Foolproof Second Date Tips for Ladies (And Getting A Third)

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Second Date Tips for Ladies

Your first date blues are over, and you are finally moving towards a second date with the heartthrob you met on Tinder. 

You’ve chosen a time and date for the hangout but still have butterflies in your belly and cannot decide how to go about the experience—well, our tips below have you covered.

Women could do with as many tips as possible when it comes to dating. The work towards achieving the right impression starts from the second date, and here we mention some foolproof second date tips for ladies.

9 Second Date Tips for Women

The second date can be a complicated experience for most women. Although you are over the treacherous paths of the first date, you’re still undecided and are playing with risk. At the end of it, you want to be you and be respected for that.

1. Go for a More Thoughtful Location

Bars, coffee shops, and restaurants are for first dates. Second dates are a little more intimate, and the location you choose may require some thinking.

With the first date nerves and the boring questions behind you, we expect you to know a little about the passions and inclinations of your date. 

Second dates are for building upon the knowledge you gathered on the first date, but in a less interview-like manner and more about enjoying each other’s company.

Think outside the box and come up with ideas you shared on the first date. Did you bond over your shared love of sports, bowling, or trekking? You have your answer then; the second date should be about experiencing that shared love.

Go crazy and don’t set limitations. Climb walls if both of you like climbing walls. Go to a bowling arena. Go to a bookshop. Step out of the strict confines of a bar or a restaurant. No noise.

Greet Them With a Hug

Dating couple hug each other
Dating couple hug each other.

First dates are all about handshakes. Not many women who are blind dating through the internet would be comfortable with a hug on the first date. But a second date deserves a more cordial welcome.

The best way to initiate your second date is with a warm hug or even a peck on the cheeks. Please don’t go all Winnie the Pooh on them, but you can use both your arms and get used to some of the warmth that exudes from their bodies.

Why go for a hug? Because it will kill all the nervousness that has trickled over from the first date and will help calm you both. A little peck on the cheeks is even better. A nice little preview of what’s to come.

Don’t Lie

If you have gotten off on the wrong foot or have lied on the first date, then it is time you mend your ways on the second date. Come out clean and gain their respect before it is too late.

Any attempt at being false or running a façade will only put your credibility in doubt, and you might even lose a chance at being with someone who cares about you. Be yourself and expect the other person to fall in love with your real self.

Know What’s Non-Negotiable

The second date is your opportunity to see whether the person you’re with embodies any virtues you find non-negotiable. If they do, you should call it quits before things get serious and you head towards a relationship.

Pay Attention to Red Flags

Woman watching her date closely for signs of misbehavior
Woman watching her date closely for signs of misbehavior.

It is easy to notice the little details when you find out someone isn’t right for you. Just study their behavior, how they act and what they do around you. 

You need to give your date the benefit of the doubt and stick with them to the second date. But, if they still show certain red flags, it is time you nipped it in the bud.

Be Confident

Being confident is the best thing that you can do on a date. It leaves a positive impression and may even suit the personality you would want to exude on your first major night out.

Men love it when their woman responds to their jokes and cheeky flirts with a laugh on her face. Not only does it make you look cute, but also really collected. Don’t overdo this, though.

Get to Know Him

Date nights are about getting to know each other, and there really is no use in it if you don’t get to know the other person. Knowing each other is what matters, and you can be as innovative as you want in getting to the conclusion.

Respond to and Pay Compliments

Now, the biggest secret to a successful date night lies in knowing how to respond to compliments and also how to pay compliments. Don’t just sit there and not react to a compliment, but respond and then follow it up with a good compliment.

Know Yourself

Dating is similar to an exploration process, and you’re Dora, finding who is best for you. Don’t think of dating as a commitment, as you can back out if you decide that the person is not worth the view you first had of them.

 Before embarking on a second date, it is important to know yourself as a person.

Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Second Date 

Just like there are some recommended practices for your first date, there are some other things you shouldn’t do. Some of these are: 

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Second Date

Boring Them With Work Details

Men tend to expect a lot from the second date, so they can get bored early if things don’t go according to plan. The second date is where the connection from the first date is taken forward.

Talking about your job on the first date is not a good idea and may ruin it. Instead, try to come up with clever stuff. Let them decide on patterns.

Try to enjoy the silence as well.

Not Putting In An Effort

Both of you on the first date need to make an effort to keep the conversation going. The effort they make goes a long way in keeping the conversation running and the date a good experience for both of you.

Excessive use of cell phones during the second date can also be a real deal-breaker. The second date sets a learning curve for both individuals, and they can learn a lot from it. Using your cell phone is just too selfish.

Picking Up Faults

It is okay for a woman to have high standards, but men can tell when you’re being pretentious if you start looking for faults everywhere to make a good impression. 

They may even call you out for it.

Additionally, you need to give them the freedom to choose their meals and pick their menu. No one wants to be on a date with someone who is a control freak. 

Thus, if you are too controlling on the second date, it can be a negative sign and may freak the guy out.

Not Registering Compliments

You need to respond to the compliments sent your way with the person you are. People get more comfortable on the second date and can be more open with compliments. 

It is up to you now to receive those compliments and work on returning them.

Being Controlling

No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is a control freak. Thus, if a woman is too controlling on the second date, it can be a negative sign and may freak the guy out. 

Is it OK to Kiss on a Second Date?

Happy young couple kissing in a cafe
Happy young couple kissing in a café.

You set your boundaries. If you feel the intimacy and the attraction, you can go for the kill and make a move. You can always be the first one to make a move. 

Step out of gender roles. The 21st Century has no restrictions on who gets to make the first move.

How Do You Flirt on a Second Date?

How’d you get a second date without flirting your way to it? Flirting is synonymous with dating, and there’s no harm in some flirtatious statements here and there. However, your appetite for flirting will be based on how much you like the person.

How Do I Impress a Guy on a Second Date?

Chances are they are already impressed. If a guy agrees to a second date, they are already impressed. Just be yourself because they already like what they see.

What to Wear on a Second Date?

Go with the flow. Dress for the occasion. You can’t wear your heels and dress to a mini-golf session. Let your intuition rule over you, and pick an outfit that best suits the occasion.

Once you are done with the second date, just text your date when you can. Drop a little thank you if possible. 


The second date can be a strategic moment in your dating life. This is a make-or-break moment, where you can either have something good by following our tips or blow it up for yourself. 

If the first date was minor league, the second date will feel more major league-ish. You are out of the nervous feelings of the first date. You know the other person a little bit. 

And you are nearing the waters of commitment. We hope our words of wisdom help you in the process. Just be yourself, follow our tips, and enjoy.

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