5 Best Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back

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Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back

Relationships and heartbreak come as a package deal. Sometimes you don’t realize your partner’s worth until after a breakup.  

However, both sides don’t need to have the same opinion. Often, you’ll have to send a lot of texts to patch things up.

Why texts?

Because it’s easier to maintain your composure over a text, you can convey your feelings and let him respond on his own time. 

There can be many texts to send to your ex to get him back, but not all work.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the terrain of texting your ex and how to win his heart again.

5 Texts to Convince Your Ex to Come Back

Directly stating, “Please take me back.” won’t do you any good. You have to put some effort into the texts and be creative.

Here are some messages that can pull your ex’s heartstrings and convince him to patch up.

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1. “You were right”

The best way to resolve a conflict is to accept that you were wrong and your partner was right. 

Perhaps when you broke up, both of you were a little stubborn and angry. Admitting your mistakes will convince him to give you another chance. 

2. “I’m sorry. Is there a way I can make it up to you?”

However, apologizing to your boyfriend over text can go either way.

Bombarding his inbox with a flurry of apologies won’t be enough. Along with an apology, ask him how you can rectify the situation.

3. “I finally did that thing you wanted me to”

If your partner has any complaints about your bad habits, change them. Then let him know you did it.

This way, he’ll see you’re not all talk and no action. 

4. “You helped me become a new person”

Appeal to his emotions and tell him he made you a better person. Share some aspects of your relationship that helped you grow personally.

This will show him that you realize his importance in your life.

5. “I realize that I didn’t take your concerns seriously”

Often, a relationship leads to a breakup when you’ve been sweeping your partner’s worries under the rug.

Reflect and see if you were guilty of downplaying their valid concerns. If so, then admit it. 

The secret to getting your ex back is to make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

How Do You Make Your Ex Miss You Over Text?

We assume making someone miss you will lead them back to us. But make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, not to be petty. 

Friends, counselors, books, and other resources can help you with it.

After you’ve figured out that your intentions are clear, you can make your ex miss you by:

Saying Breakup Was a Good Idea

It would work, especially if your ex broke up with you. Tell him it’s good we separated, and new avenues can now open up for you.

The reality that you can now date someone else might not go well with him. 

Sharing a Memory

Nostalgia is your most powerful tool. You can share some key highlights of your relationship when you had the best time.

Text them “‘Remember when we did…” and insert a favorite pastime. You can also share some vacation memories, inside jokes, and mutual favorite hobbies. 

Asking Him What He Misses Most About the Relationship

Asking this will take him on a trip down memory lane, and he’ll end up missing you.

A tip for capturing him at his most vulnerable is texting late at night. Usually, that’s the time people reminisce and feel the most emotional. 

Telling Him You’re Doing Well

The best trick in the book is perhaps telling your ex you’re doing well.

You can drop this text: “I just wanted to let you know I’m OK. Things are looking up for me, and I hope we can be friends again.”

Not many people want their ex to escape the post-relationship blues and move on so quickly. 

How Do I Text My Ex After No Contact?

Before you immediately reach out to your ex, you have to give him space. That’ll help him calm down in case of an angry breakup. 

Distance will also allow you to ponder how things went wrong and if you really want him back. 

Ensure there is no toxicity or short-term gains involved. After that, there are many ways to strike up a conversation. 

How Do You Text Your Ex After No Contact

Mention Seeing Him Somewhere

You can casually drop a text like, “Oh, I saw you at Taco Bell. You looked well.” 

Saying a friend or mutual acquaintance mentioned your ex could work too.

Ask Advice

To be more discreet, you can ask him for advice regarding something he’s an expert in. It can be about his job, like renovating houses, or about which TV you should get.

Be mindful not to come across as selfish or seem like you’re reaching out just for personal gains.

Say, the Family Asked About You

Saying I miss you can be harder, so just send him something like “My father was asking how you’re doing. He misses going on hunts with you.”

Talking about family can be neutral territory and a harmless start to a conversation.


Send him a congratulatory text if he recently got a job or got accepted to his dream school.

Personalize it by saying, “I know how much it means to you.”

Ask Him About His Previous Worries

Similarly, you can check up on the things he used to struggle with or something he was waiting for.

Like, “I know your mother was supposed to get surgery in July. How did it go?”

It’s a classic way to tug at someone’s heartstrings, letting them know you still remember.

Say Something That Reminded You of Him

A more personal communication starter can be associating him with something in your life.

Text, something like “I ate at Mary’s yesterday. Their pasta reminded me of you.” or “I saw Doritos at the store yesterday and remembered how often you munch on them.”

Should I Text My Ex First?

Girls usually take some time to get over a breakup, while boys move on quickly. You’ll want your boyfriend to text you first, but remember it’s not a win-lose situation.

Texting your ex first depends on the circumstances of your breakup. 

A study says wanting to get back with your ex is associated with identity loss. Are you texting them just because you feel lost? 

The author of the book Date Smart, Dr. Carla Marie, states it’s essential to ask yourself why you want to get back with them.

If the circumstances weren’t toxic, there’s no harm in texting first. But if you broke up because he cheated on you, it’s better to let him reach out. Otherwise, you’ll be stomping over your self-worth. 

How Do You Know if Your Ex Is Testing You?

There are a lot of mind games involved in breakups. Perhaps he might be testing you.

How would you know? We’ve brought you some signs you can look out for.

‘Coincidentally’ Meeting You

ex lovers ran into each other in a park
Ex lovers ran into each other in a park.

If you find yourself bumping into your ex frequently, it’s not a coincidence.

He could be observing you, seeing how you’re doing and if the breakup is taking a toll on you.

Random Checking

Similarly, you get a lot of texts from him checking up on you. A couple of messages are understandable, but too many are a big sign.

Discussing What-If

Talking about various scenarios that could’ve happened can also be your ex’s way of testing you.

He can text you something like “we could’ve gone on the trip or attended The Weeknd’s concert.” 

Mixed Signals

You can often see him lurking on your social media, leaving flirty comments on your IG posts, and liking your stories. At the same time, his posts show that he’s in a relationship.

These mixed signals are a huge red flag, so proceed with caution.

Why is Ignoring Your Ex So Powerful?

Ignoring your ex can be daunting at first, but remember it’s for the ultimate good.

The No Contact Rule

There’s a famous rule regarding ignoring your ex. The no contact rule suggests avoiding all communication with your ex for 30 days.

What makes ignoring so powerful is that you can focus on yourself entirely.

Dumpers Remorse

Dumpers’ remorse refers to the regret of ending a relationship. One can feel the guilt immediately after the breakup, some months or a couple of years later—like how Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together.

You can also use this psychology to make your ex miss you. You feel important when you know someone regrets letting you go. 

The psychology behind dumpers remorse.

How Do I Make My Ex Think About Me Constantly?

If you want to make your ex think about you 24/7, do the following: 

Send Gifts

You can send a funny yet savage card addressing your breakup or perhaps an adult healing coloring book

Use No-Contact Rule 

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Ignoring him will increase his focus on you.

“The Zeigarnik Effect”

The zeigarnik effect focuses on incomplete tasks more than complete ones.

You can use it when conversing with your ex. When the conversation reaches its highest point, end it.

That’ll leave him yearning for more.

Show Them That You’ve Moved On

Moving on after a breakup can be a difficult task. But if he sees you’ve moved on, he’ll definitely miss you.

Ways to get your ex to think about you constantly.

Is It Better to Block or Ignore an Ex?

An NYU student newspaper article discusses whether blocking is a power move or a petty move.

The writer reached out to an NYU clinical assistant professor, Dr. Fancesco Ferrari, who said it depends if you’re the jealous kind.

Typically, blocking is associated with completely removing your ex from your life. While ignoring shows, you’re open to reconciliation. 

So if you don’t want to see them again, block them. Ignoring your ex may work for you if you can avoid jealousy and don’t use social media much.


Before you text your ex, the most important thing is to understand if you should be getting back together.

After you’ve figured it out, you need to text less but convey more. Give your ex space, but elegantly express your regret and wish to patch up.

Don’t be disheartened that getting back with your ex isn’t possible. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s story says otherwise. 

Put in some effort, text with care, and give it some time. You can also get your happily ever after.

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