Dating For Fun Meaning: All Your Questions Answered

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Dating For Fun Meaning

Have you ever dated for fun? Wait, do you even know what “dating for fun” means?

Worry no longer, because this post has you covered! It covers the meaning of “dating for fun” in detail, explaining what such a relationship looks like and its benefits. 

It also differentiates between dating for fun and dating for marriage and explains if dating for fun can lead to serious relationships. 

In the end, I answer some of your frequently asked questions regarding dating for fun. 

Keep reading to learn all these things and more.

What Does “Dating for Fun” Mean?

When you’re just dating to enjoy the experience without the pressure of getting into a serious relationship or finding a partner within X months or years, you are dating for fun. 

You may be interested in settling down or entering into a serious relationship, but you are not dating for that reason. 

Dating for fun is more defined than hooking up or being friends with benefits (FWB). Sex is the constant denominator in hookups and FWBs. 

But it’s not a driving force when you are dating for fun. Of course, it’s one of the benefits you enjoy, but unlike hookups and FWB situations, you can have a romantic night with someone you are dating for fun without sex.

What dating for fun looks like

It generally means having a connection with a certain degree of attachment but without relationship labels. 

People who date for fun are often non-exclusive. This means they can date others for fun as well. 

However, they both know they are dating for fun, so nobody is fooling the other. Sometimes people dating for fun can be exclusive, meaning they are only dating each other. 

We can narrow down dating for fun as;

  • Having an emotional attachment with someone but only pursuing it for fun.
  • Dating someone without any pressure of turning it into something serious
  • Enjoying dating in a chilled and stress-free manner
  • Enjoying dating without focusing on relationship labels like being a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Dating without a focus-driven goal in mind
A couple enjoys music together outside at night
A couple enjoys music together outside at night

So, isn’t dating for fun kind of promiscuous?

Actually, no.

Being promiscuous is characterized by numerous transient sexual relations. But as mentioned, dating for fun is not necessarily about sex. 

It involves a genuine emotional connection; however, individuals choose to pursue their connection in a relaxed and label-free manner. 

And though they might have sex, it is not the main aspect of their relationship. Furthermore, people who date for fun participate in other intimate activities, such as spending quality time together. 

In addition, you can date one person for fun if you choose to be exclusive. So even if sexual intimacy is involved, it’s with this one person. This does not fit the description of promiscuity. 

Is dating for fun practicing polyamory?

Dating for fun is different from polyamory; often, people practicing polyamory have one serious and committed relationship but date other people casually.

They can also have several committed relationships as well as casual ones. Even when a polyamorous person has several other casual relationships, we can’t say they are dating for fun. 

They already have serious relationships with one or two primary partners (depending on the dynamics of their polyamorous relationship), which is not a thing in casual dating. 

So What’s the Point of Dating for Fun?

If it’s not about sex or looking for a serious relationship, what’s the point of dating for fun?

You get to figure out dating with less or zero pressure

People who date for fun can do almost everything that couples do. But, of course, this depends on the dynamics of their relationship. 

So while dating for fun, you understand the dynamics of dating in a stress-free way. This helps those who are afraid to date or want to understand more about dating before committing to it. 

When dating for fun, there is usually no pressure to make commitments or assign labels to relationships. 

You enjoy the benefits of dating without commitments

As I’ve mentioned, dating for fun operates under relationship-like parameters, though they are loosely defined. 

So you can go on dates, take vacations (even though you are not partners), and do almost anything you would do in a relationship.

Simply put, you enjoy everything in a dating package without commitments and obligations. 

Dating for fun can be practice to interact with someone in an intimate relationship

You learn how to interact with people in an intimate relationship, how to communicate, express yourself, and understand the other person. 

Conversations might be easier and expectations lower, but you get a general idea of how to interact with someone intimately. 

A couple dating for fun and getting intimate with each other
A couple dating for fun and getting intimate with each other

It helps figure out your preferable qualities in a partner

Since there is no pressure when dating for fun, you get to figure out if something clicks romantically with an open mind. There are no judgments; if you are incompatible with someone, they shift to the friend zone, and you move on.

Those who date multiple people for fun get a taste of different meals and learn what they like best. 

You learn your deal breakers 

People who date for fun have multiple encounters with different people. Each encounter teaches you your deal breakers, both in person and on the dating scene in general. 

You also know if you would want to date or if it’s not your thing. And if you want it, you know how you would prefer it to be. 

You also uncover things about yourself. For example, if you try dating several people at the same time (and they know about it) and it doesn’t work out, you start thinking polyamory is not your thing.

So you focus on understanding why and may try it a second time, and if it fails, you know you’re not cut out for it.

Uncontrollable things that might happen when dating for fun

  • One person might develop feelings and want more.
  • You are not shielded from heartbreak. You might be the person who develops romantic feelings for the other, and if they don’t feel the same way, you’ll be heartbroken. 
  • You might develop feelings for each other and progress to a serious relationship.
  • If you’re not exclusive, the other person might fall in love with someone they were dating, leaving you out. You might also be the one leaving.
  • You might still meet “bad” people even when dating for fun.

Dating for fun vs dating for marriage 

When you’re dating for fun, you’re not looking to settle down yet. You might want to get into a serious relationship in the future, but you are not currently ready to commit to that person or anyone in general.

Dating for marriage means you are in the dating pool purposefully to find a life partner. So if you meet a compatible match, you date with an obsessive focus on marriage. 

Anyone in the dating pool with a focus on dating for marriage is often under pressure to find a soulmate within a specific time frame. 

Unfortunately, just because you are dating someone for marriage doesn’t mean they share the same goals. That is why, to avoid wasting each other’s time, you should align your goals as soon as you meet. 

Generally, people should keep an open mind and date for fun, even if they wish to settle down eventually. This way, you learn about each other exhaustively when dating for fun. 

Besides, you don’t force love because there is no pressure. Instead, feelings develop progressively until you’re both on the same page and decide to commit. 

Can Dating for Fun Turn into a Serious relationship?

Can Dating for Fun Turn into a Serious relationship
Can Dating for Fun Turn into a Serious relationship?

Yes, most people meet their soulmates while dating for fun and decide to commit. With time, whether a casual or serious relationship, it can translate into a beautiful marriage.

The good thing about dating for fun is that there is no pressure, and you give each other ample time to learn about each other. 

And since you rarely control who you fall in love with, you might develop feelings for each other. 

Considering you spend quality time together and get intimate, people dating for fun are likely to fall in love and progress to dating seriously. 


Is dating for fun good?

Dating for fun has its advantages; for example, you can experience dating without feeling pressure to commit to a relationship. 

You also learn the qualities you prefer in a partner and how to interact with someone intimately. It might even lead to a serious relationship that translates into marriage. 

Is dating for fun harmful?

Not really, but you may also hurt your feelings along the way. It’s common for people who are dating for fun to develop romantic feelings. If you develop feelings for someone and they don’t reciprocate, you might hurt their feelings. 

Do people date for fun?

Yes, you will be surprised to learn that most people date for fun, and along the way, they meet their soulmates and decide to settle down. And if you think about it, this is actually great because you don’t force things. 

What is a “fun and casual” relationship?

This is a relationship with loosely defined relationship parameters and less pressure. The point of being casual is for the individuals to have fun and experience dating without the pressure of commitment. 

How long should you casually date someone?

As long as your “relationship” is viable. I mean, provided you don’t outlive the purpose of your relationship, you are free to continue dating casually. Only you two are to judge whether it’s good or bad.

Also, it must come from you two, so no one is forcing the other. Immediately, if you are not on the same page, end your union. 

Final Thoughts

While some people date for marriage, others date for fun and, along the way, meet their soulmates. Dating for fun is simply having fun while dating.

You flexibly enjoy relationship-like dynamics. So no commitment or obligation, just a flexible romantic attachment. 

You can date one person for fun or multiple. It narrows down to the parties involved and what they want. 

Like in every relationship, be true to yourself and the other person (or people) when dating for fun.

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