenging, but once you get your act sorted, you can enjoy the time you spend with them. Here are some tips on dating a Persian man;

Learn Their Language

We cannot focus enough on the importance of learning their language. We don’t expect you to be proficient in verbal Persian within a day, but you can start learning some small bits from now.

Start by calling them by the names we mentioned above. Besides providing assistance in communication, it also helps assure your Persian boyfriend that you are serious about the relationship.

Travel With Them

Traveling together with your Persian boyfriend can be a fun experience. You get to see exotic parts of the world that you haven’t seen before. Traveling together will also test your compatibility and how you bond with each other.

The travel experience will also allow them to show you their part of the world. However, we recommend weighing your options before you head to Iran with them. 

Know them well before you move to another country with them.

Cook Persian Food

Abghoost, traditional Persian food
Abghoost, traditional Persian food.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you want to appease your Persian boyfriend and build a connection with him, you can cook some native food for them. Ensure it is something they like.

Respect Persian Norms and Differences

We don’t agree with forgetting your norms and doing everything they do, but it feels good to respect the Persian norms they have. Failure to respect their norms, practices, and religion may fuel anger and toxic behavior.

Learn Their Culture

Following the information above, you should learn more about their culture and beliefs. Studying where their assumptions and behaviors come from may eventually generate interest and respect on your side. You can read up on books and guides online to learn about their culture and how they behave.


Dating outside of your culture and background can be a challenging experience, but not one that is too difficult to master. 

A good Persian man will care for your interests, look after your needs and meet your expectations to the best of their ability.

The experience will turn out good for you in the long run and lead you towards a learning curve that helps you acquire new cultures and benefit from the love that Persian men have to offer.

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