Is Jealousy A Sign Of Insecurity? All Your Questions Answered

Is Jealousy A Sign Of Insecurity?

Jealousy is a strong negative emotion that often arises from unhealthy attachments. As such, it’s not associated with anything positive because it often results in negativity.  But is jealousy a sign of insecurity?  This article answers this question in detail, covering when jealousy is a sign of insecurity and when it’s not.  In addition, it … Read more

Companionship Vs. Relationship: Are There Any Differences?

Companionship Vs. Relationship

Have you ever encountered a profile on a dating site with the “I want a companion, not a relationship” status on the bio?  No? What about you? Do you prefer companionship or a relationship? Now, before you get all defensive and close this page, hear us out. A “companionship” isn’t always the same as a … Read more

What is a DDLG Relationship? Definition, Dynamics, and More

What is a DDLG Relationship?

A DDLG relationship is one of the BDSM-related roleplay fantasies. BDSM is an abbreviation for Bondage Discipline (or dominance), Sadism, and Masochism.  But what exactly does DD, DDLG, or DD/LG even mean? Better still, what kind of relationship is DDLG? This article answers all these questions to give you a better understanding of the dynamics … Read more

Casual vs. Serious Relationship: What’s the difference?

Casual vs. Serious Relationship: What’s the difference?

There are many relationship labels nowadays. We hear phrases like “casual dating” and “serious relationship” all the time. If you’ve been dating someone you really like for a while, it’s normal to wonder where the relationship is heading. And that’s where the question, “Where is this going?” comes up. Sometimes it’s not always easy to … Read more

Relationship vs Single: Which One is Better?

Relationship vs Single Which One is Better?

We’ve all been in this scenario: you meet someone, go out with them for a while, and realize that you might be compatible. You’re having a good time. And moving to the “next” step is clearly on the horizon. However, the thought of “is it better to be single or in a relationship?” is bubbling … Read more

Do Gemini And Taurus Make A Good Couple? Love In The Stars?

Do Gemini And Taurus Make A Good Couple? Love In The Stars?

Dating isn’t easy. So, why not try to up your odds by understanding the astrological signs and how they relate to each other? According to astrological “wisdom,” certain signs are more compatible than others.  That’s not to say that an unlikely astrological pair can’t make it work; it just means that they might have to … Read more