How To Make Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text

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How To Make Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text

Long-distance relationships can be tough, but you can find plenty of things to do online. One can get used to the distance, but whenever there is a high or low point in life, one can’t help but wish their partner was close. 

Whether your boyfriend is a long-distance partner or is away temporarily, he will miss you the most when he is sick. 

And this article will help you uncover how you can make him feel better over text. Among the ways to make your boyfriend feel better over text, you will learn what to say, what not to say, and the best practices for texting him when he is sick. 

But first, let’s look at why we seek company in sickness.

The Psychology of Social Care: Why Do We Get Better With Company

Feeling sick is part physical and part mental. The physical aspect has to be treated with medicine and professional care. But the emotional aspect has to do with natural stress that comes from uncertainty and an overactive immune system. 

A guy receiving a text message from his girlfriend
A guy receiving a text message from his girlfriend

Whenever your body is actively fighting off bacteria, viruses, and infections, you are mentally fighting. 

What has given humans a feeling of security during battles, wars, and fights? company. Knowing that you have someone with you can bring mental peace, which is crucial to feeling better.

How to Replace a Company When You Can’t Be There

The best way to make someone feel better is to be physically present with them. Holding hands, hugging, and even cuddling can all work wonders for inspiring mental peace. 

That said, you can’t be there for your partner if you’re in a long-distance relationship or have a very busy schedule. 

The next best thing is to use conversation to replace it. While this isn’t as effective as holding hands, it does have a noticeable difference and can speed up the process of making your partner feel better.

How To Make Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text

How To Make Your sick Boyfriend Feel Better over Text list
How To Make Your sick Boyfriend Feel Better over Text list

Now that you know that making someone feel better when they are fighting off an infection or any type of illness is to eliminate loneliness, you can start thinking of texts that can help your boyfriend see that he is not alone. Here are a few examples to get you started.

“I Want to Hug You and Not Let Go”

This message invokes feelings of closeness and physical proximity. If you’ve hugged him before, then this is even better as there is a memory that this text can help your boyfriend relive. 

If you’re okay with lengthy texts, you can continue with “I want to hug you and not let you go until you’re okay.”

“I Know You Can Beat This. You’re a Fighter”

This is a moral support take on fighting an illness. While a text that inspires feelings of physical proximity works for those who yearn for affirmative touch, a text that shows confidence works for a person who sees himself as a fighter. 

If your boyfriend likes to take obstacles head-on, saying something like, “You got this. And I’m here for you,” or “I know you can beat your illness. I have faith in you” can help him feel better.

“I’m Praying for You, and I’m Here for You”

Regardless of how much your partner thinks praying works (or doesn’t work), this text can work wonders. It shows that you are doing something, even if that thing isn’t physically changing much in the short term. 

More importantly, the part where you say you’re “here” for him instead of “there” for him conjures up a feeling of physical proximity. It is the best message to send to someone who relies on you for support and care.

A woman texting his boyfriend to make him feel better
A woman texting his boyfriend to make him feel better

“Let’s [Insert Favorite Activity] Once You Get Better. I Know You’ll Get Better Soon”

This text might be hard to send for many girls because they would never like to receive such a message when they are sick. However, pragmatic guys can get a boost from looking forward instead of marinating in their current situation. 

If your boyfriend likes hiking, you can promise to go on a hike together once he is better. If you’re in different states (or on different continents) and can’t make it to be close to him, you can choose a long-distance activity. These include a Netflix watch party, an intimate video call, and online gaming.

“Remember the Time When [Insert Favorite Memory]. Thinking About That Makes Me Feel So Good.”

This is a suggestive message that bypasses the conscious mind and hints at the subconscious to feel good by thinking about the past. It works on people who like to look back at memories more fondly. 

Just like a future promise works for pragmatic forward thinkers, those who like to look back can feel better when you pick out a specific positive memory. 

If you tell them head-on, “Think of a good memory,” they will resist your suggestion. But if you go the more subtle route, you’ll be successful in getting your boyfriend to think about the good times.

What Not to Text When Your Boyfriend Is Sick?

If you’re his girlfriend, chances are that just talking to you about anything will make him feel better. So you can make him feel better by just texting him more often. However, texting more can also increase the odds of slipping up and saying something wrong. Here are a few texts you should never send to a sick boyfriend.

  • “Get well soon” – This phrase is too cliche to be used for anyone you genuinely care about. It communicates that you’re not even sincere enough to find something more interesting to say. 
  • “It’s just a [insert diagnosis] – When your boyfriend says he’s unable to get out of bed and you say, “It’s just dehydration,” you might think you’re helping him. But you unintentionally trivialize his experience. 
  • “I am/was sick too” – Anything along the lines of “I had a similar thing” or “wow. I feel the same” will make your boyfriend feel like you’re trying to one-up him instead of taking his sickness more seriously.

Best Practices for Making Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text

Best Practices for Making Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text
Best Practices for Making Your Sick Boyfriend Feel Better Over Text

Knowing just what to say without knowing how to say it is the quickest way to mutual disappointment. Please follow these guidelines to make your boyfriend feel better without unintentionally hurting or annoying him.

Know His Communication Baseline 

Different people have different tolerance thresholds for dialogue. Some guys like to write more, others prefer reading texts but reply with one-liners. Knowing the kind of communication he wants can help you avoid overstimulating your partner.

Don’t Demand Instant Improvement 

It can be slightly annoying to have to make someone feel better for an extended period. Avoid demanding improvement in his health. Any pressure or restlessness can make him feel worse.

Be Considerate 

You cannot just say the right things but fail to account for his sickness in every other aspect of your life. From the speed at which the texts are returned to the length of his messages, almost anything he does will be dampened by his health. 

You should avoid making any of these things a point of conflict.

Don’t Give Contrasting Treatment 

If you’re generally cold to your partner but become drastically loving when he is sick, you unintentionally reward him for being sick. 

This can result in a subconscious gravitation towards poor health. You need to be patient and caring, but not too different from how you treat him in general.

Make Him Feel Your Presence

Making your sick boyfriend feel better over text can be a little difficult if you don’t know what to say. 

But as long as your heart is in the right place and you’re willing to make him feel your presence via text, he will feel better. 

From word choices that invoke feelings of closeness to asking him to think about when you will be together, you can design your texts to achieve this outcome.

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