Tall Woman Short Man Relationship: Does It Work?

Tall woman short man relationship

When it comes to height, a typical relationship has a tall man coupled with a short woman.  Society generally accepts this. Some say this even looks good. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have everything fall right into place regarding our physical attributes.  Love isn’t for tall men and shorter women only. … Read more

How Long Before Dating Turns Into a Relationship?

How Long Before Dating Turns Into a Relationship

So you’ve been dating for a while, and things seem to be working. You are both compatible and thinking of taking it to the next level.  Good for you! However, your concern is rushing to a commitment or taking too long and spoiling things.  Well, this post answers your question on how long you should … Read more

93 Relationship Statistics In The U.S. for 2023 

93 Relationship Statistics In The U.S.

Whether you are in a relationship, waiting to be in one, or single and happy, we can all agree that relationships are everywhere. You have couples in TV ads, Instagram feeds, your favorite Netflix shows, and people around you. Now, it’s normal and natural to think about love and relationships. Sometimes, we can’t help but … Read more

3 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work

why long distance relationships don't work

The concept of “the one” has defined our romantic expectations for a long time. And it inherently entails that the person who you’re supposed to be with can be anywhere in the world.  That’s why, even before the internet, long-distance relationships existed.  People used to mail letters back and forth. And before that, carrier pigeons … Read more

What Do You Call a Relationship Without Dating?

What Do You Call a Relationship Without Dating

There’s no denying that the dating game isn’t as simple as it once was.  From figuring out the difference between hanging out and hooking up to understanding the meaning behind “no strings attached” and “platonic” relationships, it can all get pretty overwhelming. One such relationship type is the “no label dating,” which officially went mainstream … Read more

When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship?

When to Let Go of a Long Distance Relationship

A common question we often encounter from couples in a long-distance relationship is, “When do I call it quits?” If you are on the fence about your partner and wondering whether it’s time to let go of your long-distance relationship, you aren’t alone.  While revolutionizing technology has certainly made long-distance relationships easier, it does come … Read more