How to Attract and Date Rich Guys: You Should DO this

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How to Attract and Date Rich Guys

Dating a rich guy might seem very interesting, but it’s not as easy as it looks. 

You might be sitting there scrolling through your friend’s pictures on Instagram. She’s showing off the new iPhone her boyfriend gifted her today. 

Yesterday, it was a cool pair of chunky sneakers, and who knows what will be next—a diamond necklace perhaps?

If you also want a rich boyfriend but, unfortunately, don’t know how to date rich guys, read on!

Learn some effective ways that can help you attract a rich guy for dating.

10 Ways To Attract A Rich Guy For Dating

Here are 10 proven ways you can use to find a rich guy to date in no time.

Fix Your Motives

The first and foremost step is to ask yourself why you desire a rich guy. Is it for love or just to get your hands on his bank balance? 

If you’re after a rich guy just because he’s rich, it doesn’t speak much about your personality, except maybe the “G-word”. We all know what we call a woman who only wants a man for his money. 


Nobody wants to be labeled a golddigger unless you have zero self-respect left for you.

So, fixing your motives to find a genuine reason why you want a rich guy may help. You can go after a rich guy if you appreciate financial stability or a steady income.

Don’t be Greedy

A woman dating a rich man in a fancy restaurant
A woman dating a rich man in a fancy restaurant

When selecting your date, you must consider all his personality traits, not just his income. 

Whether a man earns a 4-digit salary or makes handsome 7-figure profits every month, his income is not the only factor to take notice of.

Money is a temporary thing that comes and goes like the wind. It’s all about who has the better personality, who loves you more, and who stays till the end. 

Matshona Dhliwayo explains this concept beautifully by saying:

“If you choose money over love, you will always be poor.”

Gifts Are Not Burdens If You Reciprocate

When you’re dating a man, it’s pretty natural to receive gifts from him. However, if your man is filthy rich, his gifts can be way more expensive than you expected.

Ranging from a variety of different expensive items, the gift could be an iPhone, an Audi, or even a date in the most expensive restaurant in the city.

You might start to feel the pressure or be labeled a golddigger if you don’t return the favor.

Reciprocating expensive gifts is what you should do. Even smaller ones would do just fine as they transfer the message of love.

Be A Little More Modest

Modesty is the one characteristic every woman must have if she wishes to date rich guys. You need to be a little more modest and avoid any mistakes that his ex made in the past.

Modesty also means being self-sufficient and independent. Depending on your boyfriend to fulfill your needs doesn’t go well with being modest.

Your wealthy partner should only be your partner and not your bank.

Abiye Daniell has explained being modest in very simple words by saying:

“Your boyfriend should not be your source of income. My dear, it’s a relationship, not a job opportunity.”

Don’t Be Awkward And Keep It Casual

A couple having an intimate date
A couple having an intimate date

Stop with all the traditional “Wanna buy me a drink?” pickup lines, and no more sexy-hoe act. Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to show your true self to your partner.

Whether you’re dating an average man or a rich guy, nobody likes feeling awkward and clueless.

Mentioning his wealth or talking about his earnings over and over might be a big turn-off for him. Praise is good, but nobody wants to hear the same things repeatedly.

Keep your conversation light while you enjoy casual dating.

Make Sure He Values You

If you want to date a rich guy, you should always make sure that he values your importance in his life. 

Since your guy is filthy rich, he must be accustomed to getting things his way, which gives him an upper hand. Receiving these privileges for a lifetime, guys start to think everything is in their control, even you. 

Don’t lose yourself trying to keep your dating life colorful. Make your guy realize that you’re one of the most special things in his life.

You have to be his special dream woman who he values most, his best friend before being his girlfriend.

Make Him Run For Your Attention

Rich guys normally feel entitled to everything served to them on a silver plate. That’s exactly what you should not do. Don’t serve yourself to him on a silver plate just because he is rich.

You must learn to keep your integrity and don’t lose your self-confidence in front of your rich boyfriend.

No matter how much you love your rich guy, you must never let him walk all over you. If you’re fond of texting him every hour, limit yourself and let him come to you.

Establish a steady relationship yet maintain a distance that keeps your rich boyfriend hankering after you.

What Does a Rich Man Look for in a Woman?

What Does a Rich Man Look for in a Woman
What Does a Rich Man Look for in a Woman

Rich men are still the very same human species who want the same things from a woman — love. 

You may think that being rich makes a guy different from others. This may be true, but only to some extent. After all, rich or poor, all a man wants from a woman is love and respect.

The key to dating guys, including rich guys, is to be faithful to him, love him with all your heart, respect him, be supportive, and most importantly, communicate.

Pros and Cons of Dating Rich Guys

You can use the pros and cons list for help in deciding whether dating a rich guy is worth it or not.


Here are four major pros of dating rich guys.

You Get a Financially Stable Guy

Having a rich boyfriend means you’ll have a financially stable guy. You won’t have to worry about your guy ever asking you for money. 

Your rich guy will be happy to pay all the lunch and dinner bills himself. He will never ask you to pay for your food or pay up your share.

You Get To Receive Expensive Gifts

Like in any other normal relationship, dating a rich guy also means you will receive many gifts, many of which will be expensive ones.

You can count on your rich boyfriend to surprise you with an unexpected expensive gift on your birthday or any other big day.

You Get To Enjoy Luxurious Dates/Tours With Him On Weekends

When you’re in a serious relationship with a rich guy, he may take you away on surprise weekend tours or dream dates in luxurious restaurants.

Spending quality time together on a weekend tour date is a perk not everyone gets to enjoy. It’s another one of the pros of having a rich boyfriend.

You Get To Meet His Elite Friends and Family Circle

A woman hanging out with her boyfriends elite friends
A woman hanging out with her boyfriends elite friends

You will get to meet your boyfriend’s family and friends if your relationship is serious and not just a casual hangout.

Meeting his parents and the people in his inner circle is a big deal, which may help you improve your social life.


While the pros may look very tempting, here are four major cons of dating rich guys that can be an eye opener for you.

You’ll be misjudged as a Golddigger

When you’re dating a rich guy, people won’t let you off the hook so easily. You’ll be mostly misjudged for being a golddigger.

You’ll Feel Financially Submissive to Him

Dating a rich guy certainly comes with a lot of financial pressure. You may start to feel financially submissive to your rich boyfriend.

You’ll Face Self Doubts About Yourself

When your boyfriend is filthy rich, you may start to feel doubtful about his intentions to be with you. You’ll always suffer from self-doubts about your worth.

It’ll Cost You a Lot to Return His Favors

Having a rich guy as your boyfriend means you’ll have to match his standards whenever you plan something for him. So, it will probably cost you a fortune to return his favors.


With the help of the above-mentioned tips on how to date rich guys, you can easily decide if dating a rich guy is worth it or not. 

These few steps might be the reason why you couldn’t score a rich date for yourself before. 

Be more self-sufficient and confident the next time you try dating a rich guy. Best of luck!

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