How To Turn Him On Without Being Obvious – Secretly Seduce Him!

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How To Turn Him On Without Being Obvious

Most women don’t understand that turn-ons for guys aren’t always physical. While a gentle caress can cause sparks to fly, the more subtle things make a guy want you. It is all about being able to read the situation and select the right turn on.

You can secretly turn on your man without even touching him. It makes it all the more exciting. With that in mind, here are a few tips to turn him on without being obvious. One thing to note: you don’t have to drape yourself over a guy to get his attention.

How Can I Secretly Turn My Man On?

There are several proven techniques on how to get your man in the mood without making it too obvious. You can engage strategies that will secretly turn your man on. It’s more fun when you’re pulling the strings from the background.

Tips To Secretly Turning Him On

There’s no doubt that men love women who are confident and sexy. But if he doesn’t respond to your flirting, then you might be wondering how to turn him on without being obvious. Here are a few tips to help you get his attention without coming off too strong.

Make Subtle Eye Contact

Couple staring at each other while talking at home
Couple staring at each other while talking at home.

To turn your man on secretly, you have to be deliberate. One of the things you should do is increase the frequency of your eye contact. 

As a woman, eye contact with a man may not mean much to you, but it makes a world of difference to a man. By deliberately stealing glances at him, you would be turning up the volume.

Then, go red.

Wear Something Red

Beautiful lady wearing red long sleeve shirt
Beautiful lady wearing red long sleeve shirt.

Red is a wonderful color. Did you know that red can increase excitement in the body, like pulse rate and blood pressure? 

There’s something red does to the psyche of a man sexually. Research suggests no other color does the magic so seamlessly. That doesn’t mean you make the color too obvious, though. Red lipstick and red underwear (which you’ll deliberately make obvious) will strike a chord. 

Wear Clothing That Gets His Attention

Wear revealing clothes that expose some parts of your body like the thigh, back, or just enough chest.

Smell Good

A man smelling woman's hair
A man smelling woman’s hair.

You should also scantily wear perfume. This should get him in the mood if he’s still contemplating. A pleasant smell does wonders. Don’t make the mistake of making it too heavy, though. 

Give Him a Hug

Hugging him can be a fantastic yet subtle way to turn him on. Hugs are a catch-all move; they convey so much emotion. To take it a step further, you can hold the hug for much longer than you normally would.

Squeeze a little harder and rub his back slowly. You can put your arm under his to get a closer snuggle. Then go for the kill by pressing your body firmly against his


Young happy pillow pillow playfighting in the bedroom
Young happy pillow pillow playfighting in the bedroom.

I know what you are thinking, but you are never too old to play fight. Playfighting and adding some tickling into the mix can be a great excuse to touch each other. Find out what part of his body is ticklish, and then get to work. 

If both of you end up on the floor, so be it.

Massage His Feet

For some reason, people believe only women love foot massages. It could be because only women ask for them. Turn your man on by offering a foot massage.

There is nothing nicer than taking the time to give him a foot massage after a hard day’s work. And as most women know… foot massages never end there. When massaging his feet, take it slow. Get some massage oil.

And then work your way up from the ball of his feet to the calf. Tease him a bit by venturing even further, but make sure you finish the massage first.

Let Your Hair Down

Letting your hair down is just that! If you have your hair up most of the time, simply putting your hair down can mix things up. A survey reveals that the first thing 89% of men notice in a woman is her hair.

Switching it up by letting your hair down can work wonders. You even get bonus points if you let your hair down right before him. Want to take it further? Try the slow-mo sexy toss.

Letting her beautiful wavy hair down
Letting her beautiful wavy hair down.

Play the Amnesia Game

No, you don’t have to get amnesia. It is beneficial if you have been with him for a while. This game is all about roleplaying. Guys enjoy roleplaying, and you don’t have to come up with something convoluted.

Start with the simple “strangers meeting at the bar.” Head off the bar and order a drink, then wait for him to show up and sit right next to you. You act like you don’t know him, and he doesn’t know you.

He takes the time to introduce himself, and you both begin a conversation like strangers. He’d ask to buy you a drink if he’s a gentleman. You let him, and that kicks off the flirtation. That’s all it is. The night can end however you want it to.

This role-playing session is guaranteed to get him going.

This is a turn-on for him because it combines the thrill of flirting with a stranger in a bar with the comfort of safety. The roleplaying game is especially great if you have been dating for a while.

We tend to take the people in our lives for granted, not because of any ill intent but simply because of familiarity. 

Pretending to be strangers can help you both get that chemistry and appreciation that might be missing.

Create a Secret Signal

You can come up with a signal that shows him you are thinking provocative thoughts about him. This signal can be your cue to let him know it’s time to ditch the boring mixer or movie you are at. This tip is more inclined to those in a relationship, casual or not.

It could be something simple like playing with your hair, putting it over your ear, or even winking. The great thing about having a secret signal is that you can use it anywhere, and no one else would be wiser. You can use it at the store, when out with friends, or even at that family dinner.

You Make The First Move

Woman confidently flirting with a man she likes
Woman confidently flirting with a man she likes.

While making your interest known to a guy, flirting with him, or even asking him out might seem daunting, it is a sure-fire way to get his attention. 

In a world where men are taught to “chase,” it is refreshing to have a woman walk up to you and display her interest. To a guy, a woman that makes the first move appears confident, one that goes after what she wants. At first, he might be surprised but definitely pleased. 

If you feel that the man in question is interested, take the bold step and ask him for his number or on a date. The worst answer you can get is no!

Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful non-verbal communication tool. You see it in the movies all the time. The guy at the bar is making eye contact with the girl that just walked through the door. While most of what you see in movies is make-believe, this is undoubtedly true. If eye contact works one way, it definitely works the other way.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a guy you just met and have never spoken to or your partner you have been with for months or years; eye contact is highly effective at seducing a man. Understandably, it can be terrifying to lock eyes with someone you are attracted to.

Eye contact makes us feel vulnerable. It feels like someone is staring right into you, and they do say the eyes are the window to the soul.

But that is the point!

Making eye contact for an extended time signifies your interest. It can also be incredibly sexy. Our eyes tell others about us, and when you look into someone’s eyes, it feels like you can really see who they are.

This makes it one of the biggest turn-ons for both men and women!

How Do You Know if a Guy is Turned on by You?

A man is eager to talk to the girl on the car
A man is eager to talk to the girl on the car.

The exciting thing about being in love with anyone is that it can’t be hidden – for long. 

If you’re wondering if that guy Is really turned on by you, or you’re the one that is in dreamland, there are simple ways to know. Although men are different, they react the same way when they’re turned on by a woman.

Observe him

You must have observed that he always finds an opportunity to be with you or speak with you (if he’s far away). And when he comes, he rarely wants to leave. You must have looked at his eyes when he’s around you. Do his pupils dilate? He’s in.

Does he look at you?

Of course, if he’s turned on by you, you must have caught him staring occasionally. Men don’t waste their eye contact, and if he frequently looks -no, stares at you-, take it to the bank. He’s turned on.

Is he fidgety and nervous?

Again, if he fidgets and becomes nervous around you, you have his head wrapped around your heart. If he can suppress the nerves and hold you, feel some pressure, or his hugs are pretty tight, you have the keys to turning him on.

Then when he speaks, do you hear a deeper, more baritone sound? That’s the man inside coming out. And that only happens when he’s turned on. 

Final words of wisdom

Whatever it is that he finds exciting, with the above tips, you can use it to your benefit and turn him on without him even knowing. If you do it right, he’ll thank you later.

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