3rd Date Tips To Learn Where Your Relationship Is Headed

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3rd Date Tips To Learn Where Your Relationship Is Headed

Your third date should be different from the first two dates because it should be more meaningful.

On 3rd dates, you’re usually past the introductions as well as the small talk. You think about going on a third date because you can’t stop thinking about your partner. 

You miss them and desperately want to see them again because it feels good to be around them, hear them talk, or hold their hands.

If you have successfully crossed the initial relationship barriers on your first two dates, it’s time to focus on your 3rd date.

6 Dating Tips For Your 3rd Date

Here are 6 dating tips to make your 3rd date memorable and worthwhile.

Preplan Your 3rd Date

Since you’re already past the initial awkwardness and formalities, 3rd date is your chance to be the lead. Now is the time to pre-plan your 3rd date.

After the first unplanned coincidental meetup and the second nonchalant date, the 3rd date is the real deal. It is the perfect opportunity to impress your date with a grand gesture.

Plan your 3rd date nicely, keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your partner. Handpick the things you like doing together. Make it all about them and show them how much they mean to you. See how comfortable he/she is with you.

A couple having a nice 3rd date
A couple having a nice 3rd date

Up Your Flirting Game

Flirting is not a bad idea when you’re trying it on with your partner and not doing it with multiple people at once. It helps to keep the conversation light and interesting.

Your 3rd date is the right time to up your flirting game to the next level. Be as corny or cheesy as you want to be. Show your partner your flirting skills and swoon them off their feet with your words.

Shay Mitchell talked about her flirty side in an interview and said:

“I always used to pull the whole, ‘I’m tired’ thing and put my head on a guy’s shoulder. It was so cheesy, but that’s how I got my head on his shoulder! You just have to have fun with it!”

~Shay Mitchell

Do A Little Something Extra

If you’ve rolled past your first two dates and are down on your 3rd one, you better do it right. Your 3rd date is the perfect time to go big or go home. 

It’s time to do a little something extra. “Something out of the box.”

Instead of going on a plain old dinner date, plan a picnic date where you can spend the whole day together. Start by dressing nicely and going to a park where you two can enjoy the weather while you eat. Keep your partner engaged with casual chatting. 

If you two are fans of adventure, you can go camping or hiking trails. It’s not your usual kind of date, but spending time together amidst a survival challenge can be an eye opener for most people.

Feel Comfortable Sharing Life Details

After completing two successful dates, you reach a point of mutual trust as you grow older. On your 3rd date, you can peacefully trust your partner to share all your life details.

On your 3rd date, you neither have to hold yourself back nor limit your conversations. You can openly talk about your fears, family, and plans (not marriage, but other plans that you might have for yourself and your career).

Tell your partner about your goals and discuss things that you like or don’t like. Talk about life ambitions and other personal details. Whatever you share, be honest.

A couple having an intimate talk in their 3rd date
A couple having an intimate talk in their 3rd date

Be Emotionally Involved

Third dates are thought to be important and a bit more personal. Why? Because you can finally invest your emotions in your relationship.

Dating is different from just seeing someone. If you’re on your 3rd date, it’s the right time to be emotionally involved with your partner. Let down your guard and let them see the real you. Your true self, who’s emotionally rich and sensitive.

On your third date, be comfortable with your partner and confine them for emotional support. It’ll not only test the waters of your relationship, but you’ll also have someone to depend on for emotional balance.

Figure out ‘Is This What You Want?’

After you are done with your 3rd date, it’s time to make some evaluations for future decisions. 

Get yourself a pen and paper and start drawing comparisons. Write down the things you liked and didn’t like about your date. Also, write down the things that you and your partner have in common. You can also write about the likes and dislikes of your partner.

Think of it as a post-date rundown. Create as many listings and comparison charts as you want. When you’re finally done, take a moment to closely study all the pages. Figure out if this is what you’re looking for in your partner.

What Should Happen On The 3rd Date?

What Should Happen On The 3rd Date
What Should Happen On The 3rd Date

The third date is the next important stage of your relationship. There’s a lot that can happen on your 3rd date, so it’s better to be prepared for anything.

Couples go on dates to enjoy themselves and have a good time together. Your 3rd date shouldn’t be any different but more memorable than the initial two. 

You can preplan your 3rd date to avoid any unfortunate events that might ruin your day. If it’s morning, you can go to a flowery garden for a nice picnic. Or if it’s night, a classy, expensive restaurant would be better for enjoying a lovely dinner date with your partner.

Go to a place where you can spend quality time learning more about each other without getting interrupted. 

Avoid going to a theater or cinema on your 3rd date or any place that’s loud or distracting. Live concerts or parties are also not a good idea to plan your 3rd date.

Instead, you can simply create a nice meal and enjoy a candlelight dinner at home.

What Does a 3rd Date Mean to a Guy?

Unlike the first and second dates, the 3rd date is somewhat special for guys. It means so much more to them than they will ever admit.

Guys plan on going on a 3rd date willingly because they like you. So, it is much more important for them as compared to the first two dates. 

Usually, you learn a lot about the nature of a guy when you go on a 3rd date with them. It is because they start to feel comfortable around their dates on the 3rd meetup. They open up and share things about their personal or private lives.

Should You Kiss on a Third Date?

Your third date is the right time when you can finally kiss and get comfortable with touching your partner. It’s the perfect time to get cozy, according to the third date rule.

We’re not talking about the “live-in relationship” kind of comfort. More like “hugging”, “touching”, “kissing”, “pecking” or “holding them in your arms” kinds of comfort.

It is totally fine to be a little cozy with your partner on your 3rd date. You can welcome them with a warm hug or a quick peck on the cheeks. You can also hold their hands during the date to show your commitment. 

Don’t forget to kiss them goodbye when you’re dropping off your date at her house.

How Long Should a Third Date Last?

How Long Should a Third Date Last
How Long Should a Third Date Last

Your third date can last anywhere from four to seven hours, depending on the type of activities you’ve planned for the day. 

The 3rd date seems to usually be the longest as compared to the initial ones. It’s because most people like to talk their hearts out on 3rd dates.

On your third date, you can spend as many hours with your partner as you want. 

Who Should Initiate a Third Date?

There’s no hard and fast rule as to who should initiate the 3rd date. Both of you can initiate the 3rd date if you feel like you are going on an official date

Initiating the 3rd date can feel intimidating sometimes since you’re taking the first step. 

However, once you put all the second thoughts aside, you can simply ask out your partner for a 3rd date and have a great time together.


Without any pressure, plan your 3rd date with an open mind. If you don’t know much about your partner, you can plan the 3rd date together. 

This helps to eliminate any doubts or uncertainties that you may have.

Lastly, don’t forget why you are going on a 3rd date: “To learn more about your partner”. This should be your ultimate goal, but you should keep them engaged with small jokes as well. 

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your 3rd date to its fullest.

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