Dating App Tips For Guys: How To Stand Out And Have The Best Dating Experience

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Dating App Tips For Guys

Online dating has become the new norm. There are numerous dating apps you can use on your love adventure. 

I feel like online dating is easier for women than for men. Hear me out; men are the hunters, meaning they have to do the work.

On the other hand, women are hunted, which means they have many options at their disposal. 

So how do you stand out among other men? You need to master the art with a few tricks and tips. 

And I’m here to help with that. This article discusses dating app tips for guys in detail to help you win beautiful girls and maybe find your perfect match.

Tips to Help Guys Stand Out on Dating Apps

Tips to Help Guys Stand Out on Dating Apps
Tips to Help Guys Stand Out on Dating Apps

We no longer whisper about online dating. We talk about it openly and share experiences and tips to improve it.

At least I do. We have interesting conversations about online dating whenever I’m with my girlfriends. The latest discussion was about things you look at a guy’s profile immediately when you have a match. 

The discussion extended to what is considered boring and what turns a woman on when a guy texts her on a dating app. So the tips I’m going to discuss are from the horse’s mouth: the discussion I had with my female friends. 

Let’s jump right in!

1. A winning profile 

You see, people say your outfit introduces you to a new audience; your dating profile is that outfit. Everything starts with it. 

Any potential match will look at your profile before messaging or replying to your text.

That’s why every guy needs a winning dating profile to maneuver online dating. To start with:

Have a powerful profile picture 

By powerful, I mean good-quality photographs. Avoid selfies if you can. And not just one picture; several would be great.

Another thing is that photographs showcasing what you like are better than empty avatars. For example, don’t crop your friends out. Upload a picture of them, and if you have one in which you were engaged in an activity like fishing or sailing, even better.

Let your profile pictures introduce you. Do you love swimming? A photo of you in a pool, lake, or ocean would be great. If your match likes swimming, they will know what you have in common immediately. 

In the same way, if they don’t like it, they will walk away, saving you the trouble of forcing compatibility. This means every match is a potential mate because they have a glimpse of your personality.

A guy taking a selfie for his profile
A guy taking a selfie for his profile

Again, a picture of you smiling performs better than a plain photo. It portrays you as friendly and social, not the frowning, unfriendly type. 

In addition, the photo should be clear, not blurry, so I’m struggling to see your face.

Personalize your profile

Add personality to your profile by including your interests or sense of humor if you have one. 

Some girls like asking questions based on things you showcase on your profile. 

For example, the places you’ve visited, the things you like, and your interests in general. This means if your profile is dry, they might just swipe left. 

Keep it short 

Be brief. Too many words are tiring to digest. Just describe yourself in simple words and go into details when they come to your inbox.

Make your important tags visible 

Be straightforward, like, are you looking for a relationship, or is it something casual? Do you want kids? Do you smoke? What’s your height? 

Things like that.

Most guys avoid mentioning such things because they think it’s a turn-off. But look at it this way: if it’s a turn-off for a girl, then it’s better she knows it from the start and swipes left. Again, if a girl hits you up after seeing it, she doesn’t have a problem with it. 

Is that better than not saying it and having to call it off later when she knows?

2. Depict yourself realistically when creating a profile

A guy thinking what he should put in his dating profile
A guy thinking what he should put in his dating profile

It’s tempting to forge everything about yourself and create an exciting profile that catches the attention of every girl. You can say you work at Google because you know every girl will want to hear about it.

But what next after catching the attention? 

Unless you are looking to create conversations and stop at that, this won’t work. Most of us are simple humans. 

We read books, take walks, and work at a local company, so nothing glamorous. Be that simple guy you are, and let girls fall for your real self.

3. Go for girls who have the same dating goals as yours

Don’t waste your time on a girl who wants a casual relationship when you are looking for a long-term commitment. 

I know it may take longer to get one who matches your goals, but it’s worth it. 

4. When you start a conversation, be real

Use a conversational tone and be yourself. Don’t just start flirting out of nowhere. Talk about your interests and let the conversation flow. Besides, be open about your intentions from the get-go. 

Let her know what you want or are looking for. 

Another thing is, don’t make it about you. Ask engaging questions. Be a good listener and learn about her too. Also, open-ended questions are better as they allow detailed answers. 

5. Move the conversation somewhere else

The purpose of a dating app is to create a match. Now that you have a potential match, focus on moving the conversation to other platforms. However, take some time to ensure she is comfortable with you before asking her to chat on WhatsApp. 

Asking for her number immediately will sound weird. Just chat on the app for a while to create that rapport and proceed to ask for her number.

A guy having a chat with his match
A guy having a chat with his match

6. Respect boundaries

While some girls want to share everything with you, some are reserved, so respect that. Let her share what she is comfortable sharing, and don’t ask triggering questions. If you are not sure how she will take something, you better not bring it up. 

Instead, talk about general things that are not personal or don’t trigger emotions. 

In the same way, don’t suggest a meet-up and insist on it. Actually, you should take your time before asking her out. 

But if she gives you some greenlights, why not? Learn to read the signs and flow with them. 

7. Don’t show off

I don’t know if it’s an assumption or if some guys like to show off. Do you want me to know that you are ripped or work at Apple? 

If I ask about it or it comes up in our conversation, then good. But don’t bring it every time for no reason. I will be bored. 

Even worse, some girls will take advantage of it and use it against you. We all know the case of scammers who hack big companies for confidential information. 

8. Don’t rush things

We just matched, but you are talking about marriage; you will scare me away. I know I said to be straightforward and communicate what you want from the start. 

However, you should be creative about it. Again, don’t start being clingy immediately and behaving like we are already a thing. 

Follow the right procedure, be patient, and don’t look desperate.

9. Approach online dating with an open mind

Be positive that you can meet the right person, but also know that some scammers portray themselves as beautiful girls. 

Some of them are your fellow males who intend to rip you off. Don’t be naive to share personal information and invite every Tom, Dick, and Harry into your life. 

You Get What You Pay For, So Consider Paid Membership

If you think about it, dating is expensive. And finding someone is even worse. In the normal world, you go to places like restaurants to find a match. 

I mean, you can’t just sit at home and wait for her to drop from the sky.

You go to social places, and most of them are not free. Let’s take a restaurant as an example; it will cost you your time and money to pay for parking, meals, and transport.

And if you think about it, serious people hang out in cool places. The cooler the place, the more expensive it is. 

The same goes for dating sites. Scammers don’t want to waste a dime, so most hang out at free dating sites and apps. Serious people looking for relationships are likely to pay to get what they want. 

A guy having a date with his match for the first time
A guy having a date with his match for the first time

I mean, why would someone subscribe to a paid membership on a dating app or site to waste their time?

This means you are likely to meet a perfect match with the same dating goals with a paid membership. Because, as they said, good things don’t come easily. 

So, consider a paid membership if you are in a position to do so.

Though I should get this straight, I’m not saying you can’t get a potential match on a free dating app or site. All I’m saying is that your chances increase with a paid membership.

Bottom Line

As a guy, online dating can be frustrating, especially if you are looking for something serious. 

I used serious points from the discussion with my friends in this post, so I can help with your dating experience on dating apps as a guy. 

I hope they are useful and you have a better experience on your next escapade. 

All the best!

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Over the years, Stephanie has had her fair share of dating experiences. While some turned out great, others weren't so great. She believes that relationships are meant to be fun, exciting, and full of laughter. She wants to help men and women become confident, attractive, and successful in their romantic relationships.