MFM Meaning In Dating: Everything You Need To Know About MFM

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MFM Meaning In Dating

If you are a fan of romance novels, you might have come across the term MFM. What came to mind when you first heard or read this acronym?

Well, MFM stands for male, female, and male. But what does it mean? Is it acceptable?

This article answers all your questions about the acronym MFM to help you understand its exact meaning. 

Even better, it goes deeper to explain the psychology behind MFM sexuality and whether it’s acceptable in society. 

Let’s begin by understanding the meaning.

What Is the Meaning of MFM in Dating?

The “M” stands for male, while the “F” stands for female. Therefore, MFM stands for male, female, and male in that exact order.

I believe by now you have a clue about what the acronym means in dating. Two males and one female, but not necessarily in a relationship. 

Let’s uncover the details.

Definition of MFM in Slang 

When someone uses the term MFM in dating, they mean a threesome involving two men and one woman. 

So when someone asks if you are down for an MFM, don’t just give a yes or no before knowing what you are agreeing or refuting. 

Meaning of MFM in the Bedroom

The acronym MFM is common in romance novels when depicting a bedroom fantasy. Authors use it to mean that intimacy is between two men and one woman. 

Today, it’s more than a fantasy as people practice it and explore sex. However, in most cases, the males are not bisexual. This means they only practice sex with females.

Three people sleeping on bed after exploring their MFM sexuality
Three people sleeping on bed after exploring their MFM sexuality

As a result, the males don’t touch each other (in a sexual way) at any point. It’s strictly sex between the man and the woman involved, regardless of being a threesome. 

I’m emphasizing this because if the males are bisexual, then the context changes. We no longer have an MFM, but an MMF. The two are very different, as in the case of MMF, the males can touch each other and explore sex together. 

So everyone will be engaging in a sex act with anyone (male to male and male to female). 

The origin of MFM

Now that you know the meaning, where did this term come from?

MFM is kind of an addition to slash fiction. To begin with, slash fiction is a category of fiction writing that describes characters in a sexual relationship. 

Initially, the term “slash” referred to male characters in a sexual act. With time, the word was used to refer to any character of the same sex in a romance scene. 

So basically, it started as FF and MM to mean female versus female and male versus male. 

However, the writers wrote the abbreviations as F/F and M/M. They then did away with the slashes, and boom! Tons and tons of mm and ff. Even though capitalization was no longer an issue. 

Today, you can read a romance novel with “mmm” and “fff” or a combination of both, and if you don’t know the meaning, you are left wondering if the author made a mistake. 

From slash fiction depicting same-sex combinations, writers started to combine the letters to mean romance fiction involving different genders. And MFM, among others, came into existence. 

The Psychology of MFM Sexuality

The Psychology of MFM Sexuality
The Psychology of MFM Sexuality

The issue of MFM is highly debatable. While some are against it, others embrace it and are open to the idea of participating in one.

It’s uncommon for men to agree to an MFM where the female is their partner. I mean, how do you share your woman with another man? 

You see, an MFM involves heterosexual parties, so the man is not benefiting in any way unless they enjoy watching their woman with another man. And though it may sound weird, some men would find it pleasing.

A woman open to the idea of an MFM may be judged as “greedy.” She can’t be sexually satisfied by one man. 

Whether you agree or not, it is up to you. However, whatever your stand, you shouldn’t be harsh on those on the opposite side.

We enjoy different foods, and even when we like the same food, we prefer it cooked a certain way. 

In the same way, sex exploration appeals differently to different people. A lot has changed, and some people may find sex with one person boring.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be polyamorous to try MFM. Even monogamists find it fun. After all, you are not getting into a relationship with the parties involved. It’s more about having fun and exploring in the bedroom. You can even try it once and be done.

But what compels one to engage in sex with multiple people simultaneously? 

Well, some people find the notion of “sex monogamy” misguided, so they fought hard to break free of this cultural influence. And once they did, it was liberating, and they found MFM enjoyable. 

So when you think about it, an individual’s cultural conditioning highly influences their take on MFM. 

Is MFM Acceptable?

If I’m being honest, the idea of MFM is discussed behind closed doors, no matter how modern we are.

Even those who practice it don’t announce it to the world. You might enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean everyone will understand it’s what you want. 

MFM having fun dancing in a club
MFM having fun dancing in a club

You will still deal with the judgment from those against it (who are the majority, by the way).

Therefore, MFM is not really acceptable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not practiced. The issue is that even those who engage do it in secret, and very few would want to be pointed at when the topic is being discussed. 

So if those embracing it are whispering about it, it’s not acceptable. Maybe anyone open to the idea should just explore it in silence, so they are safe from all the judgemental eyes.

But if you are open to coming forward, I hope you have thick skin because you’ll have a lot on your plate. 

Bottom Line 

MFM was more of a romance fantasy until people decided why not. Today, couples are open to sharing and exploring sex. 

However, not everyone is for it. And even those embracing it practice it in secret, which is weird considering the evolution in dating. 

I mean, there are polyamory relationships, friends with benefits, and all of these face minimal judgment compared to MFM. But who knows? Maybe our views will change in the future.

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