The Best 9 Long Distance Dating Sites

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The Best 9 Long Distance Dating Sites

Can’t find the right love match in your city? No big deal. The globe is your limit, and the heart knows no boundaries. 

There are so many beautiful places and online sites like eHarmony to find love, INTERNATIONALLY

Find a sincere, trusted partner who’s willing to cross the oceans for you from far and wide. Test the waters to see if your relationship is strong enough to make it to the end.

Hop on one of the 9 best long-distance dating sites that we’ve listed here and enjoy the exciting love ride.

Our Top 9 Picks

9 Best Long Distance Dating Sites 


Best for serious long-term relationships!


The site with the most successful reputation, eHarmony, has the largest number of members online. Millions of people use eHarmony to find their true love from all over the world.

As the name suggests, the site is well-known for its peaceful and harmonious relationships. 

If you’re someone who is looking to find a meaningful long-distance relationship, eHarmony is the best place to find your partner. 

The majority of people join eHarmony when they’re ready to settle for good. This means that you won’t have to worry about the distance. Nor will you be wasting time on dating or hooking up. 

eHarmony uses a very advanced and sorted algorithm for matchmaking. A questionnaire-based on a point system helps you find your perfect match. The total score is 150, and whoever scores the highest is paired up by the matchmaking system. 

People have always loved eHarmony because of its super compatible matchmaking, even from far and wide.

Price plans

eHarmony offers three premium plans:

  • Premium Light: (6 months plan) that costs $65.90/month.
  • Premium Plus: (1-year plan) that costs $45.90/month.
  • Premium Extra: (2-year plan) that costs $35.90/month.


  • Strong matchmaking system.
  • Supports video chatting.
  • Large number of users.
  • Best long-distance relationship results.
  • Easy to use when creating a profile.


  • Not good for hooking up or joking around.


Perfect for finding your Long Distance Match!

Match Dating App
Match Dating App

It’s been around for ages! is one of the oldest and most trusted dating websites. With more than 15 million daily users worldwide, it makes it super easy to find your perfect match. has always been a go-to place for people who’re looking for a serious, long-lasting relationship. Millions of people have found lovers on this very platform from far and wide.

The site is well-known for keeping a balanced gender-equal user ratio, having 7 million+ paid users belonging to different places. However, is a paid service, but it also has a 3-day free trial.

The matchmaking algorithm is super effective in finding your soulmate using its score-based questionnaire.

No matter where your partner is hiding, you’ll surely find them on

The match is created based on the answers to the asked questions. Whoever scores the maximum gets to enjoy a quality long-distance relationship with the host. 

Price plans has got you covered with its standard and premium plans. You can buy any offer according to the amount of time you’ll be using the app.

Standard Subscription

  • Standard Plan for 3 months:$31.99/month and $95.97 for a lump sum.
  • Standard Plan for 6 months:$22.99/month and $137.94 for a lump sum.
  • Standard Plan for 12 month:$18.99/month and $227.88 for a lump sum.

Premium Subscription

  • Premium Plan for 3 months: $34.99/month and $104.97 for a lump sum.
  • Premium Plan for 6 months: $24.99/month and $149.94 for a lump sum.
  • Premium Plan for 12 months: $31.98/month and $383.76 for a lump sum.


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Minimum requirements to create a profile
  • Super huge user space.


  • Too many notification beeps
  • Non-binary users are not supported.


Find your long-distance love, Internationally!

International Cupid
International Cupid

Tired of hearing the same old stories about your town from different people? Look elsewhere and maybe you’ll find your unique love interest, Internationally.

If you are in search of a partner living abroad, there’s no better way to find him/her online. is the leading online dating app that solely focuses on finding a match across different countries. Known for its many successful long-distance relationships, the site offers a simple but very effective user interface.

The site offers niche-specific matchmaking, which makes finding a compatible partner easier. 

Furthermore, the app offers multiple translated apps like UkraineCupid, Russian Cupid, and Filipino Cupid to support users from all over the world.

Price plans

InternationalCupid offers two major types of premium subscriptions: Gold and Platinum. There are three different “Gold plans” and three different “Platinum plans” that you can buy.

Gold Subscription

  • Gold Plan for 1 month c$31.98/month.
  • Gold Plan for 3 months$21.33/month and $63.99 for a lump sum.
  • Gold Plan for 12 months c$10.67/month and $127.98 for a lump sum.

Platinum Subscription

  • Platinum Plan for 1 month: $36.99/month.
  • Platinum Plan for 3 months costs $24.66/month or a total sum of $73.98.
  • Platinum Plan for 12 months costs $12.50/month or a total sum of $149.99.


  • Huge international member lobby.
  • Great message translation options.
  • Easy and effective UI.
  • Strong communication-based matchmaking.


  • The subscription plan is expensive. 


Best for limitless matchmaking across the globe!


If you can’t find your perfect match within your neighborhood, it doesn’t mean you can’t find it elsewhere. With the massive global popularity of Zoosk, finding your long-distance partner is easier than ever.

Ever since its launch in 2007, Zoosk has helped thousands of people find the right match around the globe. Its current statistics show that the growing member library of Zoosk sends about 3 million messagesdaily.

Zoosk is a flexible dating site that has no strict rules on age, location, or status. You can create your profiles on Zoosk easily with a few clicks under no pressure.

Zoosk lets you view who checked your profile, favorite someone else’s profile, send them cute virtual gifts, or slide into messages effortlessly, striking up a smooth conversation. The site is home to a pretty mixed group of users from different places with different backgrounds.

Price plans

Zoosk provides four premium subscription plans for all its new and existing customers.

  • 1 month Premium Subscription: $29.95/month.
  • 3 months Premium Subscription:$19.98/month or pay a total sum of $59.95.
  • 6 months Premium Subscription: $11.00/month or pay a total sum of $65.99.
  • 12 months Premium Subscription: $8.33/month or pay a total sum of $99.99. 


  • Cheapest long-distance relationship site.
  • Multiple search and communication options.
  • Allows limitless browsing.
  • Uses behavioral matchmaking algorithms.


  • Most features are only available in the premium packages.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Best for striking up a random long-distance coffee date!

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is a growing dating app that’s known for making sincere and trusted connections. 

The site features long-distance dating options just like you’re on a random coffee date. It is the best way to strike up a light conversation that helps you open up to your partner.

Tired of going on endless dates where the two of you hit a dead-end after a few questions? Create a profile on CMB and find your significant match from across the world.

If you’re the shy one or have a hard time adjusting to new people, find a comfortable partner on the CBM long-distance dating site. Enjoy your time to the fullest by being with someone who gets you. 

CBM wants you to find your sincere partner and prevents people from fooling around online by capping the number of swipes. You can also change your location to widen your love search.

Price plans

Coffee meets bagel is offering the following four premium packages: 

  • Premium Package for 1 month: $34.99/month.
  • Premium Package for 3 months: $25.00/month.
  • Premium Package for 6 month: $20.00/month.
  • Premium Package for 12 months: $15.00/month


  • Gives you access to choose from 50 million user profiles
  • No overwhelming or irritating notifications.
  • Allows location change.
  • Uses advanced search filters.


  • Permits only a limited number of swipes per day.


Best for diversifying your love life.

OkCupid Dating App
OkCupid Dating App

For 18 years, OkCupid has been around to help people find love. With its unique diversity, it erases all kinds of barriers like age groups, sex, language, race, caste, or community.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, OkCupid makes it easy for you to look for your perfect match around the world.

Develop a romantic crush or a sincere long-distance relationship, OkCupid is good for both. From hookups to marriages, you can interact with like-minded people of your interest.

The specific keyword search makes OkCupid stand out from other popular dating sites. And, it has an interactive quiz-based algorithm that makes sure you meet the right type of person.

Price plans

OkCupid is currently offering two major subscription plans:

  • Basic Plan: $44.99/month
  • Premium Plan: $29.99/month for 3 months 


  • Diversified member categories.
  • Very supportive application for users of all age groups.
  • Easy-to-use user interface.
  • Keyword-based search with unique quizzes.


  • Most features are only premium.


Best for elite singles who want to Mingle.

Elite Singles
Elite Singles

EliteSingles is one of the leading dating sites for finding a sincere companion. If you’re a solo runner belonging to an elite society, this is the best platform for you.

It’s been quite some time since EliteSingles gained much popularity in the international market. People from all over the world are creating their profiles on the site in the hopes of finding a match.

As the name suggests, the website is best for elite singles who can’t find the right match in their surroundings.

EliteSingles has maintained a certain level of standards for creating a profile. Not everyone can just hop on a site looking to find a quick date. This is exactly why the website has a high success rate in both short-distance and long-distance relationship scenarios.

EliteSingles uses a smart algorithm to filter through a myriad of match requests and only pair up profiles of the same caliber. When creating a profile, you’ll be asked a few mandatory questions to specify your caliber, such as:

  • Your career details
  • Your hobbies
  • Some common relationship deal breakers for you
  • Importance of distance for you
  • Some other personal information like your name, age, etc.

All this info is tabulated to find the most compatible match for every member. The rating system of EliteSingles matches two people if they have a rating of 75 or higher.

Price plans

The current subscription plans offered by EliteSingles have 4 different offers for their customers.

  • Basic Plan: 1-month plan for $99.95/month 
  • Premium Plan for 3 months: $57.95/month or a total sum of $158.85
  • Premium Plan for 6 months: $44.95/month or a total sum of $197.70
  • Premium Plan for 12 months: $31.95/month or a total sum of S$275.40


  • Elite member categories.
  • Proper rating system.
  • Trusted dating site.
  • Caliber-based algorithm for matchmaking.


  • Best suited for people who have high standards.
  • Not suited for teenagers.

Higher Bond 

Perfect for finding your true Christian soulmate.

Higher Bond
Higher Bond

Restoring your faith in God, Higher bond helps you find your faithful love in the Christian society. 

The site is specially designed for people who have rich religious morals regarding Christianity. If you are more attracted to Christian men or women, Higher Bond is one of the best long-distance dating sites.

Distance doesn’t matter if your love is stronger than the number of miles separating you from your partner. Faith is all that matters, and that’s the grand scheme of running an online Christian dating site.

Other than that, a pretty good user interface that is easy to use and pretty simple. Also, the matchmaking algorithm is super supportive.


  • A good amount of sincere members.
  • Easy and simple application.
  • Great for finding a true, faithful partner.
  • Very supportive of faithful people with strong religious beliefs.


  • Not a very diversified website.


Best for Silvering Seniors who’re looking for a partner.

Silver Singles
Silver Singles

SilverSingles is one of the best dating websites for finding senior love online.

SilverSingles gives people hope of finding a sincere partner even at the age when their hair starts to become silver. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, it’s never too late to find your true love.

The basic motive of creating this website is to discourage the common misunderstanding that love depends on age. 

SilverSingles makes a mockery of people who love within imaginary boundaries of age, distance, or time. The website has amazing results, showing successful relationship statistics for seniors, even those in their 60s.

No matter what your age is, you should never give up hope of finding your true love match until websites like SilverSingers are still working. 

You can swipe through many profiles and pick the one that interests you the most. Strike up a conversation and, if you two hit it off, develop a long-distance relationship using the same site.

Price plans

SilverSingles currently offers three subscription plans for all new users.

  • Premium Intro: (3 months plan) $57.80/month.
  • Enjoy Love Plan: (6 months plan) $23.62/month.
  • Long-Term Value Plan: (1-year plan) $18.70/month.



  • Not much suitable for teenagers.

What to look for when choosing the best long-distance dating sites

What to look for when choosing the best long-distance dating sites
What to look for when choosing the best long-distance dating sites

When you finally decide to find your significant match online, make sure you know enough about long-distance dating sites. Pay a visit to all the websites and check their specifics about some basic features like:

  • Targeted group of audience 
  • Focused location points
  • Search engine algorithms
  • Easy chat and language options
  • Package and pricing of premium features.
  • Time zone differences

Luckily for you, we’ve explained the importance of each specific key feature and listed the best sites for every category.

Targeted Group Of Audience 

Every online dating site has a goal of helping its target audience. The website is designed to base its success on that specific group of people.

It could be a geographic location, a certain community, people of a certain language group, or belonging to a certain age group. 

So when choosing the site, make sure you fit the criteria of the targeted audience of that website.

The option of choosing location

Most dating sites limit you to only entering your correct location point by asking for your location access. This eradicates the doubts about fake locations but limits the users to only viewing people from a certain location. 

Check for any location specifics before you jump the gun on creating your online dating profile.

Great Search engine algorithms

Search engines play a very important role in matchmaking, so you must select a site that has the best matchmaking algorithm. 

Study the focused keywords and read reviews of the sites that you’re considering using to create your profile.

Easy Chat And Language Options

Not everyone has a chatty bone in their body. Some people are more talkative than others, while some have a hard time starting up a conversation. 

Nevertheless, many long-distance dating sites offer you multiple chat and language options for smooth conversations. Make sure your selected site is flexible enough. 

Packages and Pricing of Premium features

A girl making a long distance call with her match
A girl making a long distance call with her match

Some sites block most of their quality features with premium paywalls. Only when you buy their subscription plans with monthly or annual payments are you given access to the premium features. 

So be sure to check the features you are allowed to use on your free trial.

Standard Time Zones

Standard time zones make matters all the more complicated when you are looking for a long-distance relationship. It’s really hard to find some quality moments with your long-distance love due to the difference in the time zones. 

This is the most common issue with long-distance relationships. Both of you might not have enough time to give each other at the same time. Therefore, always account for time management.


How do I meet my long-distance relationship partner?

When you are in love, distance doesn’t matter. Especially when you have met your love online using a matchmaking website. 

You can visit each other on weekends or holidays. You can also plan to go on a long, soothing vacation somewhere you both would love to go. 

It could be a hotel in your state or some lost island where you can just get away with your partner.

Which dating sites lead to the most marriages?

Among all the different dating sites, not every platform is meant for tying the knot. Every other website has set its goals. 

Some sites are only good for hookups, while others may offer a chance to find your true partner. eHarmony is by far the most well-known website for finding soulmates. 

Furthermore, statistics show that has the highest percentage of members who end up getting married.

How long does LDR usually last?

Love has no boundaries, nor any limitations. Finding your true partner is a miracle in itself, which is why you must not let it go. Being patient is the key to maintaining every relationship, whether long-distance or short.

Once you have found the right match, stop counting the number of miles separating you. 

Instead, try your best to be patient and work things out. This is the best way you can extend your LDR to the maximum.

Can you fall in love online without meeting?

A couple looking happy while doing a long distance call
A couple looking happy while doing a long distance call

Whether online or in-person, love may knock at your door in every form. If you hit off with someone online, don’t doubt your relationship just because it’s online. 

You should be grateful that you finally found your true soulmate, which most people can only dream of having.

How can you tell if someone is real in online dating?

The biggest problem with having an online relationship is that you doubt reality. People are scared to date online because they fear that their partners might be faking their personalities. 

Well, it’s not a problem if you are a good judge of character. Other than that, you can also request your partner to send pictures or ask for a video chat to ensure that they’re not faking.


Done reviewing all your options? I hope you’ve found the perfect platform to create your profile. Strike up a casual conversation and turn it into a serious romantic long-distance relationship.

We recommend you try eHarmony first because it has the biggest community of members and many honest success stories of long-distance relationships.

Other long-distance dating sites like Match and InternationalCupid are also good for finding the right match for you. 

Zoosk is by far the cheapest premium site for finding your long-distance match. Happy dating!

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