eHarmony Dating Site Review: Is It The One For You?

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eHarmony Dating Site Review

Online dating started with a few hiccups and roadblocks. Developers faced problems in familiarizing people with the process and creating interactive UIs that eventually lure people in. Finally, over time, dating websites and apps like eHarmony have made online dating the norm.

eHarmony is undoubtedly an essential player in the online dating revolution and is responsible for giving people the comfort they need to download an application and find a date online.

Online dating operates differently than dating in the physical world. Different users have different experiences with other websites. eHarmony is a pioneer in the industry, but there is still a raging debate on whether it is useful in helping you find the perfect match.

Stay with us as we review eHarmony and look at some of the pros and cons on offer. By the end of this article, you will have clarity on where the website ranks among the best dating sites in the modern world.

eHarmony Dating Site Overview

eHarmony Dating Site Overview
eHarmony Dating Site Overview

Based on eHarmony reviews from the internet, we can tell that the platform not only walks the walk but also dances the dance when it comes to performance. The online dating website performs almost every trick you, as a user, would expect from a dating platform.

The eHarmony online dating platform is known to be better suited for serious relationships and comes with a smooth interface to help in the process. Casual daters will have to look elsewhere.

Perhaps the biggest pro for eHarmony is the sheer magnitude of the people using it and vouching for it. eHarmony has helped 2 million-plus people find love through the platform. 

On the flip side, the biggest drawback is that some of the premium features are a lot more expensive on the platform than elsewhere.

eHarmony’s Pros and Cons


  • boasts a number of high-quality singles to choose from.
  • The user interest is by far the cleanest among all the dating websites on the internet today. Both the app and desktop sites have clean interfaces.
  • The matching system utilizes high-tech information to help pair up users with similar interests. The high-tech system ensures a decent success rate.
  • More than 2 million people have found love in the system.
  • The website is home to a golden ratio of 51 percent men and 49 percent women. There is a man for every woman on the site, and vice versa.
  • The website now comes with a video dating platform to help users interact during the pandemic.


  • The free trial is for a limited period, after which users must pay for some services.
  • The charges for a few premium services and features are slightly higher than the industry standard.
  • The eHarmony website isn’t the best fit for casual dating or polyamorous dating. Users with unique dating requirements or those looking for casual hookups and fun will have to search elsewhere.
  • The sign-up process is a bit long.

eHarmony Facts

Some of the facts related to eHarmony include:

  • The website has helped connect over 2 million people. The platform is home to over 3 million people right now.
  • eHarmony users are highly active, with over 2.3 million messages being exchanged every week.
  • More than 95 percent of all users on the eHarmony dating platform have communicated with at least one other user.
  • The dating pool for eHarmony is among the largest in the United States currently.
  • eHarmony has the most secure procedure to verify users and delete fake profiles. The sign-up process is long, but every minute you spend on it is worth it.

eHarmony Dating Site: Detailed Review

eHarmony Dating Site Detailed Review
eHarmony Dating Site Detailed Review

The algorithm at eHarmony comes with a lengthy survey you fill out once you log in to the application. The survey result allows eHarmony to suggest potential partners and options for you.

Statistics from the dating industry suggest that eHarmony is responsible for more marriages than any other dating website. Also, the website comes with a 50-50 split, which is heartening.

We now look at a detailed review of the website, with a particular focus on the different steps along with the user experience:

The Sign-up Process

The sign-up process indicates just how thorough eHarmony is about the dating process. The process gathers all relevant data about your interests, your demographics, and a lot more so that the app’s algorithms can find the best match for you.

Once you download the application or visit the website, you will be given three different ways to log in: manually by yourself, through email, or through Facebook. 

Once you have created your account, you will be required to fill in the compatibility quiz. The compatibility quiz takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

eHarmony will put forth a number of questions, mostly with direct, close-ended responses. These questions are simple to answer and will find out the kind of partner you are looking for and whether the application can pair you up with someone similar.

The questions might seem a bit odd to you upfront, but they help determine the kind of person you are and what kinds of matches are best for you. The quiz is more introspective than anything else and isn’t entirely challenging.

Once you complete the quiz, the answers deduced from it are saved in the AI algorithm and used to find matches for you. The answers to your quiz questions will help you find your compatibility with other people you match with.

The dating platform will show a percentage figure for the compatibility you have with other people. For instance, if you have compatibility of 82 percent with another user, it will show on top of their dating profile.

A woman signing up on eHarmony
A woman signing up on eHarmony

The Matching Process

Perhaps the most essential part of this review for new users is the matching process that eHarmony has in place. Users want to know about the matching process and how it works for them in comparison to other platforms.

The well-calculated and thorough sign-up process for eHarmony makes it easier for people to land suitable matches and get the results they require.

According to stats present on eHarmony’s website, literally millions of users from different, diverse demographics can use the website to find love in their lives. eHarmony claims to have a number of high-quality members, and we concur with it. eHarmony is open to markets in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Besides having a fair share of male and female participants, eHarmony also makes it relatively easier for each gender to find a match.

Since eHarmony has a number of metrics in place during the sign-up process, they are able to ensure only genuine people make it onto the platform. The single users on the forum are primarily real IDs and understand the ethics of dating.

eHarmony is extremely stringent when it comes to fake IDs and how they malign the entire dating process, which is why they clear out fake profiles and spam IDs religiously. However, it is hard to imagine how a spam profile would get through the extensive check-in process.

We made a test profile on eHarmony and visited it after a while to check for responses and reviewers. However, upon returning to the dating platform, we saw that our test profile was deleted and no longer active. eHarmony recognizes and marks accounts that are dormant or do not bring any real value. The platform can then delete these accounts.

What this means is that most users are able to match with real profiles. The real profiles aren’t fake in any way and can be trusted for authenticity.

Profiles on eHarmony

Profiles on eHarmony
Profiles on eHarmony

A typical profile on eHarmony includes:

  • Introduction: The introduction section gives members a chance to share who they are, what they are looking for, and a lot more.
  • About Me: The About Me section includes a collection of questions given to users by eHarmony. These questions include:
    • The most important thing I’m looking for in a person is…
    • The most influential person in my life…
    • The first thing people notice about me…
    • The one thing I wish people saw about me is…
    • My ideal first date…
    • I would describe my appearance as this:
    • My best attributes…
    • I should do this more often.
    • My happy place…
    • My most unforgettable travel story.
    • A perfect day for me…
    • If I need advice, I’m calling…
    • I would never ever…
    • The one thing that will always cheer me up…
    • An odd habit of mine…
    • I would really like to meet you in person.
    • As a kid, I had the firm conviction that…
    • I wish I could…
    • Something that always makes me laugh is…
    • If I am in a lousy mood,
    • Five years from now, I…
    • Things I can’t live without…
    • Things I am thankful for:
  • Lifestyle: The section on lifestyle includes all interests and hobbies of users from a pre-selected list.
  • Sports: This section includes options you can select to mention the sports you are interested in.
  • Food and Drink: This section includes details on food and drinks you like.
  • Traveling: Your travel experience.
  • Character Traits: You get to pick from 35 different options to outline character traits.
  • Facts: You mention facts related to your demographics here.
  • Entertainment: You mention your favorite books, movies, and a lot more things related to entertainment here.

The information outlined in the profile helps give a thorough introduction to you and can help other users understand your passions and habits. You are able to trace your key traits and a lot more on the page.

eHarmony Dating Site Features

eHarmony Dating Site Features
eHarmony Dating Site Features

eHarmony is host to plenty of simple yet unique features. The features help improve your dating experience and give you the kind of services you need.

The dating experience offered by eHarmony is second to none on the basis of the features provided by the dating platform. However, the features offered by eHarmony are simple yet effective. If you are someone who likes different bells, whistles, and complex features, then eHarmony is not the website for you. 

The platform does come with exciting offers, but they are mostly simple and limited in nature.

Some of the features offered by eHarmony include:

Search Feature

eHarmony does not come with a typical search feature, the likes of which you see on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, eHarmony follows a similar pattern to some of the other names in the industry in offering matches through their compatibility ratio. You cannot search for users through a search bar.

The eHarmony platform allows you to search for people who are mentally compatible with you and within the domain you have set, obviously, decided by the platform’s algorithm.

SMS Verification

eHarmony has added a new feature to verify accounts through an SMS verification feature. The quality can authenticate accounts and make sure that only valid IDs get to be a part of the process. The verification can separate spam and fake IDs from real ones.

Integrated Video Chat

eHarmony comes with an integrated video chat option to help users connect with others through a video call. The dating world is changing, and users are connecting with each other differently than they did before.

The presence of a video chat medium allows different users to connect and date each other online before they can take the next step toward a physical date. 

Video chats were usually dependent on Skype contacts and things of that nature, something that has become relatively easy with the presence of a video chatting medium.

A woman having a video chat with the guy she met on eHarmony
A woman having a video chat with the guy she met on eHarmony

Free Weekends

Many users shy away from using eHarmony because the services are paid and require a sizable investment. However, eHarmony always has free weekends, where services and core features are available for free. Users can utilize the free weekends to meet new people and converse with them.

If you are new to the application, you can benefit from the “free weekends” offer. The best part is that you download the app and install it on your phone until you get a good offer for a free weekend.

Good Customer Support

While this isn’t really an in-app offer, eHarmony has good customer support for all users. Almost all users with grievances and problems can contact the customer support department for proper remediation.

The customer support department can be contacted by email or phone. You can call their team on 844-544-3173 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.


eHarmony has a premium pricing model for premium customers. The new pricing model comes with updated features such as unlimited swipes, international cards, and much more. This pricing allows users to increase their chances of getting a good match. 

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Premium Light6 Months$65.90 per month
Premium Plus12 Months$45.90 per month
Premium Extra24 Months$35.90 per month


Most readers often have a set of questions that they frequently ask and want answers to. These questions include:

What is the success rate of eHarmony?

A couple having a nice date after matching on eHarmony
A couple having a nice date after matching on eHarmony

eHarmony is known to be highly popular with the masses. Recent research released by the dating platform has revealed that around 69 percent of men and 71 percent of women find someone through the platform within a year of first joining.

Your success rate will, however, depend on how you use the platform. Frequent users who update real pictures and fill in the starting form have a better chance of finding someone through the platform. Your success rate is also dependent on how actively you respond to messages.

Is eHarmony good for relationships?

eHarmony is meant explicitly to build relationships for the future. The platform is known to help users connect and find an actual match.

Should I join eHarmony or Match?

The ultimate choice comes down to what you expect from the platform. eHarmony is known to be perfect for building faithful couples for the long run. Match, on the contrary, is better suited for other casual relationships.

Is the eHarmony Dating Site Right for You?

eHarmony is among the best-rated dating sites in the country today. Whether the site is right for you or not comes down to how you plan to use it. If you want a long-term relationship through the site and plan to use it for finding a spouse, then eHarmony is perfect for you. The success rate is the best in the industry and hovers around 70 percent for both genders.

However, if you want a casual dating environment, then eHarmony may not meet your needs. The platform is home to mostly serious users, and you won’t find categories for casual or poly dating.


In conclusion, it is best to state that eHarmony is a trusted name. The website has helped lovebirds from all over the world find true love and build long-lasting connections. 

The starting quiz and the algorithm make eHarmony perfect for finding your true match in life.

eHarmony’s dating platform is perfect for people looking to step into a serious relationship. Casual daters, however, can try other platforms for better outcomes.

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