A Taurus Man Testing You: How to Know If He’s Serious Or Not

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taurus man testing you

As much as Taurus men want commitment, they are afraid of stepping into the boat with the wrong person. 

A serious Taurus man will take care of you and look after you, but that only happens when they have tested you to be the right person for them.

As part of their fact-checking procedure, Taurus men can develop all kinds of processes to see if you are the right fit for them. 

This might make you wonder how a Taurus man tests you.

This article looks at how a Taurus man tests you and some other signs they show in a relationship.

5 Ways a Taurus Man Tests You

Some of the ways a Taurus man can test you include:

1. He will Mention Female Friends

Your Taurus date will mention female friends early in the relationship to see how you react to it.

If you show signs of jealousy, they will call it quits. 

To begin with, Taurus men aren’t jealous, which is why they don’t like jealousy coming from the other end.

Girlfriend is becoming envious of other girls.
Girlfriend is becoming envious of other girls.

2. He Will Talk About Previous Relationships

A Taurus man won’t be too pesky, but he will want to know how your previous relationships ended.

They will ask how they ended to see whether you can be trusted.

3. He Will Test Your Memory

Ah, this is the good old test of memory and love; men, in general, have used it for ages. 

A Taurus man will share some information about their habits and routine with you and will later test to see if you remember. 

The test is related to your memory as well as your concern.

4. He Will Cancel Plans to Check Your Reaction

A Taurus man can go as far as canceling plans to see how you react to the news. 

They will see what your reaction is and then take steps accordingly. If you go all batshit crazy on them, they’ll walk out.

5. He Will Hide Finances

Taurus men can be protective when it comes to finances and will often underestimate their finances in front of you to see if you are dating them for the money.

How Do You Know If a Taurus Man is Serious About You?

Although you may not need someone to tell you whether the Taurus guy you are dating is nice for you or perfect for you, you can do with all the advice that comes your way.

We now look at some of the things you will get from a Taurus man who is serious about you.

How Do You Know If a Taurus Man is Serious About You

Your Biggest Fan

If you start dating a serious Taurus guy who doesn’t want to play games, you will see him become your biggest fan. 

He will cheer you into doing things and would arguably be at the same level as your other support systems. 

A nice Taurus guy wouldn’t alter his opinions just because he wanted to get laid. 

But he will ensure that he remains true to his opinion and speaks his mind. You will start to love this feature about him soon.

Lets You Vent

Every girl has this stage in life where she wants to vent and express her feelings out in the open. 

This stage can come sooner or later, but the matter is that a nice guy would let a girl vent without losing it.

A serious Taurus guy will also admit his mistakes whenever he makes one without making you feel guilty about it. He can not see you unhappy.

Passionate About His Job

Instead of ranting about his job all day long in front of you, he is passionate about it and doesn’t need you to motivate him all the time. 

He knows how he should motivate himself and follows the criteria very well.

Additionally, Taurus men take good care of themselves and their careers. The perfect sign of a good, caring man is that he would not just take care of you but also look after his own body to ensure that you don’t have to worry about him. 

Such guys are hard to find, but you can expect Taurus men with such attributes to stick around when they come by.

Sweet Words

A caring man would regularly surprise you with sudden acts of love and sweet words now and then. 

They have power behind their words, kisses, and hugs, which is why you feel the romance in everything.

He shows all the love that you require in life, but he is in no way clingy or what you call obsessed.

The perfect guy knows that you have your own life to live, and being obsessed will create hindrances.

Treat others with Kindness

While the worst kind of man is involved in fish fights with literally everyone, a nice Taurus guy would treat everyone they meet with kindness. 

You know they are not faking it because they have no enemies.

Additionally, they will treat your friends with respect as well. A Taurus guy who cares about you and is hell-bent on making things work will also care about your friends and treat them like he treats you. 

He knows how important your gang is to you and is always there for them.

A serious guy looking to make things work with you knows your family and has also made you meet his. He knows how important it is to get to know each other’s families, so he has already handled the formalities.

How Do You Know If a Taurus is Playing You?

Man in a bar drinking beer and talking with a girl
Man in a bar drinking beer and talking with a girl.

While being in a relationship can be a lovely phase, you have to be careful that you don’t end up with a Taurus man who is a love freak and is playing you for sex. 

Here are some ways to identify when a Taurus man is playing you:

He Doesn’t Seem Interested Right Away

The level of interest he had in you when you first met is a good indicator of how much he is into the sex factor. 

If he didn’t find you interesting but got attracted because you were open to being physical, he probably wants sex.

Also, guys compliment girls on their looks, but if he keeps mentioning your looks over your other characteristics and personality, you can tell that something is amiss, and he only wants some good sex. 

This can be odd for a Taurus man because they like complimenting their women for characteristics beyond their physical appearance.

No Genuine Talks

From the first time you guys talked till now, he doesn’t have anything genuine to talk about and always somehow brings sex into the conversation. 

He doesn’t seem interested in talking to you and wants sex 24/7.

Someone interested in sex and not knowing anything else about you will only talk about matters related to sex. 

He is not interested in finding out anything serious about you, and all he wants is some sex talk. 

Your Conversations are Dry

Although you have tried building conversations with him, these conversations almost always end in sex.

He has this uncanny ability to bring sex into everything, and you can not do anything about it or anything to stop it.

The texts he sends you and the time he sends them can play an important role in determining how much he wants you for a relationship or just hooking up. 

Late-night texts are an indication of a casual fling.

Woman is trying to build a good conversation with the man
Woman is trying to build a good conversation with the man.

No Relationship Talk

Although you assume you’re in a relationship, he doesn’t hint at anything. 

He doesn’t take you on dates but only shows up at night with a bottle of wine in his hands. 

Get the hints, girl; this guy isn’t sticking for the long-term.

You Don’t Know Him Much

He seems interested in sex but hasn’t mentioned anything else about himself. 

He wants you to satisfy his desires and give him pleasure, but he doesn’t reiterate by showing love or telling you about himself.

Also, if he hasn’t yet organized a meet-up between you and his friends is an indication of the fact that he is looking for nothing more than sex. 

Guys like these know that having random flings to meet your friends can backfire.

No Meet-ups without Sex

He rarely shows up when it’s that time of the month for you.

 He comes up with random excuses like he’s out of town or doesn’t have transport or conveyance, but he would never let you know the real reason.

He prefers dates at home rather than outside because going outside means not having sex in public. 

He always despises going outside, and all he wants is some casual dates inside the home.

Every time he comes to your home, the meeting almost always ends in sexual intercourse. He doesn’t seem interested in any other activity, and all he wants from you is intercourse. 

Every home date ends with sex.

No Care and Foreplay

There is a reason why foreplay has been mentioned as a delight for people in love. 

If your man doesn’t love you, he would skip the foreplay and get to the main action because that is all he wants from you.

You sometimes wonder whether he cares about you and you always get a negative answer. 

He doesn’t seem to care about you and wants sex more than anything else in your relationship.

Does a Taurus Man Like To Be Chased? 

A serious Taurus guy wouldn’t require you to babysit him because he has his act together.

He realizes that you’re his girlfriend and not his mom and that he should take care of himself. Some guys want you to babysit them.

In short, he doesn’t want you to chase or babysit him. 

How Do You Make a Taurus Man Addicted to You?

a sweet moment between a couple in a café
A sweet moment between a couple in a café.

There is no better way to get a Taurus man addicted to you besides intellectual conversations. 

A nice Taurus guy would not like to talk about gossip all day long and would hold intellectual, soul-stirring conversations at times to spark the feelings. 

He would care for your feelings and wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.

While the f*ckboys are all talk and no listening, a guy who is nice and cares about you would sit and listen to you. 

Even if you’re not making sense, they would not laugh or ridicule you but would instead sit down and listen.

Why does Taurus get distant?

A Taurus man will get distant when you have nothing in common. Besides just sharing the bed and indulging in some steamy sex during the night, you don’t have much in common. 

He will grow distant if this happens and look for a connection elsewhere. 

What Does it Mean When a Taurus Ignores You?

If a Taurus man ignores you, he is over you. Unlike Virgo men, Taurus men aren’t real attention seekers. If they want you, they will show it, but if they don’t, they will let you know or ghost you. 

In any case, you need to get the hint and stop chasing them when they are ignoring you. 

Will a Taurus Man Wait For You?

Fact is, if a Taurus man loves you, they will wait for you. 

They will test you and see if you are perfect for them, but once that is found out, they will wait for love to come to you. If you are worth waiting for in their eyes, they will definitely wait. 

The Takeaway 

Taurus men tend to be all up for commitment and long-lasting relationships. 

However, they want you to meet their expectations for the arrangement to work. 

Your Taurus man will love you to the moon and back if you pass all the tests. Taurus men can be amazing when they are seriously in love, so you should thank your stars when you find a serious one.

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