Tall Woman Short Man Relationship: Does It Work?

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Tall woman short man relationship

When it comes to height, a typical relationship has a tall man coupled with a short woman. 

Society generally accepts this. Some say this even looks good.

However, not all of us are lucky enough to have everything fall right into place regarding our physical attributes. 

Love isn’t for tall men and shorter women only. Surprisingly, love overlooks these height-based obstacles. 

So, do you find yourself in a similar scenario? Are you a tall woman dating a shorter man, or are you the shorter man in this relationship?

How should you approach this relationship? Let’s look into it, first with a couple of questions.

Does a tall woman/short man relationship work?

The short and straight answer is yes, it does. One of my cousins has been married to a woman who is taller than him for as long as I can remember.

Aside from the awkward struggle that you might have when you hug your wife or husband, this relationship should work fine.

But remember, every relationship is different. The fact that I’ve stated that these relationships work does not mean that yours will automatically work.

Relationships require you to keep working on them. Pay attention to your relationship so that vices that kill relationships don’t creep in.

Is it okay for a tall woman to date a short man?

Why should it not be okay? Is it because societal dating norms don’t go the same way? 

If you’ve found someone that is a perfect match for you, then why should other people’s opinions matter to you on how you should approach your relationship?

I am often of the opinion that physical attributes should not be the main focus when you are pursuing relationships. Character attributes should be the main focus.

However, it’s hard to apply this perspective, and sometimes this, coupled with societal conformities, can be an obstacle when you are pursuing this kind of relationship.

However, to sum it up, it is perfectly okay for a tall woman to date a short man.

Is this kind of relationship okay for marriage?

Is this kind of relationship okay for marriage
Is this kind of relationship okay for marriage

Yes, if it is okay for dating, then it should be okay for marriage. Marriage is often the final stage after a long period of dating someone. 

After you’ve gotten to know them better and fallen for them, marriage is the final stepping stone.

By the time you’ve pondered whether it is okay to marry someone despite this height difference, I assume that their height difference is something that you don’t consider to be a big obstacle in your relationship.

So I’d say, yes, it’s very okay. Go ahead and get that ring. There’s nothing not okay here.

Making the height difference a non-issue in this relationship.

Relationships come in all shapes and forms. As I said before, every relationship is different and the dynamics within it are different. You may love your partner, but their height may be that lingering thing that hangs in the back of your head.

If you have decided to pursue this relationship, then you have to make sure that this height difference is a non-issue in your relationship. So how do you do that?

Focus on what attracts you to your partner. Do you love them because they are kind, caring, and loyal? Then focus on that. 

Often, you are never going to find someone that is perfect.

We are all imperfect. Even though you were to date someone who has the perfect height ratio that you’d like, you might find some nasty character traits hidden in their closet. 

You should just focus on the positive attributes of your partner, and you should make this a nonexistent obstacle in your relationship.

Dynamics of a tall woman short man relationship

If you are a woman

Apart from the awkward family photo poses, the dynamics here can be well… Let’s say interesting. 

You might have some awkward kissing and hugging struggles.

You might wonder what your girlfriends think of your choice. You look around and you see that all your girlfriends are hooked up with taller men. You’d prefer that, but maybe you’re just born a little taller. 

Or is there something great that draws you to your love interest that overrides your height considerations?

The point here is that you are the sole decision-maker in your dating life. Go for what you prefer and brush off other considerations. 

A tall girl and a short man couple getting cozy together
A tall girl and a short man couple getting cozy together

If you are the man

The insecurity. I get it. You might find yourself asking yourself whether she’ll respect you enough. You might find yourself with feelings of inadequacy.

Society can be another thorn in your side when it comes to relationships. We all know people love telling short-men jokes and posting memes of the same kind. So, how do you power through this?

Embrace yourself. Insecurity is a relationship killer. The fact that she chose to be in a relationship with you despite your height means that your height is not a big deal to her.

Brush off comments from naysayers and focus solely on your relationship. There is nothing uncommon about short men coupled with tall women. 

Reasons why tall women might love short men

The reasons are as varied as they can get. We are all different. We have different tastes, likes, and dislikes. 

This applies to how we approach dating as well.

Not all women view height as such a big consideration when selecting their partners. In the funny instance that I’d magically be of the same gender, I don’t think I’d have the same consideration as well.

Relationships all draw down to this: Aside from the physical attributes that first draw people closer, the character attributes are what keep people closer long enough.

She might love the fact that he is kind, caring, and loyal. Maybe he’s short but really cute—wink! 

I’d say the character attributes are the overriding factors in this kind of relationship. And so should they be in all relationships.

Comments tall women with short men are tired of hearing

Snide comments! They just take the breath out of you sometimes. Here are a couple of comments that suck to hear…

“You two look cute together.” Really? Your tone doesn’t match what you just said. They know you have good intentions, but that’s not exactly what you mean.

“Things must be very weird in the bedroom.” Really? Who gave you the right to comment on people’s private lives? And if so, what’s the point? 

Sometimes, it’s better to keep your mouth shut.

A tall girl and a short man couple looking happy together
A tall girl and a short man couple looking happy together

“If I were you, the height would stress me out.” Well, if I were you, I’d mind my own business. There are much bigger things to worry about in the world than his height.

“He must have an inferiority complex… blah blah” How do you know? been in his head? Who said short men must always have an inferiority complex to date tall women?

“You must be the dominant one in your relationship.” No, it ain’t always like that. I know it’s common for folks to compare height to power in relationships, but no, that is not always the case.

Struggles short men deal with in relationships

The height difference can cause some pretty awkward struggles in the relationship. They are all too there to remind you of the inadequacy of your physical attributes. 

Let’s go through them.

Awkward kisses and hugs. It can be awkward to hug and kiss your wife in public as a short guy. This is not to mention the awkward side-eyes and gazes from onlookers who start to question the dynamics of your relationship. 

Not to mention awkward poses in family photos. How will that family portrait come out? Should she be sitting while you’re standing … etc.

Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Snide comments from naysayers can leave you drained. You might even ponder whether your wife respects you. Snide comments from people can reinforce this feeling in you. 

However, you should remember that insecurity is a killer of relationships. Avoid it. How about nasty comments from folks? What do they have to do with your relationship? Shake it off. (Sorry, I am just a fan of Taylor Swift—wink!)

The height difference can, let’s say, bring a whole lot of challenges. However, don’t let these seep into your relationship and soil it.


Here is my parting shot. There are many obstacles that, as a short man who is dating a tall woman, may present themselves in your relationship. So is the same for a tall woman dating a short woman.

However, always remember that character, not physical attributes, should be the main focus of your relationship. 

Snide comments from naysayers and societal conformities should not seep into your relationship. 

Your opinion should. And that’s the bottom line.

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