How to Know If a Military Guy Likes You?

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How to Know If a Military Guy Likes You?

As difficult as dating is, it’s even harder to date a military guy. Since they are trained to mask their emotions, it’s almost impossible to figure out an army guy’s true feelings towards you. 

So how do you know if a military guy likes you enough to possibly become “the one”?

Keep reading ahead to check out a few tell-tale signs that a military guy likes you and how you can avoid a military imposter!

8 Signs that a Military Guy Likes You

Dating a military guy can be different than dating an average guy. Since there’s much more discipline and self-control involved in an army guy’s life than an average person, spotting their true feelings can be challenging. 

Still, you can look for small details to ensure whether the military guy you see these days is genuinely into you. Here are a few tell-tale signs:

1. They Confide in You Whenever They Need a Listener

A military man deeply talking with a girl he likes
A military man deeply talking with a girl he likes.

There’s no denying that being in the military means that there will be a lot of secrets involved. A military man cannot reveal his service secrets for obvious reasons. Still, if he makes an effort to talk about his personal or non-sensitive service issues, he indirectly tells you that he is into you. 

These conversations may revolve around his unit, the problems his unit mates are facing, or the kind of life he is having in the military. 

A military man who likes a woman will drop these occasional conversation signs that you need to pick up. 

2. Look For His Body Language

No matter how challenging a guy is, his body language will tell if he likes a woman. While a military man would not be too apparent with gestures like smiling or often wanting to reach out for your hand, he will be casual around you, lowering his guard. 

You will see him making more eye contact than he does with other people, trying to hide a smile on your jokes, or will walk close beside you. 

3. You, Will, Get to Know About His Unit

No true military man can hide his attachment to his unit. Spending most of the time together, the unit members work as a family. 

So, a military man would keep talking about his unit if he likes you, indirectly ensuring that you’re worthy of discussing his work family with. 

Besides that, his unit mates will treat you like a family whenever you meet them. This clearly shows that he discusses you with them, and you hold a place in his life. 

4. Trying to Call You Whenever He Has Some Time

Time is the greatest asset in a military personnel’s life. They cannot ditch their schedules for anyone, but if he calls you in his spare time, it means that he values you. 

But don’t get me wrong. Don’t expect frequent calls or texts from a military guy. Instead, value the effort he is putting in to talk to you by sacrificing the few minutes of peace he gets.

5. He Will Try to Meet You Whenever He is Around

Although getting back home means a lot of family pressure, a military man interested in you will try to meet you on every visit home. 

Regardless of how far you live or his busy back-home schedule, he will take out time to see you in person. 

6. You Will Feel Protected When He is Around

A woman rests her head on a military guy's soldier
A woman rests her head on a military guy’s soldier.

Military men are generally more protective of the people around them. Even if they don’t say it out loud, they will pay attention to the little details of the people they care for. 

But keep in mind that being protective doesn’t mean that they will be excessively possessive. However, they will drop signs of care such as pulling out a chair for you first in the restaurant or fixing something bothering you, like your broken shoe. 

Usually, such care revolves around the people from their units, but if he’s genuinely interested in you, he will behave similarly with you. 

7. Occasional Flirting

A soldier hugs a girl inside a train
A soldier hugs a girl inside a train.

It’s no secret that men flirt with the women they like (they do so as a habit, too, sometimes. But that’s a topic for another day). Similarly, military men too will try to flirt if they want to date you. 

However, the flirting may not be as evident as throwing pickup lines or calling you lovey-dovey names. 

It will be more about trying to stay close, holding gazes for a long time, or making a remark about the type of woman they like (listen for the qualities you possess).

8. Trusting You With How He Feels

Sharing feelings is not something most men are too comfortable with. Sharing feelings may be a sign of weakness for some men (not all, though).

More so with military men because they are trained to control their feelings and emotions during their time in the military. 

But if your guy opens up about how he feels about things, it’s an obvious sign that he is into you. 

These feelings don’t necessarily need to revolve around you, but they can be about how he perceives life or what his experiences have taught him. 

How to Tell if a Military Guy is Real?

Now that you know the signs of an interested military man, it’s time to get your facts straight about military scammers. 

Here’s how you can spot a military catfish from a mile away. 

1. Real Military Men Will Only Get Deployed For Fifteen Months At Most

The game changes entirely if you’ve been communicating with an online military guy who has a hundred reasons for not meeting you in person. 

Such guys will tell far-stories about how they are deployed in a far-off location and cannot return for an unprecedented time. 

They will always overdo the deployment and tell you that they are deployed for over two years when the military deployment typically lasts for fifteen months. 

This usually means they are buying time to stretch their scam and pave the ground for minting money from your pocket by telling fake stories of a long deployment. 

Soldier calling a girl over a video call
Soldier calling a girl over a video call.

2. If He is Not Fake, He Doesn’t Need Money or Identity Details From You

A fake military guy may ask you for not having enough money for food and housing, but the troops are actually funded for food and accommodation. So, a real military man will never ask for money for these reasons. 

Besides this kind of financial support, authentic military personnel will never ask you for your identity details, including your bank account or address for sending packages or money. 

If someone does so, it’s a huge red flag. You need to immediately cut ties because you can become a victim of identity theft by such scammers. 

How to Spot a Fake Military Man

Since military scams are pretty standard, there are structured ways to spot an army imposter. 

If you suspect a military guy is faking it, you can use the DMDC website to verify his status. You will need their Social Security Number and a few other pieces of personal information. 

You can access this 24/7 website that provides information about military personnel currently serving in the military. 


If you have got a crush on a military guy, it’s natural to want to know their true intentions towards you. Try looking for small details like their behavior, communication, and body language to understand the signs. 

While your military guy doesn’t need to drop all these signs, he will do most of them if he is interested in you. 

But before rushing into a full-fledged relationship, make sure you’re trying for a real military man and not an army imposter. 

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