What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl?

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What Do Military Guys Look For In A Girl

There’s no doubt about the fact that guys in uniform look appealing. With their unique haircut, intense training that builds their physique, and loyalty to their duty, what more could a girl ask for?

But the first thing you need to understand is that what comes with dating a military guy is more than what’s expected with dating a civilian.

So, what do military guys look for in a girl?

What do military guys look for in a girl?

It’s quite safe to assume military guys have an ideal type, but that’s far from the truth. As long as you stay true to yourself, the rest of what they want will come easily to you.

A mature, independent woman

If you’re thinking about dating a military guy, then you have to be self-dependent. 

Can you manage holidays, Valentine’s, anniversaries, and birthdays on your own without your partner? Can you go without talking to him for a day or more? What that means is that with or without him, you’re enough and won’t make a fuss about being alone.

On the other hand, if you’re clingy and can’t stand being away from your significant other, then a military guy might not be the best option for you.

He’s going to get deployed, and he won’t always be the first person you can talk to when something is bothering you, and there will be days you won’t be able to talk to him. Are you ready for that?

If you can be on your own without him, then that’s the first thing a military guy wants in his woman.

You have to be loyal

As I said, he’s going to be deployed to another location for at least six months, and what he expects from you while he’s gone is loyalty.

We all know what cheating does to a relationship. Unless your partner loves you so much that he decides to stay with you, that’s a wrap.

Finito. Concluso. Done!

And I understand intimacy is important, but a military guy won’t always be there for that. 

Understand how the military system works

A guy explaining to his girlfriend about everything in the Military
A guy explaining to his girlfriend about everything in the Military

Don’t just date a military guy because of how he looks; you have to understand the system and do your research. For example, if he gets called on without prior notice, you have to understand that’s not him, it’s just how the military works.

Another thing is that the military community doesn’t recognize you’re serious with your partner unless you get married, which means if you visit him, you can’t stay at the base, you have to lodge in a hotel.

Look, I’m not saying, don’t complain about how unfair the situation is to you, but he knows what he signed up for and you have to respect that because it’s his duty.

Be supportive and patient 

Military guys love girls that are supportive of their dreams because they’ll do the same for you.

He also wants you to be patient even when he’s been away from you.

Be positive 

The situation is going to look bad and you’re going to get worried about him, but be positive, say something good, not only to reassure him but also yourself.

Don’t sugarcoat your words or hide your emotions from him

Are you someone who hides emotions or likes to play mind games? A military guy might not be interested in that.

They love girls that will set it up straight for them without hiding anything. Remember that he isn’t a psychic and doesn’t know what could be wrong with you, so you have to be open with him.

Another thing is, don’t hide your feelings. Say what you mean. If you’re on Facetime and you miss him enough to cry, don’t hold back because it means you value and love him.

And there you have what military guys want in a girl and also what to expect when dating them.

Is it hard to date someone in the military?

Is it hard to date someone in the military
Is it hard to date someone in the military

Dating someone in the military could come with a lot of challenges, but you can also make the most of it.

For one, the distance makes it difficult because it rips your partner away from you not only physically but also emotionally, and you have to pick things up from where you last left them.

But as much as it’s tough, it also leaves room for growth and self-development, and you will discover a lot more about your partner in the long run.

Are soldiers good in bed?

A man’s ability in bed has nothing to do with whether he’s a soldier or not, but be rest assured that men who keep working out are good in bed and are confident in themselves. 

Do Army guys make good boyfriends?

Army guys have been through hardships, which makes them appreciate life more deeply and want to make the most of it, but in the end, being a good boyfriend is dependent on his personality.

Traits that make an army guy suitable to be a good boyfriend:

  1. Protectiveness. His stance is enough to protect you. This guy knows how to kick ass and could also train you to protect yourself from harm. And what’s not great about that?

  2. No time for games. Unlike an average guy, he’s not ready and doesn’t have the time to play games with you. He’s going to be clear from the onset about what he wants from you and will talk things out with you without hiding anything.

  3. He’s romantic. An army guy is going to love you deeply and he’ll show his love for you through every possible means. 

    Maybe this is because his schedules are unpredictable, but he’ll make the most of his time with you, hold the door for you, send you letters and flowers, and be a gentleman.
  1. They make great dads. There’s something good about seeing a guy with kids, which means if you’re thinking about marriage in the long term, he’s ready for the responsibilities and he’ll be there for your kids. 

    Not all the time, but he’s going to try his best.
A man in the military playing with his son
A man in the military playing with his son
  1. He’s adventurous. He’s been to some places in the world, so prepare yourself to listen to his insights on different cultures. Aside from that, if he isn’t a selfish person, he’s going to support you through your own life adventures too.

  2. He’s kind and considerate. A military guy is going to be considerate of your feelings and he’ll do things he knows you will appreciate.

  3. He’s going to bring out the best in you. If you have a boyfriend who’s focused on being fit, you wouldn’t want to be a slob, and this isn’t just limited to going to the gym. He’s going to push you to bring out the fighter in you; the one who chases her dreams and never gives up.

  4. There’s space in your relationship with him. I know people get tired of being with each other in a relationship, but instead of that, what you get is a space to figure out yourself, your relationship with him, and finally, to realize the depth of your love. 

So, rather than breaking up with him, all you have is longing for the next time you meet again.

And sometimes, the distance might get too hard, but don’t give up.


It takes a strong heart to love a military guy.

We’ve discussed what to expect with him, and it’s all up to you if that’s what you want, and if it is, I wish you all the best!

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