How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

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How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

Jeff Bezos, Mel Gibson, and Denzel Washington have one thing in common: they are all Capricorn males. 

Say what you will about a Capricorn, he knows how to make an impression, and he carries himself as if destined for greatness. 

Quite often, this perspective becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. What a Capricorn male pursues, he pursues with passion. 

And in this post, we cover how you can become such a passionate pursuit for a Capricorn man.

Capricorn Men: A Brief Overview

The Capricorn male personality has plenty of admirable and objectionable traits. Mel Gibson isn’t known for being the kindest, nor is Jeff Bezos known for his empathy. With the difficult personality traits of Capricorn men comes an attitude of absolute responsibility. 

It takes effort to get a Capricorn man hooked, but before you get one eating from the palm of your hand, you need to be sure what to expect from a Capricorn boyfriend. Let’s look at the pros and cons of dating a Capricorn.

Capricorn Men’s Strengths

  • Ambitious: The greatest strength of a Capricorn man is that he is ambitious in whatever he sets his mind to. If he dates, it is with purpose, and if he gets into a relationship, he wants to build something.

  • Works Hard: Capricorn is an earth sign, so the male with Capricorn influence is sure to work hard. Capricorns make things work in a relationship because they are always improving themselves. 

  • Have a sense of duty: Capricorn men take responsibility in and for a relationship. This means that even when their partner is at fault, they will assess where they can change course to improve the relationship. 

  • Honest: Capricorn men are generally more honest because of their practical and grounded nature. They don’t feel the need to deceive because they don’t believe emotional relief is worth a lie.

Weaknesses of Capricorn Men 

  • Hard to reach: While you may get to a Capricorn man physically, it is hard to reach him emotionally because he will seem emotionally disconnected from people in general. Often, women who don’t want to put too much effort into it initially abandon Capricorn men for “less difficult” types.

  • Blunt: Capricorn men are so focused on a specific vision or goal that they often underestimate how their actions affect the people around them. They can digest rudeness, which results in them assuming that everyone around them has equally thick skin.

  • Dominant: While many girls like a guy who is dominant, very few women are comfortable with a domineering man. Capricorn men have a hard time with abstract boundaries and can be domineering if the relationship’s tone is not established at the beginning.

  • Need space: Capricorn men might appear aloof because they need space. And if you’re coming out of a relationship where company and communication were the norms, dating a Capricorn will take some getting used to.

How to Make a Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

A Capricorn man obsessed with his woman
A Capricorn man obsessed with his woman

Now that we have covered the equivalent pros and cons of dating a Capricorn, let’s explore how you can get a Capricorn obsessed with you. 

Given that Capricorns can be obsessive about what they desire, you just need to position yourself as the subject of this desire. 

To make a Capricorn man obsessed with you, you must learn what he likes and signal it. As long as you communicate the traits that he admires, he will do the rest. It is crucial not to fake personality traits in the process. Amplifying your genuine qualities that he likes is fair, though.

Capricorn Men Like Intelligence

If you like a Capricorn man, chances are you admire his values, one of which is often intelligence. Generally, smarter women fall for Capricorn men. 

In other words, you’re pretty intelligent if you like Capricorns. 

It is time to subtly flaunt your intelligence because the average Capricorn isn’t focused enough on people to catch it naturally. Here are three ways to show off your intelligence with grace.

  • Swap small-talk for depth: Small talk signals a lack of curiosity and ideas. When you ask questions relevant to what people say and deliver anecdotes and stories that are relevant to the conversation, you form a better bond. Above all, you stand apart from everyone else talking about the weather.

  • Be thought-provoking with your questions: Questions like “how have you been?” and “what’s up?” involve no thought. They also communicate that thinking isn’t your strongest suit. By asking questions that have a degree of original thought behind them, you show not only your intelligence but also engage the other person.

  • Get better at communication: Humans are social beings, and social intelligence is often taken as intelligence in general. Unless you’re in a context where signifiers like your marks and GPA score can signal intelligence, you have to improve your communication skills to show off your intelligence.

Capricorn Men Are Attracted to Ambition

Like attracts like, at least in terms of ambition in Capricorn men. Where generally ambitious people might want a partner who would blindly support them, Capricorn men prefer a partner who they can build with. 

Most women make the mistake of assuming that their Capricorn love interest wants a woman who has no ambition of her own and will be the perfect support system for them. The average Capricorn wants the best in everything, including romance, and a girl without ambition isn’t good enough for him. 

Fortunately, most women in contemporary times have ambitions. This is your sign to amplify your ambition instead of dimming it for a man. Here is how you can do that.

  • Show them what you have accomplished: A Capricorn man is more likely to be impressed by what you have achieved than by what you wear or look like. Many Capricorns get taken advantage of because of their success. They feel most comfortable with an accomplished woman.

  • Make your past self your competition: If your ambition is too “on the nose,” it might turn off a Capricorn male. Capricorns can tell genuine ambition from emulated ambition. Competing with yourself to get better every day is something most, if not all, Capricorn men can relate to. And when they notice that you too are interested in self-improvement, they automatically infer ambition.

  • Have clear goals: Finally, you need to have clarity regarding your goals. What are your goals?” might be an odd question on a regular date, but it is a mandatory one when you go out with a Capricorn. We all have goals, but not all of us think deeply about them. If you want a Capricorn to be obsessed with you, you need to really think about your goals.

Capricorn Men Love to Laugh

A Capricorn man enjoys playing with his girlfriend on a lake
A Capricorn man enjoys playing with his girlfriend on a lake

This might seem odd for the personality profile of Capricorn men, but they do love a woman who can make them laugh. Generally, humor is seen as silly, but it requires a lot of intelligence to come up with a joke that can make a Capricorn laugh. 

Capricorns are fans of dry humor, or what’s commonly known as British humor. Here’s how you can communicate your humorous side without being on the nose.

  • Find humor in the ordinary: Capricorns’ humor is grounded in reality. They like funny observations instead of the standard setup-punchline-structured jokes. If you can find humor in your everyday life, do not keep it to yourself. Share the gift of laughter.

  • Pepper satire into your observations: One way to be instantly funny is to have a subtle element of sarcasm in your observations. Satire is just toned-down sarcasm with a less obvious delivery. Capricorn males are big fans of this type of humor because they get it more often than non-Capricorns.

  • Deliver whatever you find funny with a straight face: You don’t want to fake a sense of humor if you’re serious about a Capricorn male. One way to communicate your natural sense of humor to a Capricorn is to simply be open about what you find funny. As long as you deliver it with a straight face, a Capricorn guy will remain engaged because of the challenge of figuring out whether you are serious.

Capricorn Men Like Independence

When women hear that a Capricorn male is interested in independence, they erroneously assume that this is one-sided. In reality, Capricorn males like to maintain their independence and also be with other independent people.

Unfortunately, the independence of a Capricorn can make a partner insecure and clingy, which can ironically signal the opposite of independence. To communicate your independence, you need to avoid making your happiness contingent on a Capricorn’s presence.

  • Have hobbies – having hobbies that do not include the person you are dating is the easiest way to not just communicate independence but to actually cultivate and maintain it.

  • Know how to have fun without anyone – if you depend on another person for your happiness, you will be disappointed. That’s why it is better to exercise your independence even while having fun.

  • Practice self-care religiously – Capricorn males often need self-care but overlook it to prioritize their goals. They subconsciously admire a girl who can take care of herself because they too wish they could take a break and engage in self-care.

Capricorn Males Like Girls Who Understand Them

A Capricorn man looking genuinely happy with his woman
A Capricorn man looking genuinely happy with his woman

How would you like to date someone who doesn’t understand you at all? It would be exhausting. For better or worse, Capricorn males find themselves misunderstood by almost everyone around them, especially women. 

Knowing how to make a Capricorn male feel understood is the best way to get him hooked on your presence. And here’s how you can do that.

  • Listen carefully – While some people might be too eager to show that they understand someone, it is more important to understand them. If you listen to a Capricorn, you will not only make him feel understood. You will begin to understand him. You just need to control the urge to chime in.

  • Do not impose your perspective – Capricorn males appreciate a fresh perspective, but if you insist on imposing your solution on their problem, you break rapport by revealing a lack of understanding. Have enough empathy to genuinely understand their problems and offer your perspective without pressure.

  • Be honest – Above all, you have to be open and honest. This can reveal poor understanding in the beginning, but it leaves room for you and your Capricorn love interest to understand each other better. As long as you are honest about your interest in understanding him, you will build excellent rapport.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Capricorn male can be quite complicated because Capricorns love their independence but can be domineering. At the same time, they also take personal responsibility, have ambition, and are intelligent. The best way to make a Capricorn male obsessed with you is to understand and stimulate him while remaining honest and true to your ambitions.

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