How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You?

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How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

Undeniably, ghosting is one of the ugliest truths of online dating. 

You meet a guy; all is going well, and you even go out on a few dates. But all of a sudden, he ghosts you. No texts, no calls, nothing!

While this will definitely affect your self-esteem and shake your confidence, trust me, it’s not you. It’s him.

Keep on reading ahead for a few surefire tips to make a guy regret ghosting you and give him a taste of his own medicine.

10 Ways to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You

1. Don’t Run After the Ghost

Control your emotions even if you miss him a lot. Things will be rough, but checking their stories would not do you any good. If you keep following him, you’re only adding to your misery. 

So, even if you can’t block him everywhere, at least don’t run behind him. Unfollow him to feel better. 

2. Social Media is the Best Revenge

Woman snaps a picture of her friend to upload to Instagram.
Woman snaps a picture of her friend to upload to Instagram.

Gear up, girl!

Start posting more. Take your social media game up a notch. 

Let him see you thriving and smiling as if nothing happened.

Yes! Nothing really happened because you were clear about your feelings. He was not. So, he should see you more often to realize what he’s missed. 

Take selfies, go out with friends, have fantastic food, and have the time of your life.  Make Instagram posts that show you’re over him.

Don’t post sad quotes. If he had been that considerate, he wouldn’t have ghosted you in the first place. 

3. Be a Better Version of Yourself

Self-care is always the best revenge. Anyone who ghosted you because they thought you were not enough should see that you were more than enough. 

If he couldn’t like you the way you were, make him chase the version he wanted you to become. 

On point hair, a sweet smile, and dressed to kill. That’s your next avatar!

And once he turns head over heels for you again, ghost him like he did.

Karma is real!

So is your time and energy invested in an undeserving man. Ghost him when he thinks that he is just there. No courtesy at all!

4. Don’t Show That You’re Hurt

Smiling woman sitting in front of a dining table
Smiling woman sitting in front of a dining table.

People come and go. Life goes on.

Keep repeating this mantra in your head when he leaves you hanging. 

Deep down, you miss him, and you’re still waiting for him to return. But is it wise to waste your true feelings on someone who couldn’t properly call it quits?

Definitely not. 

Will you be able to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t have a direction?

Of course not.

Then why give him the pleasure of seeing you in misery? Chin-up. Roll up your sleeves and get back to life again. 

The earlier you do so, the harder it will hit him.

5. Find a Better Partner

Did he leave a scar that nobody seems to fill? Well, as cliche as it may sound, time heals every scar. More so if you never stop the hustle. Because hey! There’s a lot of fish in the sea. 

Isn’t it better if you keep looking for someone who knows their emotional state better than the ghost? The ghost was terrible at it. 

He couldn’t understand what he was up to until, one day, he decided to quit all conflict, take the easy route, and leave a sobbing woman behind.

That’s not manly enough.

I am sure there are many better people out there in the world who are genuinely looking for a partner. Now that you know what kind of men to avoid keep looking for the right guy.

Once you meet him, take some selfies and give your ex enough gin to get drunk on jealousy.

6. Act Like a Stranger If you See Him In-Person

Young woman in the park ignoring the guy trying to talk to her
Young woman in the park ignoring the guy trying to talk to her.

When you bump into the ghost, the chances are that you will have an urge to talk to him. 

If not talking to him, you may get anxious due to the flashbacks. That’s the real test, though. Whatever you feel, contain that to yourself.

Act as if you haven’t seen the guy at all. 

If, by chance, he tries to talk to you (which most ghosts wouldn’t attempt), act as if you don’t remember his face. Look surprised and ask him who he is.

That’s exactly what he did when he ghosted you, so this time, make him taste his own medicine.

A ghost doesn’t deserve any acknowledgment of any sort. Remember, he left you without closure.

7. Get Over Him

Unfollowing him is one thing. Getting over him is another.

If you firmly get over him by taking up better activities, he will not get the drama he wanted to see. There will be no pleading and running behind as he expected.

That will cause a severe blow to his fragile ego that wants to see you chasing him despite his inappropriate behavior. 

Even if you’re not over him, act as if you haven’t felt a thing about him ghosting you. Make him feel that his existence in your life was nothing of the sort that you would be crying for. 

Instead, he was one of the many people you kept in touch with.

8. Have a Firm Belief That It Was Him, Not You

When someone ghosts you, the first thought in your mind is that you’re not enough. You start a battle within yourself where you start hating yourself. The only reason was that you were not enough to make the guy stay.

However, that’s the opposite of what happened. It was not you who had problems, and it was him who didn’t know how to end things gracefully. 

You may think you rejected him because he ghosted you, but that’s not true. You didn’t deserve a guy who didn’t even know how to act sensibly in difficult situations. 

A ghost left you because he didn’t know what to do with you. It has nothing to do with your hair, looks, dress sense, or anything for that matter. 

You’re better off without someone so emotionally weak and who is terrible at expressing himself.

Once you believe in his inefficacy, you will face him like a boss. That, in turn, would make him rethink the choices he made earlier.

9. Don’t Get Bitter

Being ghosted isn’t a piece of cake. Your confidence shatters. Your self-image is destroyed. You start picking things up in yourself that never existed, and to top it all off, you start hating the ghost.

Trust me, hating someone doesn’t do any good to you. 

Instead, it leaves you in a vicious circle of negative energy. You’re consumed by the thoughts of teaching him a lesson when he is having fun in his new life. 

So, who is paying here? You. You’re paying heavily with your mental health.

To get rid of the bitterness, calm yourself down. Practice meditation to help you see better things in life. Zip up your lips about what he did. Instead, act as if he has stopped existing.

He will feel it hard, girl!

10. Say No When the Ghost Shows Up Again

Assertive woman saying no by hand gesture
Assertive woman saying no by hand gesture.

Get this straight in your head. No matter how much you loved him, if he comes back, don’t welcome him. It might be the toughest in some situations when your kind soul is anxious to take him in. 

However, it is downright stupid to go back to square one when you know what next will happen. 

He was unsure of his feelings before, and he will not be sure of his feelings now. So, a straight no is your weapon. That’s when he will revisit his decision to ghost you for the first time. So, let it be. 

Here’s a great resource to solve the dilemmas attached to ghosting.

Ghosting: What to Expect?

Now that you know how you need to act if you’re ghosted and heartbroken, here are some more insights related to ghosting:

Do Guys Come Back After Ghosting You?

Most of the time, the guy who ghosted you will come backMost ghosts leave because they find a new partner, and after spending their time on another girl, the bubble bursts. 

However, a ghost will never admit that he was wrong in leaving you uninformed because he wants to exercise unsaid control over your life where he comes and goes as he wishes.

How Do Guys Feel When They Ghost You?

Man is alone in his room, feeling bad over ghosting a female.
Man is alone in his room, feeling bad over ghosting a woman.

If you think that the ghost will immediately regret ghosting, you’re wrong. Sometimes, the primary reason for ghosting a girl is attachment problems or disturbed self-esteem. 

So, if the ghost has suffered from any of these, he is only trying to fix his problems.

Other times, a guy ghosts because he thinks he has found someone better. He may have a little guilt somewhere in his mind (that becomes a reason for the grand return).

Another uncommon reason for ghosting women is narcissism. He cannot stand you anymore. In this case, a man thinks that he is too good for any woman. He will never feel any regret; rather, his return, too, will be an ego boost he will get if you still miss him.

How Long With No Contact is Considering Ghosting? 

If someone is not answering you, there might be an emergency. A couple of days are enough in an emergency, but waiting for more than three days is not intelligent. 

Some ghosts will drop clear clues, like he sees texts and does not respond, or he will block you right away when he doesn’t feel like having you as their partner.

In any case, three days is a reasonable time to wait for someone and then get back to your old routine without giving him the attention that he craves.

What Does Ghosting Say About a Man?

A man who ghosts you simply doesn’t regard your feelings. He is self-obsessed to the extent that he doesn’t think about how his actions will affect you mentally. 

Moreover, such men don’t deserve a place in your life when they return with an excuse.

A ghost doesn’t have the guts to stay upfront about his feelings and call it quits. So, such a man lacks character, and he chooses a shortcut over the more appropriate way of breaking up.

Why Would a Guy Ghost a Girl He Likes?

No man ghosts a girl whom he really likes. If he likes you, he will not ghost you. As simple as that. 

When he ghosts you, it might mean the relationship is not working for him, and he doesn’t want confrontation, Why do guys choose to ghost women?.

When things are perfect between a couple, there is no way one of the two will ghost because breaking up is the better option when there are differences.

Should I Text a Guy Who Ghosted Me?

A woman undecided if she will text the guy who ghosted her
A woman undecided if she will text the guy who ghosted her.

For three days, you can keep trying, but once it is established that he is out of the relationship, there’s no point in texting him. By texting him, you’re feeding his ego, which was his primary goal in ghosting you.

When someone ghosts you and returns, you should not entertain him because he is seeking control over your emotions. He wants his place back, just to leave you again. 

So, you’d be better off keeping him out of your life for good.

How to Get Over a Guy Who Ghosted You?

There are a few sure-shot ways of getting over the ghost:

  • Block him everywhere.
  • Find a new, better partner.
  • Adapt self-care.
  • Post on your social media more often to make him see what he has missed.
  • Stay happy.

The last point is the most crucial because if you throw off the sadness immediately, it will help you heal and feel better.

The Bottomline 

The online dating space is particularly seeing the trend of ghosting. A guy spends time with you, has some dates, exudes likeness, and suddenly he gets lost in thin air. 

It’s hard to believe something like this happened at first, but once you realize that he has left, there’s no way you should make it a big deal.

Apply all the ten tips discussed in the article, and move on as swiftly as he did. 

After all, there’s no time for drama in a woman’s life.

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