How Does A Virgo Man Act When He’s In Love (Know The Signs)

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Virgos are dependable, unafraid to prioritize love, and honest. What more could a woman want? Perhaps this is a sign that a Virgo man is into her. 

Whether you’re casually dating a Virgo or simply working with one and occasionally flirting, love can happen at any point. 

This post goes over the usual signs that a Virgo man is in love with you. Towards the end, it also covers how you can make a Virgo male fall in love with you. 

But first, let’s look at what a Virgo man is like in a romantic context.

Virgo Man’s Defining Traits (What Are They like?)

A Virgo Man Falls Slow but Hard 

Virgo men take their time to trust others. The same applies to any sort of emotional connection, especially love. But their pace of “falling in love” is different from what is considered the norm.

A Virgo man will initially seem indifferent until he decides it is safe to give in to his feelings for you. Then it will seem like he has switched personalities overnight as he will suddenly be in love. This is a result of how Virgos process love and compartmentalize it. 

He Has Integrity And Is Reliable 

One of the reasons why Virgo males take so long to fall in love is that their level of integrity is different from the average person. As a result, they’re generally disappointed in the extent to which people tend to keep their words. 

A couple having a nice date together outside
A couple having a nice date together outside

Except for the most jaded Virgos, most male Virgos tend to keep their word and have a generally higher level of integrity than most men and women. They are reliable because of this. When you date one, you can rest assured that he will fulfill his promises to you.

 The only time an average Virgo man fails to keep his word is when he forgets about it. Still, he takes responsibility when reminded, which is the most reliable trait in a romantic partner.

A Virgo Male Might Come Off as Blunt 

Virgo men are allergic to dishonesty, especially their own. They hate being lied to and equally hate lying. While this is a generally positive trait, many Virgos can take it to an extreme where they disregard all sugarcoating. If you’ve dated a blunt man before, you know that there is value in a degree of sugarcoating. 

Virgo men, unfortunately, avoid sugar coating, hedging, and couching words. They can come off as harsh, which is harder to accept initially. But once you know your partner and how he truly feels about you, you don’t read too much into his overly straightforward choice of words.

Ways A Virgo Man Act Will Express His Love

How Does a Virgo Man Act When He’s in Love
How Does a Virgo Man Act When He’s in Love

Now that you know the type of man a Virgo is when in love, you can decide if you want to get into a relationship with one. If you do, then this section will be a guide to when you can assume it is safe to show your interest. Knowing the signs of a Virgo man being in love with you empowers you to confidently approach and talk to a guy you know is already in love with you. 

It is also a good indicator for girls who want to assess whether their Friends with Benefits arrangement or casual dating is moving in a more serious direction. Here are the top five dead giveaways that a Virgo man is in love.

He Discusses Future Plans With You

Virgo men are preferred by many women because they don’t play games. Men, in general, start thinking about the future with the person they are in love with. But they generally avoid discussing such plans with the person they are dating or are with out of fear that the confession might be too forward. 

A Virgo man doesn’t hide that he is thinking about the future. If he loves you, he’s already making plans, and if he’s a Virgo, he will discuss them with you. That said, Virgos take a long time to trust people. If he is at a stage where he is not willing to accept his feelings, he will discuss general plans with you. 

If you find him talking to you at length about his solo plans for the future, chances are, he’s dying to talk about your future together but is now allowing himself to admit his feelings.

He Prioritizes You With His Time

It is rare for a Virgo to love someone and not make time for them. Their straightforward nature demands that the person they care about gets a bulk of their time. A Virgo man will text you all the time, have long in-person conversations with you wherever possible, and make it seem like his time is unlimited. 

If you never feel like you have to fight anything else on a Virgo man’s schedule, you can be sure he’s falling for you. The best thing about this sign is that it becomes evident to everyone well before a Virgo notices that he is in love. 

If the person you’re casually dating makes so much time for you that you never have to think about other things on his to-do list, you’re his top priority. That’s as strong a sign as there can be for any man to be in love.

He Goes Out of His Way To Help You

Virgos generally focus on the thing they feel is the most important. Before a Virgo male falls in love, he is mostly focusing on his career and prioritizing his work. When he falls in love, there is a drastic shift in priorities that is clear from how he acts. Virgo men want to please the person they love, which means they will do almost anything within reason for love. 

A guy helping his girlfriend while hiking
A guy helping his girlfriend while hiking

As mentioned earlier, Virgo men fall hard in love. The problem with this sign is that it takes a long time to manifest. Initially, a Virgo man might actively suppress it because he is afraid to make his love too obvious. 

If you find a Virgo suddenly acting too busy or refusing to help in anything but can feel that he cares for you, chances are that he is in love and is dealing with internal resistance. The best course of action in this scenario is to be patient and avoid forcing a confession. Eventually, a Virgo man always chooses love, so you can be sure he will come around.

He Cares for You but Gets Possessive, Occasionally

Virgo men don’t hide when they care for someone. That’s why a Virgo will be more affectionate with you when he is in love. If you find it hard to tell whether he loves you or not, he might be internally resisting his feelings or may not be interested in you. 

But once a Virgo decides to give into how he feels about you, he shows a lot more affection. Because of the cultural backlash against possessiveness, men don’t get as controllable as they used to.

However, Virgo men don’t care too much about what others think and can let their controlling side slip to center stage at times. If he has slight possessive tendencies, he’s in love.

He’s More Loyal to You Than to His Friends

If you’ve never had to compete for his attention, he likes you a lot. And Virgos usually don’t show that they like someone until they love them. 

So, if you know he likes you more than a friend, he’s probably already in love and is waiting for the culturally acceptable period before he can confess how he feels. 

If you don’t want him to wait months to tell you that he’s in love, you can simply mention how you find it weird that in TV shows, couples can take years before saying the L word.

He Remembers Things and Makes Romantic Gestures

Virgo men are detail-oriented but can avoid remembering anything they’re not super-focused on. They remember the tiniest things regarding their work. 

And when a Virgo man is in love, he remembers the smallest details about what you like and dislike. It is not uncommon for a Virgo to notice a passing remark you make about something and tailor a grand gesture around it. If he loves you, you’ll feel loved.

He Discusses His Problems With You

Virgo men are extremely guarded about their problems and avoid oversharing with someone they don’t trust. And in situations like casual dating, friends with benefits, or friendship after a fling, Virgos are unable to detach trust from love. That’s because they don’t allow themselves to love someone they don’t trust and vice-versa. 

A guy opening up to his girlfriend
A guy opening up to his girlfriend

So if you’ve had moments where you think, “that’s TMI,” he’s probably in love with you and is sharing more than is fair. 

This sign by itself isn’t as sure of an indicator of love as the more romantic ones, but it can be used in conjunction with other signs to confirm how a Virgo male feels about you.

He Finds Excuses To Be With You or Talk to You

Virgo men prioritize who they love over most things in their lives. They also value authentic communication, company, and conversation. So, if you find a Virgo man talking to you all the time, it is very likely that he loves you. 

But this has to be aided by some display of romantic affection because Virgos can also give an unfathomable amount of time to platonic friends. 

But if you are dating, flirting often, or have had sex, and he’s spending more time with you than is necessary to just have sex, he’s falling for you. Whether he is still dealing with internal resistance is exposed by the content of his conversations and how much time he spends talking vs. listening.

He Listens to You More Often and at Length

A Virgo man pays attention to the person he loves. And while Virgos open up to the girls they love, they also listen to their partners. If he spends a significant portion of your conversations listening to you, he loves you. This has to be paired with other romantic gestures, or at least flirtation. Otherwise, he might just like you a lot, but platonically. 

The portion that he spends listening to you shouldn’t be compared with the time he spends talking because that is dictated by individual extroversion and introversion. You should compare how much he listens to you with how much he listens to others. If he listens to you more, he prioritizes you more.

How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love?

How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love
How to Make a Virgo Man Fall in Love

Making a Virgo man fall in love requires you to use the theory of cyclical cause and effect. If you stand confidently, you will start feeling confident. If you force a smile for one minute, you start feeling happy. If you slouch, you start feeling defeated. 

It is observed that if humans act the way they would act under an emotion, they start feeling that emotion. In other words, you can make a Virgo man fall in love by making him do the things he would do when in love. This does require a baseline level of attraction.

  • Get him to open up – Virgos open up to those they love. When he opens up to you, he’ll be more open to falling in love. 
  • Ask for help within reason – Virgo males help those they love and can fall in love with those they support.
  • Talk to him about the future – Since talking about their future is something Virgo men do almost exclusively with women they love, getting them to discuss their plans can improve the chances of deeper romance.
  • Allow him to guide you – If his possessive tendencies are triggered, he will stop internally resisting love. 
  • Give him a small responsibility – Asking him to take care of your pet over the weekend or water your plants can get him into the support and dependability mode synonymous with Virgo romance. If you don’t want to be a bother, just ask him to remind you of a specific chore later in the day.


Virgo men make dependable husbands and honest boyfriends. But they usually fall in love slowly, and it can take a while for their partners to notice that they are in love. 

You should look for signs of support, affection, and future planning as these often correspond with a Virgo falling in love.

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