How To Seduce A Man Over A Text Message

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how to seduce a man over text message

So, you are into him as he is into you. You probably went on a date, and jeez! You can’t get over him. 

But how do you keep it thrilling when you are away from him? 

Seducing a man over text is not as easy as doing it in person. You can use body language to do the trick in his presence, something you can’t do over text. 

But it isn’t impossible. You just have to master a few tricks and make it as electrifying as it should be.

This article will teach you how to seduce your man over text and make him want you even more. 

Let’s dive right in!

Step By Step Guide On How To Seduce A Man Over Text Message

Step By Step Guide On How To Seduce A Man Over Text Message

Start light, keep the conversation flowing, and make everything interesting. Now spike his imagination and leave him craving for more.

Step 1: Start light

Don’t go all the way in for different reasons. One, it may not be a good time. He is probably very busy with work or is out with friends.

Second, he may not be in the mood. That’s why you should always start light, basically to test the waters.

Send something casual, a simple greeting, and let his response guide you. You can send something like;

  • Hey handsome, I hope you are having a great day.
  • Hey you, how is the busy day taking you? 
  • Hey, how are you today?

His response will prompt your next move. And to be very sure, ask what he is doing after the first response. If he sounds chilled and seems interested in a chat, take the next action.

Step 2: Keep him engaged and the conversation flowing

Now that the atmosphere is welcoming, the next thing is to keep him engaged. To do that, talk about something that interests him. However, it should be close to the end goal. Remember, you intend to entice him, so don’t go talking about his political or career interests unless you are sure of a twist that will lead to the goal.

Again, don’t make it so obvious to avoid sounding “thirsty,” if you know what I mean. Go slowly to build that romantic ambiance where you can talk about almost anything thrilling. 

If he loves movies, you can talk about romance movies in detail. Ask him his favorite and what he liked about it. This will be intriguing if you have seen the movie too. You will have spicy comments to make while keeping him engaged and the conversation lively. 

Besides, talking about romantic movies to seduce seems like a smart move. It creates the intended mood easily and doesn’t seem obvious. 

Step 3: Make the conversation interesting

Just because you picked his topic of interest doesn’t mean you are all done. It’s the first step, but you also need to keep the conversation interesting.

I know it’s not all up to you; that’s why the first two steps are very important. If you achieved that successfully, you are already engaged in the conversation; you just need to make it spicier.

Ask him follow-up questions and gauge his responses. This allows him to give more details, which means talking more and arousing interest.  

If you are talking about romantic movies, bring up relatable ones. Compare the characters and interesting scenes while keeping it casual. You can also throw in cute compliments to make him feel special.

Use cute emojis to express emotions and funny suggestive memes to make a point while paying attention to his responses.

Chances are he is now sailing in your boat, so you can flirt a little and watch if he follows suit. 

Step 4: Spike his imagination

Now go all the way in. Be confident enough and send those flirty texts to get him aroused and wooed. 

The best way to flirt via text is by sending messages that spike imagination. Besides, flirty texts build up to evocative topics.

The key to provoking his imagination seductively is by setting the shyness aside. And since you have already set the mood, you are bound to entice him quickly. He may even pick up and start seducing you too!

These texts work all the time:

  • I just got out of the shower, trying to apply lotion all over my body.
  • Can’t find any of my underwear. Guess I will be sleeping freestyle tonight.
  • I watched a funny sex scene earlier today. Bet we could do better.
A man received a sexy message from his girlfriend
A man received a sexy message from his girlfriend.

All of the above spike imagination. For example, in the first one, he will picture you naked applying lotion, which will turn up the heat and lead to more evocative topics.

Another way is to send questions that spike his imagination. For example;

  • How would you respond if I kissed you slowly and passionately right now?
  • If we were to act in a romantic movie, which role would you pick?
  • I love kissing. Do you?

He will be thinking about your questions as he responds and tries to imagine things. That’s what you want to let him tell you about it. 

Step 5: Leave him wanting more

You’ve spiked his imagination; now, all he wants is you. Leave him imagining and craving for more.

Hear me out. If you go all the way (probably sexting), what’s the fun? Your goal was to seduce, so once you’ve done that, stop at that. Keep it short and sweet.

It makes him interested, so he is left with the excitement of having you around and doing those things with you in person. And again, you get to build the tension so he can’t wait to see you next.

I bet he will think about your conversations for a while. It won’t stop at that. This means you will be on his mind for some time. That’s what you want, to charm him enough so he thinks about you almost always.

How Do You Seduce-Text?

a happy man and woman are texting one another
Happy man and woman texting each other.

The key to seduce-texting lies more in the timing than how you do it. Think about it this way, whatever you say, no matter how seductive, may have no impact if you send it when he is swamped with work.

Besides, what’s the point of sending a thrilling text if it won’t spike a conversation? You need a flowing conversation to achieve your goal.

That’s why timing is everything. Possibly when he’s had a hot shower and is relaxing on a couch waiting to retire to bed. 

You see, he is relaxing, so his mood is lifted and he has time to reply to your texts. You can easily seduce him at such a time because the conversation is likely to flow.

Now that your timing is on point, determine his mood via his response to the first few texts. Next, grab his attention so he is fully into texting and has abandoned whatever he was doing, probably watching a movie while relaxing.

You are now set to follow the above step-by-step guide. However, you will skip step one as you’ve already determined the mood and timing. 

How Do You Make a Guy Desire You Over Text?

Tell him how much you want him. Men love to feel wanted as much as we do. Send him texts that make him feel special by telling him how he makes you feel.

Send texts about what you want him to do to you. And don’t beat around the bush; be as specific as possible, but keep some mystery. 

Use allusions and hints as they are sexier than straight-up talks. You can also send evocative pictures, but only if you want to. And again, don’t be too explicit; you may appear ‘thirsty.’ 

Text message and a sexy photo

Sensual poses while partially clothed are better than stark nudes.

You want to lead him on, so play along with anything he might like. It should be fun, both for you and him; therefore, include things that entice you too. 

What To Text A Man To Make Him Want You

What do you feel about him? I know you gave several answers, so share them with him.

If you want to touch him in a certain way, text him that. Make it vivid enough so he can picture it in his mind and want it. 

However, don’t send lengthy texts. We said, “Keep it short and sweet,” only to spike his imagination.  

Whatever turns you on when you see him makes him want you more. So if how he smells is a turn-on, text him that. Just remember to make it spicier so he is excited when he next sees you. 

You can try something like:

  • I can still smell you over that hug. Damn! Your scent turns me on.
  • I like the way you touch my waist when we hug. It’s a turn-on (winking emoji).
  • I had a busy day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what I will do to you when we meet?
  • What’s the dirtiest thing you would do to me? I would… (say what you would do).

Bottom line

Seducing someone over text can be as much fun as doing it in person. You just have to do it right and make it as electrifying as it should be. You’re attracted to him, so you should tell him in a way that turns him on and makes him look forward to seeing you again. 

Put in the work, be you, and let everything flow. Remember, it should come out naturally, so it doesn’t sound fake. In the end, the aim of seducing is to make him want you more. Therefore, do it in a way that makes that happen. Have fun!

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