How To Make A Girl Feel Special Over Text (Texts For Any Scenario)

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How To Make A Girl Feel Special Over Text

Imagine this scenario: you meet someone and she’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Now, all you have is her number, but you’ve got to knock it up a notch and ask her out on a date to take things further.

Stranded in the middle of what to text, coupled with nervousness, you don’t want to miss this chance.

If I have accurately described your dilemma, then this might be for you.

“How to make a girl feel special” is a question that has outlived countless generations. However, Gen-Z and millennials will quite relate to the fact that if you want a girl, you have to master the craft of texting. 

But before we get started with how to make a girl feel special over text, there are quite a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Who is she to you?

This is the time to think about what you’re getting into. What does she mean to you and your heart? Identifying that will save you a lot of stress and how much harder you need to try.

Now if it’s someone you just met or have known for a while, then I have a few texts to get you started.

Remember, don’t copy and paste. Soon enough, she will see through what you text her, and even when you’re sincere, you might come off as an insincere person. 

The real trick is to be creative and tailor the texts according to the kind of girl you are dealing with.

Young woman at home typing messages on her smart phone
Young woman at home typing messages on her smart phone.

If she’s someone you’ve just met or have known for a while, here are texts to send:

For compliments:

  • How did I survive __ years without you?
  • Great thinking! Your amazing opinions pushed the team to a decision today.
  • Ponytails make you look professional yet gorgeous.
  • I think you would look good in anything.
  • You said to me last night, “I’m perfect,” and I think that captures everything about you.
  • You are a work of art.

The not-too-cheesy texts:

  • Me in a suit, you in whatever makes you beautiful seated in front of me at a restaurant, what do you say about a date night?
  • These lyrics (insert lyrics) got me through a bad day. 
  • I’m being reasonable when I say I love what we have together.
  • You’re the other half I’ve been looking for.
  • Damn, you’re fine.
  • Words don’t explain how I truly feel about you.

If she digs literature:

  • I know I do not hold a candle to Mr. Darcy, but I could be everything for you.
  • I spent the night reading a book you recommended, and it’s really good.
  • I’m more handsome than (insert favorite actor’s name). 
  • Do you think we had a meet-cute?
  • Is this scene supposed to make me cry? 
  • Don’t you think the expectations from fictional characters to real men are a little too much?

For her to know she has your time:

  • I don’t have every moment of the day, but for you, I’ll listen.
  • We should go on that trip again, just you and me.
  • I’m going to slide you into my schedule; you’re that important.
  • If you want me to skip on the guy’s night out, I’ll do it. All you’ve gotta do is give me aword.
  • If I can’t take an hour or two out of a twenty-four-hour day, then I sure as hell don’t deserve you.
  • I’ll never get tired of listening to you.

After a date night:

  • You were the main course tonight. The food didn’t stand a chance.
  • That dress was a match made in heaven for you.
  • I think we should watch a movie next time. You have opinions I could never get tired of listening to.
  • I love how your eyes light up when I talk about the things you love.
  • I miss you already.
  • I just wanted to tell you that you looked absolutely radiant tonight.
Woman texting at the window after a date night
Woman texting at the window after a date night.

To talk about anything:

  • What do you think is the most fun part of my day?
  • A friend sent this to his girl. What do you think?
  • I want your opinion: the blue one or the red one?
  • I was thinking Mother’s Day is almost here. Would you like to pick a gift together?
  • I’m good at everything else except cooking. 
  • I’m running out of body wash. Can you recommend some?

For any part of the day:

  • Do you ever feel things change overnight with anyone?
  • I might be busy but your face still keeps popping up in my head.
  • I want you in my arms.
  • My friends keep asking about you.
  • I do not take what we have for granted.
  • Can we skip the time? I can’t get enough of you.

If she’s your girlfriend:

  • I’ve been thinking about you for hours and damn, I’m a lucky man.
  • The taste of coffee doesn’t compare to seeing you happy.
  • Babe, I love you! Can’t wait to hear about your day.
  • Netflix and Chill with you is the best part of my weekend.
  • Distance might draw a line between us but it doesn’t stop us from loving each other.
  • I know people keep saying they lose each other after a while but I don’t want us ever giving up. Let’s fight for this every day?

If she’s going through a hard time:

  • I just sent you your favorite flowers.
  • You still look pretty when you cry.
  • I want to be a shoulder for you through both the good and bad times.
  • Whenever it becomes hard to breathe, just know you still got it in you.
  • You’re the strongest woman I’ve ever met.
  • This might not be what you wanted to hear, but please don’t give up.

What type of boys do girls like?

By now, you probably figured out that a text isn’t enough to get you the girl; you also have to put your personality into play, which means, to make her stay by your side, you need to work on yourself.

If you’re confused about what kind of boys girls like, then I’m about to break down what you should do to get the girl of your dreams.

  1. Be attentive. Go beyond what you already do. Listen to her when she talks, pay attention to her needs, and dig deeper to know more about her.
  2. Look attractive. Attractiveness isn’t only about your face, it’s about you and how you present yourself to her. So while your face is a factor, your habits play a great role in this. 
  3. A caring guy. Girls like a guy who would not only give away his hoodie on a chilly night but also place his family first because that makes us like you even more. 
  4. An amazing sense of humor. Research shows that laughing naturally produces endorphins which suppress pain. Not just that, a sense of humor shows that you’re a fun and laid back person so whenever we meet someone who makes us smile without trying too hard, we’re more interested because it’s a reassurance of how much more if we ever decide on a relationship.

And if you aren’t funny, flirting also does the trick.

What type of boys do girls like
  1. The ambitious ones. Are you waiting for the next big thing to happen in your life? Then you have to change that because constantly discussing your dreams and having something to prove for it might make her like you.
  2. Intelligent guys. If you’re good at sciences, whatever boosts your ego could get you this girl. All you have to do is say what you’re good at because girls dig guys who know exactly what they’re talking about.
  3. Guys who know what they want. If you are a player, it would be better to stay away now rather than hurt her because girls love a guy who isn’t leading them on just to play with their feelings.
  4. Are you handsome? If you have good genes that make you look handsome, then I hate to say, while it’s superficial, she might also like you for your face.
  5. An athlete’s physique. Women love it when you take good care of your body and your health, which means if you’ve been working out, that’s a plus for you. 
  6. One who doesn’t shy away from talking about everything with us. I know it’s hard to be chatty and you don’t have to be, but we like it when you tell us stuff you wouldn’t tell anyone. It means and builds trust with us.
  7. Make her one of your priorities. You could have a lot going on in life, but if you can show a girl how lucky you are to have her, then you’ve got us.

How do you tell if she doesn’t like you over text?

If you have been trying to make this person feel special but it feels as though your effort is going to waste, how do you know when to stop because she doesn’t feel the same way?

  1. She takes longer to reply. This is probably uncool, but if she’s taking too long to reply to you, she isn’t interested.  Yes, she might be busy with life, but girls love texting, so if you were important to her, she would find a way to get back to you.
  2. She leaves you on read. If she read your texts but never acknowledged them, then you’re in for a rude awakening: she doesn’t like you!
  3. One-word replies. Do you get words like “cool,” “k,” or random emojis? Well, I hate to say this, but she’s only trying to be nice.
  4. You are always taking the lead with the conversations. If you’re always the one texting her first while she does nothing about it, not even once, then she’s probably taking you for granted.
  5. Doesn’t make an effort with you. You might want to reconsider if she’s nonchalant and doesn’t make an effort to get to know you better. 
  6. She doesn’t flirt. If we really like you, we will make advances through our words, emojis, or whatever we know how to do best, because, for that one guy we like, we’re willing to try.
  7. Tries to set you up. Hey, my friend thinks you’re cute. That is an indirect way of telling you, ‘I’m not interested, but my friend is single and I think you two would be a great fit.’ I mean, if she was really into you, the thought of you being with someone else wouldn’t pop up in her mind.
  8. Tells you point-blank that she’s busy. Making excuses about being busy is a no-no. For me, another way to better interpret that is, I don’t have time for you.
  9. She blocks you. For some girls, if they don’t like you, your presence greatly irritates them, so what’s the best way to get rid of you? It’s simple: they block you.
Man unsure of the girl's feelings for him
Man unsure of the girl’s feelings for him.

How do I win her heart?

Finally, you figure out she doesn’t like you, but you want to win her over. So what are the steps that lead to a girl’s heart?

  1. Know the kind of girl you’re dealing with. This might be hard to do if she isn’t giving away her time, so how do you deal with that? Get close to her friends! 

They know more about her, and the good ones might say something nice about you to her. When you become closer to them, you might realize a lot more than you could have ever imagined.

Perhaps she might have sworn herself off relationships, but you wouldn’t know this if you weren’t making the right moves.

  1. Take it slow. When you’re becoming acquainted with this person, be patient. Don’t go ahead and try to flatter her because you know too much. She won’t be impressed. 
  2. Make plans to hang out. Tell her as much as you want to take things slow, you can’t wait to go out on a date with her because you have no doubt it’s going to be an incredible one because she’s amazing and that’s why you keep trying. 

The point is, if you want her, then be ready to do what it takes.

  1. Text her every day. If she’s always on your mind, why not tell her through a text? Do not assume she knows you like her already. You have to be consistent with the process, and what if that doesn’t work?
  2. Send gifts. Flowers, chocolates, thoughtful presents, girls love it! You’re going to be on her mind whenever she sees what you got her. The key takeaway from this is to surprise her with something nice and she will like you for it.
  3. Ask for her opinions. Are you confused about something and do you need help? Ask her. Show her you value her opinions more than anything else.
  4. Use your words. I know you aren’t Shakespeare, but all you have to do is think with sincerity. 

What do you think would make her smile? What is she going through and what words could make her day? If you’ve got time to think about this person, then the words would come easily.

  1. Acknowledge her insecurities. If she tells you something really important, say something to reassure her because she’s opening up to you. 
  2. Be willing to make compromises. What’s it going to take you to watch her favorite ‘trashy’ reality show?

Let me be the one to tell you that doing things even when we know it isn’t convenient for you makes us feel that you’re willing to do what it takes and that brings us closer to you.

How do you know if a girl has feelings for you?

Everything is working out great between you two, but there’s a little problem: she’s hiding how she feels about you. 

But since you’re curious, here are some ways to know if she has feelings for you:

  1. She tries to impress you: Sometimes, when girls talk about themselves and their achievements, it doesn’t mean they’re self-centered. It just means, we want you to be more interested in us.
  2. She values your opinions. If she tells you something only to ask what you think about it, then she might like you because she considers your opinions before taking a step further with anything.
  3. She never forgets what you tell her. 
  4. Her friends know about you. If her girlfriends aren’t referring to you as “which one,” she’s proved to them that you’re the only one she’s got.
  5. Her body language. If she leans into you when talking, or just tries to touch you, then she likes you.
  6. She gets jealous. Say, if you were talking to another girl, would she ask about it? Does she tell you she thinks someone was flirting with you and she didn’t like it? Then she has feelings for you!
  7. She gives you hints. By this, I mean she tells you how much her friends think you two would be a great couple. Although her friends might not have said that, she’s throwing it at you to see what you think about the two of you being together.
  8. She spends time with you. I wouldn’t spend a huge chunk of time with someone I don’t like, so if she always wants to hang out, you might want to consider confessing how you feel about her to take things further.
Man and woman texting each other
Man and woman texting each other.

How do you know if she’s not serious about you?

It would be a bummer if we didn’t talk about ways to know she isn’t serious about you, and there are lots of things to consider here:

  1. She has no plans for the future. 
  2. You’re always making date plans.
  3. You haven’t met her family or friends. 
  4. When you two fight, you’re always the one finding ways to resolve the issue. Especially when you aren’t at fault.
  5. She doesn’t care about your opinions.
  6. She’s talking to other people, which simply means you aren’t the only one. 

Should I text her again if she doesn’t reply?

What if you’re only overthinking? If you’re a little bit confused about whether to text her, perhaps for the last time, then I have to tell you not to.

Remember, respecting yourself and her boundaries would go a long way, and besides, if it was real, you wouldn’t be wondering why she doesn’t reply, so while it hurts to be left on read, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep your dignity.

Now if you’re curious as to why she never replied and you really want to know, then give it a try and if the same thing keeps repeating itself, then you have to let go.

Why would a girl ignore your text?

The only reason a girl would ignore your text is if she isn’t interested. 

I understand it’s not that simple, but she doesn’t feel the same way about you or she’s taken by someone else!


Every girl is different when it comes to texting, but remember she already feels special and you’re only doing this to make her know how important she is to you. 

With consistency and a lot more effort, I believe you have what it takes to win her over and also save your heart where necessary.

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