Best Flirty Long Distance Relationship Texts For Him

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Long Distance Relationship Texts For Him

Let’s be honest: surviving a long-distance relationship isn’t a walk in the park.

You miss him so badly and want to book the next flight or board a bus to his location, but you can’t for whatever reason.

The best you can do is tell him you miss him and hold on to the hope that you will see him soon.

Well, Meghan said, “Distance isn’t for the fearful, it’s for the bold.” 

So be bold and maximize on texting him, so he knows you are always thinking about him. 

And I’m here to help with that. This post will cover different long-distance texts that will make him feel special. 

Keep reading to find out more.

What Do I Say to my Long Distance Relationship Boyfriend?

Anything and everything you feel like telling him. Assume he is there with you; what would you tell him? Because you can’t say it out loud, type it and send it to him. And if you don’t want to type, record a voice note and share it with him.

But I get it. If you are asking this, then you don’t want to do the usual. You probably feel like you’ve said everything there is to say. Try these:

Short Long Distance Texts For Him 

Sometimes you are too busy to craft a long text. Send him these short but sweet texts to melt his heart:

“I hope you know you are my soulmate on this journey of life.”

“You might be miles away, but you are always in my heart.”

“I’m swamped with work, but thinking about you is a cute distraction.”

“Thank you for loving me. I treasure you.”

“You make me feel special. I hope I make you feel the same.”

“You might be miles away, but you are always in my heart.”

They are short but magical. Just something you would say in person to make him smile. 

However, you have to be creative around it. If you have a date set for your next meet-up, add the words “One day closer” after a goodnight text

Also, include emojis to add expressions to your texts. However, don’t overdo it; you may sound like you are faking. 

Long texts for your long-distance boyfriend

A random short text is cute. But sometimes you can send him a nice paragraph complimenting him or telling him what you feel. 

You can even opt for a love quote to brighten his day. 

“Just sitting here thinking about what I will do when I see you. Run and hug you so tight for a whole minute (I miss your warm hugs). Look at your face to see what has changed, then kiss your soft lips so hard that it hurts.”

“This distance between us is killing me. I would trade anything to hold your arm and hear you whisper “I love you.” in your deep voice. Help me make our favorite meal and sit on your lap just staring at you. And when I’m done, let me sleep in your cozy arms for as long as I can.”

Alternatively, send him a romantic verse from your favorite song. It can also be a song by his favorite artist.

I find this cute because it’s unexpected. I would send my boyfriend a verse out of the blue, and he would listen to the song immediately after reading the verse. Sometimes, they even send a recording of him listening to the song. And I would smile, knowing he liked it. 

Man reading a long text message from her girlfriend
Man reading a long text message from her girlfriend.

How about a love letter? Something like this;

“Hey, handsome,

I know distance can be lonely, so lonely that you feel you can’t do it anymore. But whenever you feel that way, remember that I love you and will always do so. Hold on to the good memories and the reward (me) that you will have in the end.

You mean the world to me. And maybe sometimes I don’t make you feel that way, but I would be lost without you. You make life easy to navigate with your kind words, unconditional love, and constant support. I don’t think I could handle the bustle of life without you.

I don’t care how far away you are from me. Sometimes I forget the distance between us because you are so close to my heart. Hold on tight, and know that there is nobody else I would want to grow old with apart from you. 

With love, from your love.”

Isn’t that something to smile about? It’s timeless, so every time he feels lonely, he will go back and read that. 

Hopefully, it cheers him up and reminds him of you. Just take your time and write him some beautiful words with genuine intentions.

And… You have to mean every word you type and let him feel your love in the air.

How Do I Make Him Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship Text?

I had been in a long-distance relationship for more than three years. We were at different colleges, an eight-hour drive apart. I’m using past tense because we now live together, so yes, it worked.

The secret was to make him feel special in every way. Every text I sent was an opportunity to remind him I was thinking about him. 

And you can do it too if you try these:

How Do You Make Someone Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship Text

Engage him

The first thing is to engage him. You know his schedule, so text him when he is free and there is nothing to distract him. This way, you get his attention, so it’s easy to engage him.

Now that you have his attention, text him something interesting. Something that interests him as well, so you don’t do all the talking and the conversation is one-sided.

It’s easy to win him over when conversing since he is paying attention to what you are saying, so he notices the details. 

If he is not a hundred percent engaged, you may say something to make him feel special, but he doesn’t notice it.

Personalize your texts

Text him like you are talking to him. Let him forget the distance and assume you are there with him. 

Be as casual as possible. He is not your professor, he is your man, so play around with words. 

Have fun with text formatting by using emojis, punctuation, and textspeak. Standard English is boring. You are not writing a formal letter. Feel free to break grammar rules and use abbreviations that make things spicy. 

Send him cute random texts 

I know we said to text when he is free, so you have a flowing conversation. However, a random text once in a while is not bad.

Imagine having a super busy day and getting a cute random text that says, “I know you are busy, but just wanted to let you know I love you so much and I’m thinking about you.”

Cute, right? You not only feel special, but it also lightens you up. That’s how he would feel. He also wants to feel special and appreciated as much as you do.

So let him know he is valued. 

Include cute videos in your texts

Don’t send plain text all the time. Incorporate cute videos and memes to brighten things up. 

However, only do it when it’s necessary. Don’t force things, do it when it relates to what you are talking about.

Nevertheless, you can use them to start a conversation and attract attention. You just have to be creative about it and be sure they are captivating enough to do the trick.

You can also send videos and memes of things he loves. For example, if he is a cat person, you can send him a video of cats doing funny things or a funny meme about cats. 

Compliment him in your texts

Genuine compliments are a good way to make someone feel special and appreciated. Compliment him often enough to let him know he is still handsome. 

This not only makes him feel loved but also raises his self-esteem, making him more confident.

Make him feel warm and fuzzy

Compliments on his physical appearance are good, but if you want to make him feel all warm and fuzzy, you should do more. 

Compliment him on his personality and character. A simple “You make me feel safe” is good enough. The trick is to be genuine, so don’t say it for the sake of it, mean it. 

Again, don’t just say things he would hear from any girl. 

Rewind some of your best memories

Words are powerful and they have a lasting effect on their own. Use magical words to rewind your best moments together and laugh about them. 

And as you do, pour your heart out. Forget everything and sink into the moment. The exact moment you created memories so you can remember every detail and talk about it. 

This is powerful and will make him feel special.

Tell him what you feel about him

Send him a detailed paragraph of how you feel about him. And not just saying you love him, explaining it vividly that he smiles reading through the text.

He would love to be reminded of your love for him. It boosts his ego, and that’s what you want. Be you and say whatever you feel, how you feel, and anything that would make his day.

The above will come in handy in making him feel special. However, don’t forget his personality. What I mean is, as you use the above, text him things that appeal to his personality. You can never go wrong with that. 

How Can I Make Him Crazy About Me, yet we are in a Long Distance Relationship?

Go out of your way and be a little extra. For example, you could send him a nice email reminding him of your crazy moments. You see, we use emails for formal events like sending official letters and the like.

I bet your email is full of words like “dear sir” and “please find attached.” Imagine his reaction when he opens his inbox and sees a “hey love” greeting and a paragraph about your fun moments together.


The surprise and the smile when he realizes it’s from his favorite person. You never forget such an email.

Happy man surprised and happy to read email from his girlfriend
Happy man surprised and happy to read email from his girlfriend.

You can also send a random pic or video of yourself doing something funny. Alternatively, send him a provocative pic and tell him to comment. 

Write him a letter, then send him a pic of it. Even better, include something encouraging and tell him to read the letter anytime he feels lonely or down. 

I could send my boyfriend a picture of my calendar with a countdown to when we are meeting next. This was exciting, especially if we were counting days. You can try it too.

Besides texting on WhatsApp, you can video call and have a virtual date! Crazy, right? 

But that’s the idea. 

The usual boring won’t make him crazy about you. If you can watch a movie, together as you would in person, after all, it’s a date. There are different sites where you can watch things together. Either of you can share their screen and you can have a nice time together.

Send him a screenshot of your texts in the past. And not just any text, interesting ones, probably when you were having a romantic conversation.

Since you can’t hold him and whisper to his ear, use whatever is at your disposal to make him especially remember you. Be creative with things and remember that the little things matter. 

How Do I Flirt With My Long Distance Boyfriend Over Texts?

The secret to flirting over texts is to be natural. Most people try to fix a flirty line from the internet into a conversation and end up being weird. 

I would say you first make sure the timing is right. The worst thing you can do is try to flirt with someone who is busy with work or is engaged somewhere. 

So first things first, find out what he is doing, and if your timing is perfect, play with words. Be you and let the conversation flow.

Remember, flirting only works when the other person is interested. You passed stage one, finding a good time. The next thing is to make him interested. Don’t just start flirting out of the blues. Lead him on to a flowing conversation.

Text him something interesting. Something that attracts attention and leads to a detailed conversation. For example, if he likes reading novels, tell him about your current read. 

Even if he hasn’t read the book, he will have something to say.

And if he has, even better. Talk about the intriguing chapters, the twists, what you expected, and generally anything interesting. When you are deep into it, you can fix a cute compliment that fits the context.

Let’s assume you are talking about characters. You can say, ‘Reading that vivid description of (insert the character’s name) reminded me of you. The height, skin tone, and muscles… I even thought for a moment that the author was describing you (insert a cute emoji). Even the eye color was exactly how I would describe your eyes.’

This is better than a plain compliment. 

Man is so happy reading texts from her girlfriend
Man is so happy reading texts from her girlfriend.

He will most likely give in and compliment you as well. At this point, it’s up to you to lead him where you want. I would say to use what he likes to lead him on. You know your man better, so use that to your advantage.

Depending on your personality, a good way to flirt is to be playful. Little jokes here and there, the inside humor and vibing together in general. Just have a casual, laid-back conversation about silly things that make you smile.

This is better than stark nudes. People assume flirting is sending naughty pics and talking about sex. Well, there are so many reasons this might not work. And again, regardless of how much you trust him, the internet is not a hundred percent safe. 

So instead of exposing yourself like that, why not flirt in a safe and fun way?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you shouldn’t spice things up with naughty pics. A cute pic in a sexy pose with you partially covered is good. But stark nudes? It’s not only risky but also not as romantic as a cute pic in a sexy pose partially covered. 

Another way to flirt is by sending something that engages his imagination. Let him create a picture of it or imagine doing something. You should probably ask him what you would be doing if you were there with him. 

In general, text him something that appeals to him. And if you are not sure, read the text slowly and see if it appeals to you. If it doesn’t, then don’t send it. He probably won’t like it.

Include personality, make it simple, and just be you. He loves you, so he’s not a stranger. You are trying too hard to please him. You are just making things fun, and the best way to do it is by showcasing the qualities he fell in love with. 

The Unwritten Rules of Texting That Apply in Long Distance Relationships

People in the LDR text almost every day. It’s acceptable. You are away from each other, so the best way to get over the distance is to communicate via text. 

But hear me out. Like anything else, texting all the time becomes monotonous. Suddenly, you are doing it because you have to.

How about a little space? Text every day, but moderate the frequency. One day you are all in and the next few days you ask how he is doing and that’s it. 

My opinion is that this gives him space and time to miss you. So the next time you text all night with numerous things to say.

Another thing, if you text him and he doesn’t reply, don’t send paragraphs asking where he is or something like that. Obviously, he is held up, so assume he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Woman calling his boyfriend overseas
Woman calling his boyfriend overseas.

And if it’s so urgent, call him to get an immediate response. 

You also wouldn’t want to find a bunch of follow-up messages asking why you are not answering his texts. If we are being honest, it implies insecurity. You don’t trust him enough to think he is busy and will answer soon enough.

Don’t start conversations and go missing when he responds. It’s annoying, so unless something comes up and you can’t respond to his texts, always be there to reply. Come to think of it, even when something pops up, let him know so he doesn’t stare at his phone all night waiting for your reply. 

Know that he has a life to live. It sounds cliche, but it goes so much deeper. Apart from being your boyfriend, he might be a student or an employer. 

He might even be both. This means he is a super busy man, and though he is supposed to be there for you, understand this and help relieve the pressure.

When he is that busy, he won’t be there all the time. This doesn’t mean he found someone else. He might try so hard, but sometimes things just collide. Imagine the stress and you add more to it by complaining. 

You should be his support system the same way he is yours. So give him time to handle other things and understand when things seem tight.

Wrapping Up

Long-distance relationships can be lonely. You can only beat the loneliness by keeping in touch and holding on to your love for each other.

As you send him good morning and good night texts, remember to send texts that make him feel special and appreciated. You can achieve this in so many ways, but the key is to relax and be yourself. 

The above are just guidelines to help you craft something enticing. Keep what we’ve discussed in mind but don’t go copy-pasting things. 

You resonate better when you take your time and send him your own words. 

Don’t be boring because words can be magical. 

Make it thrilling so he misses you more and looks forward to seeing you. All the best, and I hope you see him soon!

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