10 Dating Profile Tips For Guys

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10 Dating Profile Tips For Guys

Are you failing to score a good date with your current dating profile? Your profile might be missing the interesting touch that excites girls to swipe right on you.

Online dating apps are a great way of scoring dates only if you have an attractive profile. Whether it’s Tinder, Ok Cupid, or Match, a good profile is just what you need.

Having a profile that shines among the crowds certainly increases your chances of getting good dates.

If you believe your profile is not good enough to get you a decent date, try out these effective dating profile tips for guys.

10 Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out

You might like what you see in your profile, but not everyone has the same perspective. Plus, it’s very important to understand what attracts the majority. 

Based on many surveys, reviews, and celebrity opinions, here are 10 dating tips that will make your profile stand out.

10 Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out
10 Tips to Make Your Profile Stand Out

1. Knowing Who You Want Is Important

The first and foremost step in creating an attractive profile is to know who you are trying to attract.

When you’re using an online dating app, you can find all kinds of people from different backgrounds. Some might be very sophisticated, while some may have a jolly nature.

It is most important that your profile should attract people who you want to date too.

For example, Tinder is better for casual dating, while Match and eHarmony are good if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

2. Come Clear About Your Intentions

Once you’re done figuring out “what type of date” you want, the next step is to come clean about your intentions. 

It’s easy to appeal to a group of people instead of trying to please a whole lot of people. So, why not address your intentions regarding your potential dates directly?

It’s better to state your intentions in the beginning. It saves you a great deal of time, and you won’t have to spend time together only to end up fighting over some stupid details.

For example, if you’re looking for a long-distance relationship or just a casual dating partner, just say that right on your profile. 

3. Introduce Yourself Honestly

“Honesty is the best policy.” You might have heard that a thousand times but never really paid attention to it.

Guess who’s been messing up his dating chances because he’s not been honest? 

Creating an honest profile is the key to scoring a good date. When you’re introducing yourself, just be genuine about the things you like and don’t like doing. 

A guy having a match on a dating app
A guy having a match on a dating app

Bethenny Frankel, the former star of Real Housewives, revealed that she found her lovely fiancé Paul Bernon online. She admitted that it was the truthful businessman’s profile that attracted her attention. 

“I was pretty lucky when I walked in and saw him. He had a twinkle. He came as advertised – better than advertised. He overshot the mark.

~Bethenny Frankel

4. Girls Like Funny Guys More

Speaking of being honest, it’s a great idea to genuinely advertise your humor on your profile. 

If you have a happy-go-skippy personality, just lay it all out there on your profile in the description text.

Sprinkling your profile with some humor doesn’t mean you’re goofy. Girls love to go out with guys who make them laugh.

Jussi-Pekka Kajaala, the fiance of the famous Olympic skater Adam Rippon, told the media that it was his opening line that caught her attention on Tinder. It was something like this:

“Are you here for business or are you here just to meet me?”

~Adam Rippon

5. Don’t Be A Despo, Be Casual

Your desperate bio might be the monster scaring your dates away. 

It’s understandable that not having a date forces you to say things that you normally wouldn’t say to look cool. But sometimes, you may not notice how desperate your bio sounds.

Saying things like “looking for a sexy mama” or “need a hot bitch” doesn’t make you look cool but rather pervy.

Plus, incorrect sentences with poor grammar also don’t help but look awful and leave a bad first impression.

According to a survey, casual conversation and sentence delivery are the second most important things to get noticed after pictures.

Try writing a bio that casually tells the swiper who you really are and what you’re looking for in a potential date.

6. Display Picture Is the Face of Your Profile

A guy taking a selfie for his profile
A guy taking a selfie for his profile

It’s no surprise that the first thing anyone notices after your name is your display picture, sometimes, even before the name.

Having an attractive display picture is the most successful tactic for scoring more and better dates. 

So what makes your display picture attractive?

You’d be surprised to know that a picture of you smiling at the camera is not the most attractive photo. Instead, a picture of you, absorbed in your favorite sport or dressed in a fancy outfit, looking away from the camera, gets more right swipes.

7. Show Yourself Instead of Promising

Of course, profile descriptions matter. But not more than your photo section.

We trust our eyes more than we trust our ears. That’s because seeing an action activates the brain more than just listening to it. 

Our brains are designed to instantly pick out what we see in visual images. So, showing your hobbies is way better than listing them in your profile description.

Creating a versatile photo gallery on your dating profile is a must-have for every guy who wants to score a nice date. Make an assortment of pictures showing you at all your favorite places, with your favorite foods, or even with your favorite books.

It’s a well-known fact proven by research that girls prefer seeing pictures of you doing things you like rather than just reading about them.

8. Avoid Faking Your Photos

Talking about posting pictures, photo filters are a big turn-off. 

You must avoid editing photos and using filters on pictures that you want to upload to your dating profile. It is better to upload a natural photo of you than use a photo filter to fix any of your features.

Whether it’s a scar or some acne that you want to remove, photo filters and editors are just not the right solutions. If you don’t like it, simply cover it up with your sleeve and turn your face to the other side.

Try using your genuine photos (the real ones without any filters) and upload them to your profile.

Using fake photos on your dating profile can backfire in so many ways. The worst being your profile may get blocked by the host app if it gets reported by users too often.

There is nothing that girls appreciate more than finding out that you look exactly like your pictures.

A guy taking a selfie for a dating app
A guy taking a selfie for a dating app

Luann de Lesseps, the star of “Real Housewives of New York,” shared her online dating experience of meeting Garth Wakeford. 

Her first reaction to his photos was:

“He’s too good to be true.”

However, when they met for coffee, she felt blessed to find out that he wasn’t faking his photos. She said: 

“He’s tall, he’s handsome, he looks like a Viking.”

~Luann de Lesseps

9. Make Sure Your Profile Is Complete

Completing your profile should always be your priority. Not only your DP and bio, but some people check out your whole profile.

After writing your bio/description and filling out the gallery, your work is not done just yet. Try to fill out as many fields as you can while completing your profile.

A majority of dating apps have a pre-given list of prompt questions that you can answer. It helps your date to get to know you better. You can share your daily routines, your job, your interests, or even just some fun facts that you want them to know.

Martha Stewart is a strong believer in technological advancements, even when it comes to finding the right date by customizing your dating profile. She says:

I’ve always been a big believer that technology, if used well, can enhance one’s life. Sohere I am, looking to enhance my dating life.”

~Martha Stewart

10. Connect to Other Third Party Apps

A guy connecting his dating app on Facebook
A guy connecting his dating app on Facebook

Connecting your dating profiles to other third-party apps like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, or Twitter is a good idea to find an online date.

Some of the dating websites let you connect to third-party social profiles as well. You can connect your Spotify or Instagram to help your dates know more about your taste in music or your lifestyle.

It’s a great way of validating your dating profile along with boosting your followers on social media accounts. 

Linking different online games that you play or giving the links to social clubs that you are a part of is never a bad idea. Who knows, your potential date might also belong to the same club.


These dating profile tips for guys actually work in producing results. I hope you have picked up one or two secrets to upgrading your profile to find a good match. 

Don’t believe what we say; try it out for yourself. 

Redesign your profile following the guidelines given here and witness how your profile gets the right swipes. 

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