5 Hot and Romantic Text Messages Guaranteed To Turn Him On

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5 Hot and Romantic Text Messages Guaranteed To Turn Him On

It is not hard to get your partner’s attention when you are sexually attracted to one another. One naughty text can be enough to get them running toward you.

While some of us are gifted with the heavenly skills of flirting through text, others may not be as skilled. 

To help the less able members of the flirting world, we have an interesting guide on how to flirt with your partner through hot and romantic text messages.

As a bonus, we also complete our list with some complementary seduction techniques you can use in the real world to flirt with a partner. 

So, grab your notes and jot our ideas down as we help you come up with hot and romantic texting ideas.

5 Hot and Romantic Text Messages for Your Partner

Flip out your phone and give your partner a surprise with the following hot and romantic messages:

  1. Hey, all I have on me right now is your shirt.

This will bring him racing back to the house. It always works like a charm.

  1. I am alone at home, and my fingers are tired. Want to use yours?

A great direct approach that leaves nothing to be guessed. Bold and definite.

  1. I am wearing a new lacey red lingerie.

Again, leave nothing to the imagination. Give him a hard one until he can get to you.

  1. I have been in bed thinking about you all day.

The perfect way to make him think about you all day as well.

  1. Touch me everywhere. Start with the places you love and finish with the places I love.

A good negotiation benefits both parties. Give him an offer he can’t refuse.

How Can I Romance My Boyfriend by Text? 

How Can I Romance My Boyfriend by Text
How Can I Romance My Boyfriend by Text

Guys like to receive intimate texts as well as emotional ones. Guys would like to be complimented but also appreciate flirtatious texts. 

So, keep checking on them and throw in a promiscuous text once in a while. 

The 5 texts below are good ways to romance your boyfriend through text: 

  1. I woke up from a naughty dream about you. I am all wet.

Nothing turns a man on more than the thought that you’re dreaming of them. Let them know what’s up.

  1. You are just so effing hot. Get off my head.

Make them feel good. Throw a compliment and flirt randomly.

  1. Would I look better with or without a bra?

Imagination is the root cause of horniness. Make them imagine it to make them horny.

  1. I am looking forward to our date in the evening. If you act well, you might get a kiss or more later.

Ah, the typical bait. Get them to be a good boy and lick the reward.

  1. Tonight, we are kissing from the lips down… I don’t know where to stop. Let’s see how far down we go.

We saved the best for last. This is clear and direct. It leaves nothing to the imagination and tells them what’s up.

How Do You Make Love Through Text? 

Some tips on how to make love through texts are: 

  • Keep it short and simple. As you will see from our messages below, the shorter and simpler it is, the better for you.
  • Always stay positive. Flirting is about being lighthearted and cheerful. You cannot flirt while grunting over the timings at your new job.
  • Give as many compliments as you can. Compliments work like a charm. Throw them at your partner and get them aroused.
  • Be playful and spontaneous with your questions.
  • Finally, leave something to the imagination. Be direct, but leave something for them to ponder over.

A partner who texts you is always a good thing, mostly because it opens the door to flirting.

A girl making love with her boyfriend through text
A girl making love with her boyfriend through text

What Should I Text Her to Make Her Melt? 

There is nothing a girl loves more than some poetry and prose from the person she loves. The same goes for men. Men love it when their person of interest sparks their interest through poetry. 

You can always make a woman want you more by checking on them once a day. Look after their needs. Ask them about their day, and see how they feel. 

You can also try to slip in raunchy details about your routine. If you plan to have a shower, make sure you tell them all about it. If you plan to sleep naked, sneak in some details. Make them want you more through subtle hints. 

How can I make him miss me badly by text?

For many women, flirting is no big deal, and it’s often seen as healthy banter. But some ladies can only dream of crossing over to the wild side – rightly so. To set the record straight, the ways of a seductress aren’t limited to a certain type of woman. 

Mention little details on what you are doing. If you plan to have a shower, make sure you tell them all about it. If you plan to sleep naked, sneak in some details. Make them want you more through subtle hints.

Embrace the seductress in you with these amazing real-life flirting tips!

Your Lips Are Your Weapon

You can do a lot with your lips without going too overboard. Biting your lip, licking your lips, or even just reapplying your lipstick in his company are ways to make him notice the sexiest part of your face. The trick is to spark daydreams of you using those lips on him.

Use Your Stance to Your Advantage

If you’re just going to call yourself a seductress with slumped shoulders, even you won’t take yourself seriously. Improve your posture. Stand up tall and keep your shoulders straight to make your chest pop out. Not to mention the bomb cleavage proper postures give you!

Touch Him, But Delicately

Skin-to-skin contact makes a man’s brain (and other parts, ahem!) go loco. Gently placing your hand atop his, brushing your thighs against his, or touching his shoulder while coming close to talk to him, are things that will make him want more to do with your skin. 

He’ll be thinking about it all day!

A woman flirting with her boyfriend on a date
A woman flirting with her boyfriend on a date

Subtlety is the Name of the Game

Many girls tend to mess up the whole game by being “too out there.” Keep the mystery alive by being subtle about your actions. 

Subtle touches, hair playing, subtle hints, subtle anything, will keep him imagining things he’d like to do to you. *wink*

The Language of Thy Eyes

Your eyes can communicate in ways that words simply cannot. Maintaining eye contact is extremely important to let your target know you’re not just joking around. 

Eye contact can also intimidate guys, but he’s sold if you look at him like you’d rip him apart in bed!

Tease, Tease & Tease

Thought teasing went out of style? Think again. Tease him ever so lightly that he can’t help but replay it all over in his mind. 

If you wear a dress or a skirt, cross your legs and uncross them from time to time. He’ll be aching to get a hint of what’s under there.

Body Language

Playing hard to get barely works nowadays. Let him know your intentions by facing your entire body in his direction. Crossing your arms when he’s right there will give him the impression of you being “closed off” or uninterested.

Playfully Touch Yourself

Softly touching your neck, twirling a strand of your hair with your fingers, or playing with a necklace you’re wearing will help draw his attention to those areas. 

The more he sees you comfortable with yourself, the closer he’ll want to come, and the more aroused he’ll feel.

A woman looking beautiful while playing with her hair
A woman looking beautiful while playing with her hair

Share Your Naughty Sense of Humor

Men think of sex more often than you imagine. If you’re playing your cards well, the chances are that he’s already pictured you in bed. Share dirty jokes and naughty comments to keep him thinking about it for longer. 

Unless you’re comfortable coming off like a horny beast, stick to making vague jokes. Just laugh freely and openly.

The fragrance is Your Friend.

What’s worse than a girl who wears musky cologne? A girl who smells downright bad. 

If you’re going to take up the role of a seductress, make sure you always wear tempting fragrances, such as vanilla or something edible. He’ll associate you with that smell in no time.

Be Generous with Compliments

Don’t become a narcissist in this aspect. Compliment him generously instead of waiting for him to do so. Instead of complimenting what he’s wearing, compliment the color and play with your words. 

For instance, “You look so hot in black, or is it just you?” – accompanied by a sexy smirk for brownie points.

Work On Yourself

There’s a reason why the infamous lipstick named “ravish me red” was such a hit. Girls who wear loud colors or clothes that sincerely do justice to their figures get more attention from men. 

Pay attention to the parts of yourself that you wish to accentuate.

Talk via Facial Expressions

Instead of pulling off a resting bitch face combined with a get-in-bed-with-me face, give him the best smile you have. 

He’ll notice and be attracted to your natural self more than a face that you just put on – which might also be intimidating to some. Again, speak with your eyes.

A girl showing off her lovely smile to her boyfriend
A girl showing off her lovely smile to her boyfriend

Bend & Snap

If you haven’t watched Legally Blonde, you’re genuinely missing out on many awesome tips. My friend, the ‘bend & snap’ that she teaches sincerely works wonders. 

You have to drop something, bend down to get it, and snap back into a standing position. Just let him get a hint of that fine ass.

Look at His Lips When He’s Talking to You

Last but never the least, this one is highly effective. Look at his lips and watch them move amid a conversation. He’ll notice your eye movement and instantly know you’re imagining kissing him. It’ll turn him on in seconds because he’ll picture it too!

How Do You Text Flirty?

We are surrounded by technology. It is hard to believe that not over two decades ago, we had to call and meet someone before we could flirt with them.

Technology has made things simpler, as we can easily flirt over text today. The process is simple, and the primary objective is to generate intrigue for the real-life action to come; unless you are in a long-distance relationship.

You can text flirtatiously by giving subtle hints and generating their interest. Make sure that the flirting is two-way. 

A woman flirting with her boyfriend through text
A woman flirting with her boyfriend through text

What Words Make a Man Fall in Love? 

Tell them you need them. A man is either attracted emotionally or physically. Make sure you pull both strings correctly. 

You can make a guy chase you through the texts below: 

  1. Everything you say turns me on. No one has ever had that kind of impact on me.

Build exclusivity. Show them how they turn you on. Build a connection.

  1. I want to feel every inch of your body on top of mine. Rub your skin against mine.

Skin-to-skin contact excites men. There’s nothing to get them started better than some raunchy contact.

  1. Let’s make a deal. You see me naked; I see you naked tonight.

Let it all out in the open. Make a deal they cannot refuse.

  1. Kiss me from the lips to the hips. I love it when you blow your tongue… Down there!

The pause is necessary. Dramatics are important for sexting when you want to flirt.

  1. What do you want us to do in bed tonight?

Let them guess. Help them figure out what they want. Make them think.

Is It Okay to Send Hot Romantic Text Messages to a Guy?

Yes, it’s completely okay to send a hot romantic text message to a guy you’re dating. While texting your partner all the time isn’t encouraged, sending a romantic text message now and then is a good way to make him feel special and loved. 


The world of flirting and seduction is host to several tips and tricks. With the guidelines, text messages, and templates we have mentioned here, you are all set to manage your relationship’s hot and romantic aspects.

Before you can impress your partner in real life, you need to impress them with your hot and romantic text messages.

We hope our guide is useful here.

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