Undeniable Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You

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Undeniable Signs That A Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You

Scorpios are generally discreet. It’s hard to figure out their thoughts and feelings as there is always some mystery around them.

But that’s what makes them interesting. Someone said

“It won’t be an overstatement to say that Scorpios are different, difficult, and dangerously interesting!”

And indeed, they are. A Scorpio man will not tell you straight up that he likes you. He will take his time first and say it when he is sure he won’t be rejected. 

However, he will behave differently around you. And if you pay attention, you might crack him before he admits his feelings.

This post discusses telltale signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you, how they express their love, and how to tell if you’ve won his heart. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How Do You Know if a Scorpio Man is Falling for You?

As I said, a Scorpio man will first be hesitant about his feelings. So how do you know he is falling for you? Try these tips:

Analyze his behavior 

You might have noticed something odd about him. Maybe it’s how he behaves around you or a friend who hinted, “That guy likes you.” 

Pay attention to his behavior in public and when he is with you to prove it. Chances are, he behaves differently when he is with you and when he is around others. 

Pay attention to his body language

No matter how perfect he is at hiding his feelings, his body language will betray him. They say a Scorpio man is good at controlling his emotions. He won’t go around displaying them to everyone. 

But if you are keen enough, you may catch him staring or even smiling at you. Of course, he doesn’t smile at everyone. 

A Scorpio man looking undeniably happy with his date
A Scorpio man looking undeniably happy with his date

Try to make contact

Now that you’ve analyzed his behavior and paid attention to his body language, it’s time to make the next move. 

You want assurance, so try to make contact so you can read him at a closer level.

It’s hard to miss things when you are so close. You would get the evidence you need, especially if he didn’t anticipate the contact. 

Identify his likes and dislikes 

Why not serve him a dose of his own medicine? Scorpios analyze people, so do the same and take a slow, non-aggressive approach.

Study him from a distance and observe his obvious habits. Though he might be reserved, he will reveal his true self with time, especially when he is unaware you are watching. Learn what he likes and dislikes and his actions in general. 

This way, you have something to compare to his reaction to you.

How a Scorpio Man Acts If He Likes You

He acts interested but is very reserved. I would say like a shy dog; he will stare but not fetch. 

One quality of a Scorpio is loyalty. They are loyal to someone they have committed to. Whether it’s a friend or lover, that’s why they try to get it right before making a move.

He will conduct a quick study of your character first. And not necessarily asking about you, but looking deep into your soul and capturing everything there is to capture. That’s why they stare, to make observations and study you like a book.

The logic behind studying you is to learn everything about you. He wants to know who you are and if you will appreciate and reciprocate the loyalty.

They are keen observers from a young age and command an understanding of psychology. Anyone who’s ever been close to a Scorpio will attest to their passion and ability to go the extra mile for those they care about.

So, because he cares about you, he will try to understand you from a distance. He also doesn’t like an audience, so he will try not to ask, mainly because he wants to notice your core without the opinion of others.

Generally, a Scorpio man is a silent type. Before he gathers the courage to approach you, he will find out as much as he can about you. 

But this doesn’t mean they are cowards. It’s a defense mechanism to know the person they care about before it gets intense.

7 Signs a Scorpio Man has Feelings for you

7 Signs a Scorpio Man has Feelings for you
7 Signs a Scorpio Man has Feelings for you

Though a Scorpio man likes to maintain his cool when in love, you might notice a thing or two if you pay attention. For example:

1. He will stare at you from the corner of the room

Even in a room full of people, you will still catch his eye. Sometimes from the corner of his eye. 

People assume Scorpios like to stare. Actually, they don’t. 

A Scorpio man won’t stare at you because he likes staring. He does it because he likes you, and while you think he is staring, he is making an observation. He is trying to figure out if he can trust you not to hurt him.

If you catch a Scorpio man staring at you, give him a big smile. This will intrigue him, and he might even smile back at you. 

2. He notices things about you without effort

Because he is attentive, a Scorpio man will notice things about you that no one else notices. It is the attention to detail that helps him notice how you smile and how you behave in general. 

He will notice you just had a haircut or changed your hair color, even if the change is insignificant.

Remember, he still hasn’t made his move yet. He is gathering details about you first before he makes his intentions known. 

3. He tries to contact

Just because he is taking his time doesn’t mean he won’t contact you. Assuming he is your workmate, he might suggest you go for lunch together or walk out together on your way home.

The contact is often to ascertain his observations and study you at a closer level. Specifically, everything personal about you. Not just the obvious.

4. He behaves differently around you

His behavior with you is kinder and more aware than with others. You will notice a difference if a person comes onto him. He’ll seem uninterested, maybe even cold towards people who flirt with him. 

When normal flirts are nonchalant or amusing, don’t panic if he’s still flirty. He may just be testing you or hasn’t learned enough to decide your worth as a mate yet.

A Scorpio man taking a picture of his date
A Scorpio man taking a picture of his date

5. He gets comfortable around you

As I said, a Scorpio man is generally reserved. He doesn’t display his emotions to the world. 

Though I must say, when he is around you, he will get comfortable and speak his mind freely. He will also share almost everything (how much depends on his full chart) that he feels for you. 

By sharing everything, I don’t mean letting the cat out of the bag. He will still keep that to himself until he is ready to spill it out. I mean the general life interests, values, and opinions. You will notice he limits his words around others, so if he shares that with you, you must be really special. 

Another thing, he might tell you something in the strictest of confidence and ask you to keep it a secret. If he does, this shows his interest, and he is testing if you are trustworthy

6. He compliments you, but in a light tone

Like any other man, a Scorpio man will compliment a woman he finds attractive. However, he won’t be gushy like most men. He will keep it light and casual.

Besides, his compliments will be super personal. Not the general “You are pretty.” He will notice the color of your eyes, how you smile, and things that seem unnoticeable.

7. He is somehow protective 

The moment you win his heart, you gain his loyalty. Therefore, anyone who says negative things about you or treats you badly is his enemy. Interestingly, he may get protective before you agree to be his girlfriend. 

He will also show his care in little ways, like offering to walk you to your car in his umbrella or to your house if it’s late at night. He may also warn you of impending danger.

The End of a Long Game

His detective games will finally come to an end. When he is satisfied that he knows enough about you, he will make his intentions known. 

He will say exactly how he feels and allow you to speak your mind. In most cases, you will find it hard to reject him. Mostly because he played his game right and charmed you before you knew he loved you.

For example, he will learn your likes and dislikes while playing detective and then use your likes to win you over. He will do it innocently because, as I said, he wants to be sure you won’t reject him.

So by the time he is laying everything on the table, you are halfway in, though unknowingly. You know what there is to know about him because he probably had conversations with you and told you what he thought you should know. 

You see, a mature Scorpio male will be looking for a long-term commitment. And unless he has never been hurt before, he prefers to take his time. 

So don’t put him off because, though the signs are obvious, he isn’t coming out. Be patient with the man and understand him.

Another thing, don’t assume him to be a stalker because he observes you from a distance. You can even approach him and talk to him if you notice he’s trying to keep eye contact. 

A woman looking happy with the flowers from her Scorpio boyfriend
A woman looking happy with the flowers from her Scorpio boyfriend

Scorpio Males are Generally Self-protective

Scorpio males are not necessarily shy. It’s the assumption we make because they mostly stare instead of fetching. 

However, they are powerful and mystical. They operate in small crowds, so not everyone gets access to them. 

All this is to prove they are self-protective. That’s why he would rather sting himself to death than open his heart to someone he knows nothing about. And if his feelings for you win, he first learns your personality before pouring his heart out. 

I find it magical. If all of us embraced such traits, maybe we would end up with fewer broken hearts. Most of us fail to learn about someone before admitting our feelings. It’s time we learn from Scorpios and protect our feelings first. 

Apart from loyalty, Scorpios don’t crave others’ approval. Maybe it’s from all the stereotypes they face. One common stereotype is that they are sex-crazed, which may be true for some but not all.

When everyone assumes the worst of you, you start learning to ignore them. With time, you no longer care about what they say, and you don’t need their approval to conquer. 

Wrapping it up 

If a Scorpio man finds you attractive, he will try to make you feel good in every way, which may be weird at first because you are not close to him. But with time, the writing on the wall gets clearer.

He smiles at you, maintains eye contact, and offers help when he thinks you need it. He is also a friendly stalker who shows up at your favorite restaurant, specifically when you are around.

And when he finally makes his intentions known, he will go the extra mile to win you over; shower you with love; bring you your favorites; and most importantly, be loyal to you. 

Isn’t that what we all want?

A caring, loving, and loyal man? And on top of that, being loved in your love language. 

Sweet, right? A Scorpio man will give you that.

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